Chosen Destiny

A long time ago I came across an idea, that idea was to cross Kim Possible with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I liked it and I waited for the writer to write more… After about a year I gave up waiting and looked elsewhere in case someone else had tried it. As far as I could find no one had. I sent a challenge to another fan fiction writer (Classic Cowboy) after reading some of their Kim possible crossovers, suggesting that they try it but I got no response at first and I wasn't certain that they even got the challenge, after another wait and writers block with my other stories this one wrote itself. I told Classic Cowboy what I was doing and they said to go ahead and post this. To be honest this thing has taken on a life of its own. So here we are, a Kim Possible / Buffy crossover, this is my first and probably only story using Kim Possible so I hope you like it and that I don't make too many mistakes. If I get any good feedback I might be persuaded to post another idea I had along these lines. If not well that's up to you.

I do not own Kim Possible or Buffy the vampire slayer they belong to Disney and 20th Century Fox/Mutant Enemy inc respectively.

Kim ducked a swing from Shego before trying a leg sweep that Shego jumped before backing off. Kim followed and dodged another swing and was able to hit Shego forcing her back behind one of the siphon towers. Draken had teamed up with Gill to drain the camp Wantaweep lake and then use the toxic water to mutate world leaders. Ultimately this was going to help Draken rule the world through some hair brained scheme as usual but he didn't mention how this time and just told Shego, Gill and the dozen or so henchmen to 'Get Kim Possible!'

Between them Ron and Kim had taken care of the henchmen in short order, so short that Kim was surprised at Ron's speed, his monkey ninja training was really paying off. Side stepping around the siphon Kim watched as Shego carefully kept it between them. Without warning Kim's vision became a blur and all the strength seemed to bleed from her legs, before she had a chance to think she had stumbled back from whatever it was. That was the opening Shego needed instantly the assassin pounced, using her plasma gauntlets she shattered the supports of the siphon and jump kicked onto the disorientated Kim.

At the other side of the facility Ron was fighting the infamous Gill. He would be the first to admit he wasn't focused on defeating the mutant boy, he was still silently cursing the fact he almost let rip on the henchmen, he was going to have to explain that to Kim, probably something about wanting to get out of here fast, yes that would work. Absently he avoided Gills clumsy kick. Too absently. Cursing again he deliberately twisted his ankle in keeping with the clown persona. With Gill now gloating Ron could see how Kim was doing, just the right time to see the siphon land on her. 'KP!' No longer able to play the fool Ron made short work of the chuckling mutant, on his feet in a flash Ron delivered a roundhouse kick to Gill's gut before hopping into the air and scissor kicking him. Gill was unconscious before he hit the ground.

Ron had made the first steps towards KP before she moved. Pushing the two ton weight off herself, she flipped on to her feet.

'What!' Stammered Shego, 'That's impossible!'

'That's "Kim"-possible Shego I thought you knew that.' Kim quipped before advancing on the terrified woman. Ron winced as KP not only beat Shego but sent her flying with a fast kick. The battered assassin landed inside the escape hovercraft, just ahead of the panicking Draken who fled without the lame insult.

As Ron headed to Kim he noticed Gill crawl away but ignored him, this was more important. 'KP! Are you O.K.?'

'I'm fine Ron. Its' no big.' She smiled cheerily before a look of extreme tiredness passed across her eyes. 'Lets' get back, school starts in a few and I know how you hate this place.'

'This place of EVIL!' Ron struck a dramatic pose.

'I hate to say this but I'm beginning to agree with you. This place is Evil. Speaking of, what happened to Gill?' She asked while they climbed out of the underground base.

'Scampered like a minnow Kim, when you went all… action woman on Shego' he caught the slip of the tongue before he gave too much away.

'That was freaky I felt weak for a moment, I think I blacked out, and then I felt better than ever.'

'How about now?' Ron broached the subject carefully as they flagged down their ride.
'I told you I'm fine. Gees Ron you can be as bad as my mom!' After a moment they got on Mr Franch's hot air balloon and they were heading back to Middleton.

Out of the corner of his eye Ron watched Kim as she quietly fell asleep. Rufus jumped out of his pocket and looked at the sleeping red head, 'Not good, not good. You think…'
'Yes little buddy I do think, "When one dies the next one's called.".' With a sad look he turned to the young woman who had a new destiny. 'But why'd it have to be her?'

End teaser