Chosen Destiny

That's the great thing about Bueno Nacho, it's open all hours.' Ron said as he opened the doors 'Perfect for those post mission munchies.'

'I know, I just never liked fast food.'

'Nachos aren't fast food Faith, they're…' Kim stopped looking for the right words as they sat down at their regular booth.

'Spanish food?' Faith supplied.

'Well yes.' Kim almost shrugged before feeling the pain in her neck

'Are you alright?' Ron asked. She must have flinched.

'I hope I will be. He didn't get much.'

'You know, next time tell me when your going to do that KP.'

'Sorry Ron, I didn't think it would come to that. How did he take you out so fast Faith?'

'Must have gotten a buzz from drinking you.'


'Vamps gain their strength from drinking blood KP. Your Slayer blood supercharged him. I forgot about that.' Ron blushed.

'You forgot? How can you forget something like that?'

'I had a lot to think about. Something I can't do on an empty stomach. What do you guys want?'

'The usual.' Said Kim

'Whatever.' Faith didn't seem to care. Ron frowned for a moment and went for the serving counter.

The two sat in silence for a moment. 'So what now for you Faith?' the young Slayer asked.

'I've been made head Slayer down in Australia. It's my job to gather and train whatever Slayers are down there.'

'Sounds good.' she noted.

'It is, but according to Giles there's no demons down there.' Faith said with a bit of disappointment

'Why not'

'Don't know'

'I do,' said Ron coming back to the table with a tray. 'While most of us were still trying to start a fire the aborigines were impaling every demon they came across with their spears. The whole content was purged a good ten thousand years ago.'

'Guess its one way to deal with them.' Kim said nonchalantly.

'What is this?' Asked Faith almost poking the mass of food in front of her.

'The "Naco" Ron invented it.' Kim said in a tone of pride, despite the fact that she had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it.

'It's true, made millions but then I spent it all.' Ron said. 'Damn curse.'

'It was your fault.' Kim gently reminded him.

'Everything that goes wrong in my life is the curse's fault.'

'Really?' Faith asked.

'No but it makes me feel better about it.'

'Oh Ron' Kim sighed as she had done a hundred times before. They sat for a moment or so. Faith seemed to appreciate the "food" and Kim was just grateful to have something to eat.

They stayed in their little booth for quite some time before eventually leaving. 'Well that's it for me. I have to get going for that new job like tomorrow, or today.' Faith glanced at her watch. 'Today, definitely today.'

'It can't be that late, or that early.' Kim said looking at her own watch.

'Afraid it is Kiddo. Stay in touch, okay.' She offered her hand and Kim took it.

'Don't be a stranger.' Ron called as he rescued the weapons from the bushes that they had thrown them into for safe keeping.

'You two better take care of each other.' Faith said with a rare show of sentimentality.

'She always does.' Ron smiled at her

'I tell you taking care of him is a full time job.' Kim joked.

Faith smiled, waved and headed for the motel Ron had put her up in. While to the kid, and everyone else, Ron was as poor as the next man he had already told her about the "Naco" and the money he made from it. He was far from destitute but didn't want anyone to know.

As she walked away she could hear the two champions as they went the opposite way:-

'Really think she'll keep in touch.'

'She'll have to, as a head Slayer she's commander of Australia, part of the higher council.'


'So I'm the head Watcher for the tri-state area.'

'You have responsibility?'

'Why not?'

'Ron I love you but I wouldn't trust you to boil an egg with out burning yourself.'

'No fair, I told you I was cursed and I'm a good cook. '

'Whatever Ron. Race you home.'

'It's the truth KP… Damn it Kim, wait for me… Who's home anyway?… KP!'

Faith turned and watched the two running and laughing. 'The town's doomed.' She quipped before laughing at her own joke.

The End

Authors postscript;
Thanks to everyone who reviewed I never thought complaining would work that well! Those of you who mentioned the bad spellings and little mistakes I think I owe an explanation; The biggest problem comes from the fact that I have no Bata reader so most of the chapters have been posted straight from my first draft. The second is a bit of a cop out, I'm from the north of England so there are a few differences in grammar and spelling between me and almost everyone who reads this. Finally I'm also told that I am mildly dyslexic which may account for some of the problems. But for me, in the end, it's the story that matters and not the grammar.

I hope everyone who read this story enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Final Disclaimer
I do not own Kim Possible or Buffy the Vampire Slayer they are owned by Disney and 20th Century Fox respectively.

(If you'd want me to write this please tell me.)

Kim back flipped over the incoming bike, embedding her weapon in the rider as they sped past. 'How many of these guys are there!' She shouted to the shocked agent.

Will Dru, Global Justice's top agent, gawped as the young woman landed on the bike throwing the body off. 'You heard the lady agent, how many?' The specialist ordered

'About a dozen.' The shaken agent replied. Miss Possible had stopped the bike in front of him and her sidekick was getting on with his bag of weapons.

'We'll save some leftovers for you guys,' the boy joked with the expert team. 'But don't take too long Mr Finn I'd hate for them to think we're lazy!' He shouted the last bit as Miss Possible gunned the engine and they accelerated away.

'Sir?' Questioned Will

'You heard the order,' Agent Riley Finn smiled at him. 'It was aimed at me and mine. Get your forces out of here agent Dru.'

'Yes sir.' Will spoke into his radio. He refused to look at his men and was determined to find out exactly what gave the cheerleader and the amateur the authority to order a US special forces major and commit, what was in his opinion, first degree murder.

Thomas Fishwick
AKA Mountain King
January – April 2005