Dance of Sakura Petals

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-Once upon a time, not so long ago, a small boy named Katsuya Jounouchi was sitting out side, watching the Sakura petals be wisked away by the the wind, and gently fall back down to earth like tiny, delicate feathers. He was so caught up in its beauty, that he didn't notice his little sister, Shizuka Jounouchi, tugging at hisgolden hair.

"Onii-chan?... You in there?" Shizuka asked curiously.

"Huh? Oh, what's up, Shizuka?... You.. look sad." Katsuya tilted his head slightly and ran his fingers through her dark auber hair.

"Onii-chan...I heard that kaa-san and otou-san... a-aren't gonna be together any more... that's not true, right onii-chan?"

-Katsuya felt a lump in his throat, he didn't want to hurt his little sister, but what she had heard was true. Shizuka took her brother's silence as a silent yes .

"O-onii-chan!" Shizuka burird her face in Katsuya's chest, her brother gently hugged her with one arm and gently carresed her hair with the other free hand.

"It's okay, Shizuka... Nothin' bads gonna happen.." Katsuya said, smiling slightly.

"B-but, onii-chan... if kaa-san... and otou-san aren't together no more... then..." Shizuka trailed off and sobbed even louder. The undying truth hit Katsuya harder than a brick, if their parents did split up, they would probably never see eachother again.

-Katsuya was thinking as hard as he could to make his little sister stop crying, his tee-shirt was thoroughly soaked by this point. He looked at his sister, she was so small and delicate, just like a Sakura petal...

"Here, Shizuka!" Katsuya said happily and happily placed a small bunch of Sakura petals in her tiny hands.

"...What are these for onii-chan?" Shizuka asked unhappily.

-Katsuya smiled widly ay his sister not knowing that there was a surprise underneith the purple and pink petals.

"Shizuka... even if we do get separated... we'll still be together in a way..." Katsuya said as he gently blew away the colorful cherryblossoms out of her hand.

"Onii-chan... we can't be together if...if we're not beside eachother..." Shizuka sniffled. She closed eyes to prevent herself from crying.

"Shizuka- chan... open your eyes... the blossoms left you a gift..." Katsuya said gengerly.

-Shizuka opened her eyes halfway, allowing her to see the beautiful oragami boy and girl.

"Katsuya- sama... it's.." Shizuka couldn't find the words to express her gratitude,"So...this is what you ment... by us always being together, onii-chan.." She smiled brightly at her big brother," Arigato, onii-chan.." Katsuya grinned back and smothed down his sister's hair.

"Hey...what else was i s'posed to do?.. couldn't handle seein' you bummed out and stuff.." Katsuya said happily said happily. Shizuka giggled and cuddled up to her big brother.

"I love you onii-chan.." She wispered.

"Love you too, imooto.." Katsuya gently kissed her forehead.

"Oh, Onii-chan! Look!" She said, her voice filled with excitment. Katsuya looked up, the cherryblossoms looked as though they were dancing with on another in the wind.

"It' beautiful..." Katsuya said, his voice barely audioble," T-the Dance of the Sakura petals..."

"It's a good omen, onii-chan! It's good luck! W-we'll stay together, forever!" Shizuka exclaimed.

And so... Shizuka and Katsuya were able to be together, thanks to his beleif in the Cherryblossom and himself... thanks to his live for little sister...



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