Gandalf of the Istari

Riding across the land

A carriage packed with fireworks

A party's close at hand!

He illuminates the sky

With colors never before seen

Flowers of iridescent blue, and emerald green

Soul and heart of Rivendell, yet spirit of a tiger

Headed for journey with intensity much higher

Than any other adventure he had experienced before

Than any other he would experience forevermore

He led a fellowship over mountain and hill

He led them right into the midst of a thrill

Fighting trolls in Moria and finally facing

A ferocious Balrog in battle so bracing

Servant of the secret fire, he raised his staff

And stated fearlessly, "You shall not pass!"

He struck his staff and the bridge fell like rain

Alas, the fellowship endured horrible pain

For the opponent and Gandalf went away

But both fought and fought for endless days

The battle had finally come to pass

He had smote the Balrog at last

He had returned to finish the quest

He had endured a change, which was all for the best

He had a quest still before him to do what was right,

He had returned as...

...Gandalf the White