Past is Past

Not Tonight

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Warning: Girl slash.


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For the briefest of moments, Rei stared dumbly after the quickly retreating blonde. Her mind whirling with so many cluttered thoughts. Heart thudding violently against the stir of foreign emotions bubbling urgently within her. Half of Rei was screaming for her to chase after Minako, to succumb to the dangerously tempting sensations Minako had evoked within her. The other half of the miko, the half of her that simply wanted to ignore the sudden shift between her and Minako, told her that she should stay put. Stay away from the gorgeous blonde and the ridiculous images that assaulted her whenever they were near one another.

Rei was confused. Tempted and contained all at once. She didn't know what she wanted. Didn't know if she, not that warrior from the past, could give Minako what the blonde so obviously wanted. The miko didn't know if she could give Minako her heart. All she knew was, she needed to talk to the other woman. She needed to figure it all out. She needed Minako.

And so the fire senshi shot out of bed, running after that blur of golden hair with the determination that Rei Hino was known for. She ran as hard, as fast as her bare feet would take her. Across the courtyard and through the soaking rain until she was close enough to call out to Minako. To feel the tingling burn of her fingers wrapping around Minako's arm as she spun her around. To feel the rapid thudding of Minako's heart as gravity propelled them closer. Caused them to collide. To fall against the cold, wet concrete in a heap of feverish skin pressed to feverish skin.

"Mina…" Rei struggled to breathe. Those dark, sapphire eyes met hers without constraint and Rei could feel her own gaze darkening at what she found in those alluring depths. Could feel herself gasp as Minako's fingertips brushed against her cheek. Leaving tingles in their wake.

Minako couldn't find the will to speak. Her heart was in her throat, ready to expel itself at the slightest hint of protest from Rei. Oh, how she wanted the goddess hovering so temptingly above her. How she wanted to show her. Show her just how much she craved her. How badly every part of her was aching for the dark haired woman. She couldn't say a thing. The fear of breaking the moment kept her silent. Kept her fingers traveling slowly against Rei's soft, warm cheek. Brushing dark, damp hair behind the miko's ear. Fingers continuing their trek along Rei's neck. Blue eyes staring intently into lust filled amethyst.

The blonde's hand gripped lightly at Rei's soaked shirt. Hooded gaze never breaking as she pulled the other woman closer, pulled those ruby tinted lips a mere breath away from her own. Rei's heavy, shuddering breaths were a warm rush against Minako's lips. Lips that were suddenly moving. Soft words spilling from them like caged, crazed prisoners being set free to wreak havoc on the fire senshi's diminishing restraint. Words that destroyed what little control Rei had managed to weakly, reluctantly maintain.

"Rei I…" Minako's voice was foreign to her own ears. Surely that seductive moaning rasp couldn't have been hers. "I don't think I can control myself."

Minako's confession sent a jolt of something primal surging through her. Settling itself in the pit of her stomach. Rei's sharp intake of breath came out as a shuddery exhale. It felt as though every part of her ached with want. Her dark, amethyst eyes stared, half lidded, into swirling sapphire. Ruby tinted lips parting with a breathless response. "Then don't."


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