Past is Past


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Warning: This, like every one of my fics, has a girl girl romance theme in it. Yeppo. Shoujo-ai.

Author's Note: Heh. Just a little something that wouldn't leave the back of my mind. I just had to put thought to writing. Here it is. Enjoy.

The sun hung low in the sky signaling it would soon set. The dry sand of the desert like setting absorbed the heat. There came a loud clash, followed by light footfalls and exerted grunting. Another clash came. Two swords glinted against the suns rays. They struck each other harshly. Two women fought beneath the heat of the blearing sun and the dryness of their surrounding.

A dark haired woman glared at her blonde opponent. She struck out again and the blonde met her blow for blow. She retreated, her breathing labored. The blonde just stood there, unmoved. In the next moment she was blocking rather strong swipes. Her opponent was good. A bow would be better, the dark haired woman thought agitatedly.

Her thoughts were rendered silent as her opponent's sword came bearing down on her. She blocked the blow just before her face met the sharp end of a blade. The blonde woman grinned, her face inches away.

"Come on Mars. I thought you were a worthy opponent."

The woman in question scowled at the comment, pushing the blonde back. Her opponent jumped away. Their intricate dance of thrashing blades began again. Mars would show her just how worthy she was. The blonde began to circle, her position defensive and her clear blue eyes teasing. The dark haired woman followed suit all the while holding a scathing glare at the woman before her.

Mars ran straight on at the other woman, swinging her sword only to meet thin air. There was a chuckle from behind her. Before she could turn there was a blade against her throat and an arm around her waist, pulling her into a warm body. She bit her lip lightly. This shouldn't feel good.

"This was too easy." The warm breathe against her ear made her repress a shudder.

Mars growled at the remark. Her breathing a bit more labored then it should be.

The blonde pressed her body closer. Smirking triumphantly. "Now about our wager. I think you owe me my prize."

Mar's turned her head to the right, looking straight into clear blue eyes seductively. She raised an elegant eyebrow. "I think you forget something Venus…"

"And what would that be?" Venus inquired leaning in closer to the fiery senshi.

The dark haired woman smirked, "A specific term of our agreement." She leaned in closer to the blonde, a mere breath away. "You haven't disarmed me."

Venus pulled away but not fast enough. The dark haired woman threw the senshi of love over her shoulder. The blonde's sword was sent flying a good distance out of reach. Mar's quickly pinned the blonde, sword pointed directly at her throat. The Venusian grinned up at the senshi of fire. A bemused glint in her azure eyes and enthusiasm in her voice. "As much as I like this position… I wouldn't mind if that blade was pointed elsewhere."

"And, what do I get for my victory?"

"I am at your disposal oh mighty one." Venus drawled in an airily sarcastic manner.

Mars tossed her sword to the side. Grinning victoriously. She leant down, stealing the blonde's lips in a playful kiss. She pulled away, slightly intoxicated. "Oh really?"

"Really." The senshi of love spoke shortly before pulling Mars down to her lips again. This time in a more vicious kiss.

Hino Rei sat up abruptly, panting slightly. Her eyes were wide, her mouth agape. She held a hand over her chest, hoping to still the rapid beating of her heart. What was that? She thought, remembering every aspect of her dream vividly.

'It was just a dram… a nightmare. It was a nightmare!'

The raven-haired girl silently reassured herself. She brought her fingers to her lips. "… Just a nightmare."

'Then… why did it feel so real?'

"Didn't seem like a nightmare to me…" the skeptic voice of Usagi quelled the miko's thoughts.

The raven-haired woman's eyes went wide again, she looked around the room unbelievingly before groaning and slapping her forehead. She fell asleep during their study session. She glared at the odagoed blonde. "It was a nightmare."

"Sure." Makoto said languidly. "And Usagi's not failing Math."

Usagi nodded, agreeing. "Yeah and I'm not… hey!"

A giggle came from another of the group of friends. "You know its true Usa."

Rei paled at the voice. The object of her extremely vivid nightmare. Sailor Venus reincarnated, Aino Minako. She looked to the blonde. The suns rays flitted through the window, highlighting strands of her golden hair. The image only served to remind her of the nightmare. She looked away blushing.

"So," Usagi looked at Rei's pink tinged face and grinned, "Who were ya dreaming about?"

The raven-haired girl glared yet again, crossing her arms over her chest. "None of your business!"

"Oh come on Rei. Tell us. Who was it?" Minako chirped in.

'If only you knew…'

The miko shook her head agitatedly. "Just drop it."

"Just tell me this first…" Usagi looked at Rei seriously.

Rei, caught by surprise, looked at the blonde quizzically. Usagi was almost never serious. Did Usagi know? Rei gulped nervously and nodded.

"What did you get for your victory?" The blonde wiggled her eyebrows.

The raven-haired girl's jaw dropped. She visibly shook with rage. "Usagi… I advise that you start running."

"Better hurry Usagi. You forgot to disarm her." Makoto chuckled at the comment.

Usagi burst out in a series of giggles and uncontrollable snorts. After a good while of Makoto chuckling silently, Usagi outright laughing and Minako giggling behind her hand, Ami cleared her throat. "As much fun as we're having at Rei's expense. We're still in the middle of our study session."
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