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Summery: Pretty much everyone is in High School, and live at the X-Manson except Remy, Amara and Pietro. Rogue used to date Pietro but now dates Remy, yes Romy! Amara is now a slut (she is the most bitchy and that) and goes out with Pietro. Wanda and John are going out, yay Jonda! Kitty and Piotr are going out, Kiotr yay! Rogue, Wanda and Kitty are best friends. Remy, John and Piotr are best friends, the Acolytes always together! This is also at the last year of high school. This is my version of their school lives! I suck at summaries, coz I don't want to give it away! Good Luck reading it!

School Life Cheating

Pietro was hanging around his locker, when a brown haired girl came up to him. Pietro was checking her out as she swung her bag round her shoulder.

"Hi" She said.

"Hey, its Amara isn't it?"

"Yeah, and you must be Pietro?"

Remy and John were sitting at their table in the canteen, waiting for Wanda and Rogue to show up. A blonde girl walked past their table, Remy strutted over to her.

"Bonjour, chéri" Remy said in his sexy Cajun accent.

He would have gotten into a conversation only if he didn't say women are only for laying, five minutes earlier.

By this time Wanda and Rogue had just came into the canteen.

"Ya been chasing women again swamp rat?" Rogue says.

Remy just smirks.

"Hey Wanda, how are you, luv?" John asks Wanda.

"Just got out of Maths, could it be more boring?"

"Come sit on moy lap"

As Wanda and John are snuggling up to each other, Rogue sits next to Remy.

"Ah wander where Pietro is?" Rogue wandered.

Just as Kitty and Piotr came to their table the bell went telling everyone that they only had five minutes to get to class. They all departed, heading to their lessons but as no one from that table was in the same class as Rogue was she went alone. Just as she was passing the Janitor's closet she heard moaning.

"Err, can't people just wait after school?"

Rogue opened the Janitor's door and was about to tell them to shut up and go to class, but standing there clung together only in their underwear was Pietro and Amara.

"Rogue…" Pietro started.

But Rogue just slammed the door right in their faces. She stormed off.

Driver's Ed

At Driver's Ed Remy, Piotr, Wanda and Kitty were all chatting at Remy's table.

"Hey, like, where's Rogue?"

"Remy don' know"

"Tabby have you like, seen Rogue?" Kitty asked as Tabby was just passing by.

"Yeah, I think Goth girl is weeping in the girls toilets yelling how boys suck"

"Oh no" Both Kitty and Wanda said in unison. They both rushed to the girls' restroom ignoring the teacher's protests.

In the girl's toilets you could hear loud wailing and curses about how stupid men could be.


"Leave meh alone!"

"Rogue, its me Kitty and Wanda what happened?"

"Men are stupid! I.. I caught Pietro and Amara making out"

"Amara? That slut?"

Rogue walked out the cubicle she was crying in, her eyes swollen and red, her mascara running down her with her tears.

"How many tahmes has he cheated on meh?"

"Like, way too many"

"Come on, no need for tears for trash" reassured Wanda.

Rogue smiled.

John was at his locker trying to open it but it was stuck.

"Come on, yer lil' bugger open! You been doing this all week…"

John tried harder at tugging it, it suddenly opened only to whack in the face and he fell over with the impact. He quickly got up and acted like nothing happened. When he turned he was face to face to with Remy.

"Ahhhhhhhh, mate don't just pop in front of people loyke that"

"Sorry mon ami, but Remy got some news…"

"Your pregnant? Congratulations!"

"Non! It's about Rogue…"

"Rogue's pregnant? Oh who's the father?"

"Non! Rogue is not pregnant! Pietro cheated on Rogue again, et she's gonna break up wit' him for good. Got t' go" Remy slams John's locker door shut and runs off.

John turns to get his books…

"Oh, not again!"

His tugs really hard this time and is fully hit hard round the face.

"Ow, moy nose"

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