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The Computer Hacker Part 1: Devon's Return

Chapter 1

Dead? I Think Not!

Devon smiled at his genius. He had escaped at the last minute easily with a space suit. He knew it would mean laying low for awhile, but he wanted them all to think he was dead. And that his message had not been live, but pre-recorded. The exact opposite of the truth. He was now at his home on Overlook, where his message had been sent live from.

Devon typed a few commands in on his speedboard to pull up the news.

"And it seems a new hacker is on the loose, trying to follow in Quietus's footsteps. Three incidents of mass, Quietus-style deaths have been reported by our NewsBots, all of them in the same areas as the original three incidents before New York Net went down," the news anchor reported. "First, in London, a jet crashed when the computers failed."

The Screen showed footage of a crash Devon hadn't created.

"Then, in a small city near Buenos Aires, the pedways stopped suddenly, throwing people like missiles," the anchorwoman said.

The Screen showed footage of another disaster not of Devon's doing.

"Then, in a neighborhood in Detroit, a house flooded, killing a family of five," the anchorwoman said.

The screen showed five bodies floating out of a flooded house. One Devon didn't randomly choose for killing. Devon was disgusted. Someone was trying to copy him, of all people! Devon was the most unique evil genius around! His only competition for smartest in the world was Tristan Connor! No one could match his evil!

Tristan watched the news intently, waiting to see signs that Devon was back. What he saw was repetition, something Devon would never do. There was a new evil 'genius' out there. And he was copying Devon, which proved he wasn't any match for Tristan and Genia. Unfortunately, Genia had gone back 'home' to the Underworld. Tristan was afraid to go down there looking for her, too. He turned off the Screen, and walked to the living room. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Hmm. Maybe it's Shimoda with news on Genia. She's supposed to be trying to bring her up here, Tristan thought. He opened the door to see Genia standing there.

"Hi," Tristan said.

"Hi, brain boy. Can I come in?" Genia said.

"Oh, uh, yeah, sure," he said, letting her in.

"So, here's the story. Shimoda actually came to see me at my home. She said you wanted me up Above, so I asked if she'd cleared it with her bosses and she said yes. I asked where I would live and she said wherever I could find somewhere, so I asked if I could live with you and she said if it's okay with your parents. So here I am. Go get your parents," Genia said, out of breath at the end.

"Mom! Dad! C'mere!" Tristan said.

"Yes, sweetie?" Mrs. Connor (a/n: does anyone know her first name?) said.

"I'd like to introduce you to my girlfriend, Genia. Uhh… can she stay here until she finds somewhere else to live?" Tristan said.