It was a sunny day, the clouds were thin and the sun shining but this sunlight was blinding a certain Cajun known as Remy LeBeau as he rode to his high school; Bayville High on his crimson motorbike. He tried shielding his ruby on onyx eyes from the gleaming sun by raising his arm up but almost lost control of his bike and almost crashing into a car nearby.

So Remy pulled over. On the pavement next to him was his sarcastic yet beautiful girlfriend; Rogue. And with this goth was another goth, that was having a deep conversation with her pyromaniac Australian boyfriend; John Allerdyce, they were ignoring everything surrounding them except themselves and their heated conversation.

"Well, bonjour Chere" Remy greeted Rogue with a dazzling grin.

Rogue rolled her eyes but greeted him back with a sweet but quick kiss on the lips.

"Hmmm... Someone's in a good mood dis mornin'" Remy commented while savouring the taste of Rogue on his lips.

"Well duh! She's like, really excited about the Prom tomorrow night! Because I so totally know that I like, totally am!" Kitty Pryde, a perky and very sweet girl practically screamed in his ear.

"When did yah get here?"

"Like a couple of seconds ago!" Kitty beamed. "Look there's Piotr!" She rushed off to greet him as he rounded the corner. Seconds later they both were with the gang.

"So… Petey how are d'eyebrows goin'?" Remy asked remembering the incident where John had tried to wake Piotr by blowing a flamethrower over him, burning his eyebrows completely off. The giant man just gruffly grunted his face had no trace of eyebrows on there.

Soon they were all at school (just in time too as the bell had just rung and they had to sprint to Maths). During Maths all Kitty ever thought about was what kind of dress she was going to wear to the Prom because she and the other girls were going shopping after school today. These thoughts went through Rogue's and Wanda's minds as well but not as much as it had gone through Kitty's.

Remy was also thinking about the Prom knowing he and the guys needed tuxedos for the night but what his mind was thinking the most was what his Chere's dress would look like and how she would look in it. John's mind on the other hand was filled with images of his teachers burning and plates of food that made his stomach growl. Piotr's mind was concerned on his work and what the teacher was saying.

Before they knew it school had ended and they were heading to the Mall.

When they got to the Mall the girls said their goodbyes and kissed their boyfriends farewell. They went to a new designer store that had just opened and were already tearing through the racks for perfect Prom dresses.

The boys on the other hand went to the local arcade. They were taking turns in racing each other on the driving machines, John was winning. They had gotten so caught up in playing that they almost miss getting their tuxedoes.

They fled the arcade when Piotr had looked at his watch and all of them were all pushing and shoving to get inside the lift. They had finally all squished into the small, cramped lift, John's face pressed up against the wall- Remy had just managed to press the button that would take them up to Floor Six. When the lift slowly and painfully made up to the floor the boy's arms and legs were cramping up but they had made it to the shop about ten minutes before it would close after practically leaping out the lift and into the shop.

They entered a tuxedo rental shop, it was much more empty than it usually was.

"Remy guessin' d' guys from our school already got their tuxes" The clerk glared at Remy he was just tidying up ready to close up before those three came sprinting in. But to keep business he went over to them.

"Can I help you sirs?" He greeted.

"Oui, we'd like t' rent a tux for d' prom"

The three guys didn't have much time so they quickly scanned the remaining tuxedos to find one that would at the very least fit them and look good. Luckily for Remy he found a dark black tux with a deep crimson shirt to match his ruby eyes. It also had ruby cufflinks to go with it as well.


Fortunately for Piotr he found a tux that just fitted him. It stretched a little over his muscles which gave him a very handsome aspect. He wore a pure white shirt that glowed, it was of a silky soft texture which Kitty would love. For his cufflinks he had steel squares with a diamond in the top left corner.

Regrettably for John on the other hand the only tuxedo he could find was a little too big for him, the sleeves went past over his hands and the blazer smothered his entire body.

"Oy can't wear this!" He complained.

"I'm sorry if you don't take this you'll have to look somewhere else I have to close up now" The clerk spoke, repeatedly looking at his watch in irritation.

"What am Oy going to do?"

"Y' sure dey isn't anything smaller?"


"Y' just gonna 'ave t' get dis den" Remy took out his wallet, "'ere Remy will pay f'r y' t' try make it up f'r y'"

"Cheers mate, your great. Hope Wanda won't mind"

The girls on the other hand had many hours to look at many dresses and find the perfect one for themselves. After going through shop after shop repeatedly through racks and many visits to the changing stalls each of the girls had found their perfect dress.

Rogue had found a green dress, a satin material. The dress has designs of swirls and flicks in black thread coming up the dress with a few more designs on the breast too. Because she couldn't risk her dangerous skin being touched she had very long black gloves that reached past her elbows, also made of a satin fabric. She wore black opaque tights with matching black satin peep toe shoes.

For Kitty's dress she found a simple yet stunning black dress. On the black material it had sparkling thread to make it shimmer and glisten. The dress was tight fitting for the torso which hugged her figure nicely but was loose and wavy beyond her hips which gave it an elegant look. To go with her dress she had heel satin sandals. Her legs bare as well as her arms without any jewellery on except a sterling silver chain bracelet that Piotr had given her the first month they dated, she would never remove it.

And Wanda's outfit was a dark maroon, it was a slinky cloth which had a very low back that reached the bottom of her spine and tied at the top with a simple tie. The tunic clung to her beautifully as it had no patterns or designs on it, it made an incredible impact. On her neck rested a ruby encrusted cross that reached to her belly button. Instead of shoes Wanda was wearing black boots, with a very high slender heel. They had two buckles on the side and reached just up to her knee.

Happy with their purchases the girls went home to get an early night to be ready for the long day ahead. Though they were in bed none of them could sleep, instead they chatted together on a three way call deep into the early hours of the morning. However the boys weren't so excited and spent their remaining day playing even more arcade games, once again John won.

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