A year had past and every one was wondering how come the love potion on Kai still worked, and why Ray liked it.

"He can't be gay, can he?" Tyson asked.

"Tyson, if he wasn't, he would go trough hell to find a antidote." Kenny said.

"Yeah, but he's keeping us from finding one." Max agreed.

"So. he likes Kai?" Tyson asked.

"You're so naïve. Of course he likes Kai!" Kenny yelled.

"Yeah, but. He never made any signs before." Tyson muttered.

"Love is unpredictable." Max said in a dreamy voice.

"Uhm. Max?" Tyson asked.

"Hmm?" Max asked.

"You're drooling." Tyson muttered.

Max blushed.

"Oh, uh. Yeah." he stammered.

To the main couple

Kai was lying on the bed with his head on Ray's lap who was stroking his hair.

"So. Wanna do something today?" Ray asked.

"No." Was Kai's soft reply.

"Me neither." Ray said.

"So. Just stay here?" Kai asked.

"Oh, yeah." Ray said.

Kai and Ray leaned to each other and gave each other a gentle kiss.

"Well, I'm going to take a shower, so that I'm ready for bed." Kai muttered, walking towards the bathroom.

"Wait for me!" Ray said, running after Kai.

Back to the others

"So. They're gone to the shower, eh?" Kenny asked interested.

"Yeah, why are you so interested?" Tyson asked.

"Soon, it doesn't even need the potion for the two of them to be together!" Kenny yelled.

"So? You like Ray or something?" Max asked.

"NO!" Kenny yelled.

"It's Kai he's after." Tyson whispered.

"Tyson!" Kenny yelled angry.

"Kai? Well. I can't blame you." Max muttered.

"Max?" Tyson and Kenny asked.

"No! I don't like him!" Max defended himself.



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