DISCLAIMER: I don not own 7th Heaven or anything related to 7th Heaven. All medical information on this story is either half truth or completely made up. I am not a doctor. Also, if you are a fan of the happy relationships in 7th Heaven, don't read. Thos story contains a "rebel" who doesn't agree with her family and not so nice language and themes are sometimes used. Thank you. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Between a house and a holy place

Lucy Kinkirk sat at her desk at the church. Since her father had retired from being a minister, she had taken over the role. There were stacks of paper on her mahogany desk that needed to be filled out before she took her maternity leave for her third child. Her husband, Kevin, had wanted her to start earlier but there was too much to do.

As she was finishing up her sermon for that Sunday, she felt a pain in her stomach. Oww, she thought, shouldn't have eaten that third chicken burrito and dismissed the pain as gas. Although her first child, Savannah, had been a stressful pregnancy, one where she had almost lost the baby, her second child, Jacob, was easy. She had even made it through until the 36th week of her pregnancy without any complications. And even though she was only on her seventh month pregnant with this new baby girl, she had been fine so far.

Lucy reread her sermon, deemed it good and used her feet to push the wheeled black Lay-Z boy chair about a foot from her desk when the pain happened again, stronger this time. But Lucy dismissed it again as gas pain and heartburn and opened the top left drawer of the desk to get a roll of Rolaids. After she chewed three of the tablets, she shut the drawer, placing the sermon inside, and got up to grab her coat.

Brriinng, the phone went and before she had gotten her coat, Lucy turned and walked back over to the phone and answered. "Hello, Lucy Kinkirk speaking."

A strong male voice crept through the receiver, "Hey, can you pick up some diapers and a gallon of milk before you come home."

"Sure, Kevin. I'll be home in a bit." Lucy said and paused, debating whether or not she should tell her husband about the pain in her stomach, even if it was only gas. "I love you." She finally said.

"I love you, too. Bye."

"Bye" while placing the phone back, a stronger pain ripped through her, but this time she could feel the pain aching throughout her lower back. Oh, no, she thought, remembering her previous two births. "I'm going into labor."

In their large brick house that he had bought for his wife for a baby shower gift, Kevin tried to sing Jake a lullaby to get him to take a nap. Savannah, in a room down the hall, screeched at the top of her lungs that she wanted a pony and she wanted it now. She sure was feisty for a three year old. Lucy was always best with getting them to take their naps, he thought. "hush little baby, don't you cry. Momma's gonna to be home in a couple minutes. And then she can sing you off to sleep cause daddy can't sing to save his life." Jake stopped crying for a moment, looking at his father with curious eyes, then started crying again, much more louder this time.

Brriinng, the phone in the hall went. Oh, shoot. That's probably Lucy wondering if I need diapers for Savannah and Jake or just one. I should have just told her the first time. Kevin placed Jake in his tiny baby blue crib and moved out of the room, with Jake still crying as he left.

"Hello, Kinkirk residence. Oh hey Lucy. You want to know what kid needs diapers. Well," he said without letting her speak though he heard labored breathing in the background. "You had better be safe and get them both.."

"KEVIN, SHUT UP FOR A MINUTE, PLEASE, I'M HAVING THE BABY!". Lucy screamed through the receiver. Although the pain from the yell her his ears, he found himself glued to the phone.

"You're... having…. the baby?" He asked in disbelief.


"Uhh.. call an ambulance. I'll call your parents and everyone and have Tammy come over to watch the kids." He finally said, reassuring her. "And get to the couch and wait for the ambulance, Luce. Don't try to move too much. I'll meet you at the hospital. We're having her, Lucy. I can't believe it."

A demon spoke from the other end. "WELL, WE ARE KEVIN!…" and with that, she hung up the phone.

Kevin stood in the hallway for a few moments. Ahead of him, the door was open, revealing the yellow room that Lucy and her mother, Annie, had just finished decorating. It was perfect. The yellow crib, changer, bassinette, and covering to the rocking chair matched perfectly with the light yellow on the wall and the white carpet. Figure angels hung on the wall, sending their love to the rest of the room. The new baby would be happy in that room.

The new baby, he remembered again and tore back into reality. He grabbed the phone and dialed to the numbers for Annie and Eric, Lucy's parents and told them the news. Then he called his and Lucy's neighbor, Sandy Yoel and asked if their seventeen year old daughter, Tammy, could come baby-sit for a few hours while he was with Lucy. They agreed and while Kevin was grabbing Lucy's bag for the hospital, she arrived, ringing the doorbell.

"It's unlocked. Come in." Kevin yelled down the stairs and soon he heard Tammy running up the stairs.

"I can't believe Lucy is having her baby," she said.

Kevin turned around to see the young girl with gorgeous auburn hair standing in the doorframe with Jake in her arms. He was asleep, of course. He always was comforted when a beautiful girl held him. "I know. Hey, I'm sorry it's such short notice. Lucy isn't due for two months."

"Oh my gosh. Are she and the baby going to be alright?" Tammy asked with concern writing across her face and in her brown eyes.

"I hope so," he said, with growing terror in his mind.

Tammy walked out of the room to let Kevin finish getting ready. In a few minutes he was bounding down the stairs, saying that he loved Jake and Savannah and that he thanked Tammy for babysitting.

The hospital room was very sterile, as hospitals normally are, but for some reason, the smell wasn't comforting to Lucy. Her doctor had just left, saying that they couldn't stop labor and she was going to have the baby. Worry flooded her mind. What if she isn't going to be okay? What is she doesn't make it?

"Luce." A paniced voice called from outside the door. Kevin bound in , looking very flushed.

"Oh, Kevin." She said as tears formed around her eyes. "The doctor said that we have to have it now to reduce the chances of defects. She's not getting that much oxygen. They are going to do a C-section but they need to get a room still. I'm so scared."

"Me too." He said as he came to her and held her hand. They sat in silence for a few moments. "Kalila" Kevin said at last.


"Kalila." He repeated again. "I was thinking we could name her Kalila. It's Arabic for beloved. I think it fits."

"I love it." Lucy said as she gave him a light kiss on the lips, smiling beneath it. "As long as her middle name is Elizabeth."

Kevin took the hand that wasn't in Lucy's and lightly placed it on her stomach. "Hey, Kalila Elizabeth Kinkirk. I can't wait to finally see you."

After about ten minutes, the doctor came in and brought Lucy to surgery. Kevin got suited up and an hour later, Kalila Elizabeth Kinkirk was welcomed into the world, weighing 4 pounds and 1 ounce. The next few weeks were hard for her, her lungs hadn't quite fully developed and her brain didn't get enough oxygen. She had developed a new "disease" that doctors were now referring to as EBS disease or Excessive Blood Stimulation disease, where when the infant doesn't get enough oxygen, the blood is developed at such as fast rate that the child gets more oxygen to the brain, causing more of the brain to be used. Usually, migraine headaches are associated with this disease as well as insanity.