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More Than My Wallet

Chapter 6

Mamoru walked back into his apartment to find Kit sitting on the couch looking bothered. He walked over to the couch and sat down. He took time to gather his thoughts before speaking. Kit interrupted before he could speak.

"I am sorry. I know I have been nothing but a hassle." Kit looked disheartened and a tear slipped down her cheek. "I have done things I'm not proud of to survive. I've done things you can't imagine. I've watched my only friend murdered b...because... he robbed the wrong people. I was even going to st...steal your wallet and you have been so nice to me." She swiped at the tears running down her face embarrassed to be crying in front of him.

Gathering Kit in a gentle hug he offered words of comfort. "It's okay. You did what you had to survive." He mopped at her tears with his sleeve. "Now no more tears sweetheart. Please" He made a puppy dog face to help and it must have worked. She gave him a small smile. Taking a deep breath she finally found the courage to ask.

"Did you find my locket in the bathroom? I left it in there." She looked relieved to have gotten the words out.

Time seemed to slow for Mamoru. "What did you say? I thought I heard you ask for your locket." He stared at Kit in shock before continuing. "Your locket? Your locket? How can that be?" His brain was short circuiting. 'The moon locket belongs to Usako!' He was about to ask again when she interrupted him.

"It is my locket. I woke up with it. It is my only possesion and the only clue." She realized her slip instantly and covered a gasp with her hand. He looked angry.

"Don't lie to me! Where did you get the locket?" He was beyond rational thought. Grabbing her by the shoulders he shook her until her teeth rattled. "Where did you get the locket?" He let go and his arms dropped to his sides. "I need to know where you got it! Please someone else's life may depend on it! I won't be mad just tell me? Did you steal it?"

"It is mine." She looked into tortured eyes and could see his pain but she had no idea how to help him.

"DAMMIT No more lies!" He couldn't take all the secrecy so he reached out and snatched the hat off of her head. The world as he knew it fell away.

"Usako!" He whispered it not believing his own eyes. His hand reached out tentatively to touch her face. She scooted back jut out of his reach.

"NO! NO! I am not this Usako person." 'What is he talking about?' "I am Kit...I don't know who I...who...Usako is but I am KIT! Her head started buzzing as a wave of nausea overtook her and tears slipped down her cheeks. Not knowing what else to do Kit stood up and dashed out of the door.

He sat in shock still not believing what his eyes had seen. 'Usako was here the whole time! Kami! No way! USAGI?' He snapped out of it and jumped up. Grabbing his keys he hurried to the door. 'Driving will be quicker. I've got to find her.'

Pounding down the stairs she hoped he wasn't following her. Hitting the street she dashed around people trying to think of somewhere to go. 'Have to get away! Where can I go? Have to get away! What should I do? Have to get away! Who am I?' Tears blinded her as she ran. She ended up heading for the one place she never thought to see again.

Ducking into a familiar alley she walked over to where his body had laid the last time she was here. Looking down she could see where his blood still stained the pavement. 'Hoshi!' Walking to her right she sat on a wood pallet nearby. She dropped her head into her knees and just sat fighting the nausea. The buzzing in her head wasn't helping. Taking deep breaths and closing her eyes the feeling slowly faded.

She sat huddled there for a long time, doing nothing, thinking nothing. Finally when her muscles were screaming she slowly stood and stretched. Walking out of the alley she turned to the right. 'Where should I go?' She wandered aimlessly on the sidewalk.

Out of nowhere a horn startled her. Turning around she saw a red sports car heading her direction. 'I am not ready for this!' Turning back around she took off running.

Mamoru had been driving around for hours. Up one street down another looking everywhere. Not knowing where she might be he was frustrated.

Finally he turned onto another street and had just started looking when he spotted her coming out of an alley. 'There she is.' He immediately honked his horn.

She turned around for an instant and he could see the pain on her face. His jaw dropped open as she turned back around and took off running.

He was just getting worried about losing her in the crowd when disaster struck. He watched her cross the intersection and as she got close to the other curb she ended up stepping on a crushed soda can. When her foot landed the can slid throwing her face first into the curb.

Mamoru parked the car and jumped out. Running over to where she lay crumpled, he could see that her right temple had slammed into the curb. She was laying motionless when her eyes groggily blinked opened.

"Mamo-chan?" Her voice sounded papery thin.

"Yes I am here sweetheart." He put his arm around her and helped her roll over and sit up. Do you know who you are? What is your name?" Her head was pounding and the nausea had returned with a vengence. Her head started buzzing like a hive and all her memories slammed into one another.

"I am...Kit...no...Usagi...I don't feel so..I think I'm going to.." It was already too late. She leaned forward and threw up everything. Rubbing her back, he waited until she was through before picking her up and carrying her to his car. Setting her into the passenger seat he took it easy getting back to his apartment.

Carrying her upstairs he fumbled with his keys but managed to unlock the door. Setting her on the couch he went and dug in his freezer. Finally finding the ice pack he collected a towel from his bathroom and wrapped it. Wetting it down in the sink he walked back out into the living room and sat down.

"Here this will help." He gently placed it on her temple. At the contact he heard her suck in her breath. "I know it hurts but this will help with swelling." She sat there eyes closed taking deep breaths.

They both sat still in shock neither knowing what to say.

"Usagi about earlier...God I am sorry but we all gave up hope. You vanished into thin air." He dropped to his knees on the floor. Looking up at her he smiled tenderly and continued. "Then when I met you...Kit...you tried stealing more than my wallet. Some part of my heart must have recognized you all along."

Reaching up he caressed her cheek with his thumb. "I was losing my mind thinking I was attracted to a thirteen year old boy. Then I found out you were a female and it became worse. My heart couldn't accept your death but it was also tempted by Kit." Tears ran down his face and he dropped his head into her lap. "I spent so many horrible nights without you. Can you talk about what happened?"

With a gentle smile she ran her fingers through his hair. "For the most part. I was coming to visit you when I was attacked. The guy slammed me into a wall and when I woke up I had no clue who I was or where I belonged. The only memory I had was someone calling me Kitten. I survived until I found my way to you and well...you know the rest. But I was telling you the truth earlier. The locket was around my neck when I awoke but I didn't recognize it.

She wiped his tears with her thumb. "The nights were the worst. I would lay just sobbing in despair. The first few nights I wondered if people were looking for me but I soon realized that probably wasn't the case. I...I had this black hole and there was nothing there. I met Hoshi one day while wandering around. He kept me going until last week." Tears slipped down her face and she couldn't go on.

Mamoru realizing she wasn't able to talk about that yet climbed off his knees and gathered her in a gentle hug. "It's all right sweetheart, Don't try to talk about it yet. I imagine the pain is too fresh. He kissed the top of her head. "You do realize that we have some phone calls to make. I mean when you are ready. Your family and the girls are suffering but when they hear this story I think it will make up for some of it."

Usagi looked up at him. "Our anniversary! That's why I was coming over here. I wanted to find out what you wanted."

Mamoru smiled. "Ahh that reminds me. Stay right here." He jumped up off the couch and ran into his bedroom. Usagi could hear him puttering around in his room. In moments he walked back out with his hands behind his back.

"Close your eyes...No peeking." He walked over to the couch with a big grin. "Put your hands out...No peeking." She did as he asked. Sitting with her eyes closed waiting she felt something soft settle into her hands. Then she felt a presence right near her. Mamoru leaned forward giving her a kiss.

"Happy Anniversary! Now you may open your eyes." He grinned as she opened her eyes. Looking at her hands she was delighted to see a little stuffed bear dressed as Tuxedo Kamen. A gold chain hung from the bear's neck. At the end sat the most beautiful pendant. It was shaped as a quarter moon and made from a stone she did not immediately recognize. Pearly and translucent it was calming and soothing. Looking up at him her eyes asked the question.

"Moonstone of course." He slipped the chain off the bear and unclasped the lock. "May I" She nodded. He lifted her braid up out of the way and hung it around her neck. Clasping the lock he sat her braid back down. "Hey if you want to take a shower I have a robe you can borrow." She nodded and smiled.

"Will you comb my hair out for me? I had heaps of trouble last time." She hoped he would say yes.

"It would be my pleasure." He smiled and walked into his room. Returning momentarily he handed her the robe.

Running into the bathroom she took off the boys clothes for the last time. 'It will be nice to wear normal clothes again.' Looking in the mirror for the first time she saw the side of her face. Her eye was puffy and she had a goose egg size knot. Her hand wandered up to feather over the bruising. Seeing the pendant twinkle in the light she smiled. She untied the end of her braid and threw the string away.

Coming out of the bathroom she felt much better. Mamoru smiled seeing his oversize robe trailing on the ground behind her. The sleeves were too long and she had haphazardly rolled them up.

"I brought the comb out with me." She smiled and took a seat in the middle of the floor. Sitting indian style Usagi made sure all her hair was behind her. He came and sat behind her and grabbed the comb. Starting at the top he slowly worked all the tangles loose. Her silky hair slid through his fingers and he found he enjoyed combing her hair.

"Hey I have an idea." Smiling Mamoru shared his thoughts. "Let me call everyone and get them over here. I think they should meet Kit. Here's what we will do. I'll call everyone and tell them I have someone I want them to meet. When they arrive I will tell them the story of how we met. Then at the right moment you can come out of hiding from my bedroom."

"Do you think it's okay to shock them like that?" She smiled softly thinking of how they would react.

"Hey I had that kind of shock. I think it's only fair." They both started laughing at the thought of his shock earlier.

"I bet you didn't know but your face went as white as a sheet." She turned smiling at him over her shoulder. "Okay I think I like your idea. Let's do it."

Mamoru grabbed his phone and called the Tsukino residence first. "Hello Ikkuko This is Chiba Mamoru. Could you and Kenji come over here please" He grinned at Usagi. "Why? Well...I have someone I want to introduce you to." After that he called Rei's temple. "Hello Rei-chan this is Mamoru. Can you gather the girls and bring them to my place?" He shot her a thumbs up. "Why? Well I have someone here I want to introduce you to. Twenty minutes would be fine. See you in a few."

"They are all coming?" She asked hesitantly. He nodded and noticed that she looked worried.

"What is it? Spit it out. I can see the worry on your face from here" He walked over and gathered in his arms.

"Can I not tell them everything right away? There are some things I am not very proud of and...and I don't know if they will understand." She hid her face lovingly in his neck.

"I think that is fine. Some day you will be able to tell them all of it, but for now just talk about what you are able to." He dropped a kiss on her head and led her to his bedroom to hide. "Now when I say ("Kit There are some people here that would like to meet you") that will be your que to come out. Sound good?" She nodded her head.

"I am really excited to see everyone again. You don't know how much it hurt not knowing if I had family and friends and you." Usagi stood on her tiptoes and gave him a kiss.

"I can't imagine but I can tell you that the night's I spent having nightmares, not knowing what happened to you, nearly drove me insane." Mamoru looked shaken by his own words. She stood in his embrace happy to have strong arms around her again. A knock on the front door surprised them both.

"Okay are you ready?" He grinned at her, "Stay in here until I call you." She nodded and grinned as he walked out and shut the door. Mamoru walked across the front room and opened the door. Kenji and Ikkuko stood in the hallway with the girls. He invited the whole group in and almost smiled in anticipation.

"Okay I have gathered you all here because I want you you to meet a friend of mine, but first I want to tell you a story. The other day as I was driving along a young homeless boy walked out in front of me in the crosswalk. Luckily I stopped in time to avoid running him down. Later that same day I stopped at McDonalds and ran into the same kid. So I decided to help the young man out."

Throughout his speech he could see the girls and the Tsukino's giving him odd looks. He saw many raised eyebrows and looks of curiosity. Smiling he continued, "It took me until this morning to discover that the He I had been helping out was actually a She. Imagine my surprise." He grinned at all of their upset looks. "So now I would like to introduce you to my girlfriend." He was receiving death looks from Kenji Tsukino for disgracing his daughter's memory. Mamoru winked at Kenji before continuing.

"Hey Kit, Could you come out here please? There are some people here that would like to meet you." He smiled at the group as his bedroom door opened. "Guys I would like you to meet Kit Hoshi."

When Usagi walked out into the room everyone's jaw dropped. Ikkuko stood up and took a step before fainting dead away. Usagi was beside her mother in a moment making sure she was okay. Kenji enveloped his daughter in a bear hug while tears ran down his face.

"Usagi-chan how?" Rei sat not believing what she was seeing. Tears streamed down Ami's face and Minako was right in the middle of the mess trying to hug Usagi. Makoto hung back just grinning at everyone.

Her parent's were thrilled to have Usagi back, both smoothing her hair and simply touching her. Mamoru held her hand and stood watching the joyous reunion. He leaned over kissing Usagi right in front of everyone and proceeded to whisper in her ear. Everyone strained to hear what he said.

"Sweetheart I am glad you tried stealing more than my wallet." Usagi smiled in response and was embarrassed to see her father looking at her curiously...

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