Breaking the Band by Jasmine Starlight.

Full summary: When Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and James Potter start a band fresh out of Hogwarts and taste success will they still be the boys we all know and love? A new member might tear them all apart and a rival record label might bring them all together.

A/N: This is another au. There is no rebirth or Voldemort. Hogwarts is a school for the magically gifted with music. Wow that was an awkward sentence. This is also an MWPP fic.

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James sighed, frustrated. Wasn't it supposed to get easier once you had a recording contract?

Apparently not.

James, Sirius, and Remus were forced to sit through auditions for another member to their band the 'Marauders.'

Now you might ask why the fourth Marauder wasn't part of their band.

Well the problem with thatwas Peter had sold them out.

He'd been leaking their lyrics to the Death Eater record label, imagine the surprise when the trio saw and heard their songs in a Lucifer video.

Of course they'd never suspected the little rat until he started acting funny, then Sirius on a hunch tailed him and then confronted him.

Peter had been kicked out of the band the very next day.

Now this left the remaining members in quite the quandary, seeing as their songs needed four people. One to play base, drums, lead guitar, and one to alternate between key boards and guitar.

James had lead vocals and Remus and Sirius sang backup.

Sang, shouted, screeched, whichever you prefer.

Now you might understand the reasons why they had to sit through auditions.

It had been hours, why were they getting all the pop prima donnas?

This is a rock band. R-O-C-K.

Sirius groaned, "Why are we still holding auditions? All these people suck!"

"That's a mite harsh isn't it?" asked their manger Frank Longbottom.

"Not really. Did you hear that last one? It sounded like two cats mating." pointed out Remus tiredly.

"Who's next?" asked James dispiritedly.

Frank squinted at the clipboard, "Can't really make it out."

Sirius rolled his eyes, "Give me that. Bleveruv Blake."

"Sirius, I don't that's it-" started Remus but Sirius cut him off by shouting, "Bleveruv Blake! You're up next!"

James and Frank rolled their eyes in unison.

At first no one answered Sirius's insistent shouting, but then someone entered and picked up a guitar and began to play.

Play their single actually, played pretty damn well.

Remus, finally translating the scrawl on the clipboard and began to poke Sirius frenziedly.

Sirius just brushed it off, "Stop Moony, this guy is pretty good."

Suppressing the urge to scream at said Black, Remus turned to James and Frank and wrote the name down neater and began gesturing madly.

James' eyes widened.

The song over, Sirius directed the dark haired man to play the piano placed in the room specifically for that reason.

James tried to get Sirius' attention by punching him in face. Hard.

Not the best way to go it seemed.

Sirius had apparently learned to multitask and was punching James back and listening to the piano at the same time.

Remus just sighed, this was going to be a disaster.

This performance also over, Sirius began to congratulate Bleveruv Blake.

That is until he got a good look at the man's face.

James had never seen Sirius shocked speechless.


I did a cliffhanger didn't I?

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