Author's note ; Hi ! I had this little rhyme up before, but took it down quickly, I kind of got the impression it was too childish/simple, maybe it is, but I decided - what the heck , it's not meant to be taken too seriously, sooo I've put it back up even if the rhyming/meter is a bit basic. Any way just to explain - you might recognise bits and pieces of this in "An Elf", because I stole bits from it when I pulled it off initially ! Ok enough waffle - enjoy- (or not) Hee Hee!


An elf from old Mirkwood
Tall and fair
Eyes shine like the stars
Long and golden his hair.

An archer, a warrior
A noble by blood
As nimble and strong
As any elf could.

An oath he has taken
A duty to perform
His bow as protection
Its service now sworn.

Beware ye foul creatures !
He guards that which is fair
Dwarf, Men and Hobbits
Are under his care.

Spiders, cave trolls,
Creatures from the deep
Uruk-hai and wargs
His arrows shall seek.

From the smallest orc
To the tallest mûmakil
No mercy is shown
Them all he will kill.

With an aim that rings true
No matter the distance
A skill long perfected
By practice, persistence.

In battle he rages
Flashes of steel
The sting of twin blades
The dark hoards shall feel.

By his side a stout Dwarf
A man and a ranger
Together they fight
To keep Hobbits from danger.

For one guards the ring
A secret he keeps
But the Dark Lord is calling
Its power he seeks.

The elf knows his duty
He shall fight till the end
With Rohan, with Gondor
And a dwarf he calls friend.

No shadow shall take him
Nor evil prevail
This land holds his heart
Till the day he must sail.