Sorry last chapter was kinda short. I love NightWalker ::starry eyed:: Shido is just so hot.

Riho opened the office door revealing the midnight detective reading the newspaper at his desk.

"Good evening, M-Shido." She said in her usual cheerful voice.

"Well, hello, Riho-" He looked up to see the young vampire standing inside the doorway. But what surprised him was how beautiful she looked. Her hair was usually down draping over her shoulders. She was wearing a short deep blue dress that brought out her eyes. She had moved into the kitchen now.

"I thought I would stop by and make you some coffee. I think I have time." She called out. "I'll be gone for a while, so don't worry about me." She said handing him the cup of coffee.

"So where are you going?" He said taking a sip.

"Oh, me? I have a date."

Shido swallowed hard. "Wait, what? What do you mean you have a date?!"

She just smiled. "Well, you'll be able to meet him. He's picking me up here."

"Riho, you're a vampire know. I know it's hard," He said somberly. "But if you get into a relationship, he's bound to find out you're a vampire."

She laughed making the older vampire confused.

"What's so funny? If he finds out, you could be in trouble."

"Oh well." She giggled. 'Shido has no idea I'm with another vampire. I'll just wait a bit longer before I tell him.'

Behind the glass a sillowet of a young man appeared followed by a knock.

"Oh, that must be him." She said opening the door. Shido frowned as the man walked in.

"Kenji, this is my employer, Shido, Shido this is my friend, Kenji." He couldn't help feel a bit jealous she had just referred to him as her employer and not as her friend. Suddenly, his eyes met with the boy's. After a brief second, they found each other giving the other a chilling glare.

'So he's a vampire.'


Will write more soon, I promise!