I don't own KP.

Hey. My name's Walter Nelson. You've probably heard of my old friend Kim Possible. They say she can do anything, but there are limits to her skills. Kim is a spunky red-head with a bit of an attitude problem. She's the captain of the Middleton Mad Dog's cheer squad. In the e-mails she's sent me she's complained about how Bonnie is out to take her place as captain. Kim actually complains about Bonnie more than those super-freaks she fights to save the world. I don't understand it, and maybe I never will.

I knew Kim before all this even started. You see, she started her own website to get babysitting jobs and stuff, but some fools took her slogan, "I can do anything", seriously. Kim's first mission was to save some poor sap from his own security system that he'd been messing with. I used to be involved with Kim, but we grew apart when I moved away. I still worry about her whenever I hear about her on the news, but she always has her best friend, Ron, there to watch her back.

Ron's a bit of a weirdo and he's clumsy at times, but he's very determined. The few times he's been mentioned on the news, I'd know he did something great (probably even better then what the news declares). Ron and I stay in touch through e-mail (I stay in touch with Kim as well), so I know a few of the secret things that happen on Kim's missions. Surprisingly, Ron asked me not to tell anyone about them! He doesn't want to "degrade" Kim by telling people that she needs a "buffoon" to save her life. Ron's a great guy, and I'm happy Kim's got such a good man. I think Kim has started to realize this, fore her e-mails to me are now littered with info on Ron. More than I ever want to know about the guy. One e-mail she sent me had three whole paragraphs about Ron. It's about time those two started becoming more than friends.

TV:"—We interrupt this program to go live in the field where Kim Possible is fighting a Dr. Dragnet."

I think it's "Drakken". Isn't it? There they are. Sorry, but I've got to watch this.

I know Walter Nelson is never used, so I hope you liked it. R R please.