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Ok this is my first story so please bear with me! Sorry but this story is in screen play form. Hope you like it! Also when I write in italic it means that they are thinking.

Well enough with this on with the Fic!

Kagome: "Inuyasha!"

Kagome is being held by a big demon named Hesu. She shoots her bow and arrow at him striking Hesu in the chest. She falls to the ground.

Hesu: "My turn!"

Hesu hits Kagome while she's trying to get up.


Hesu hits Kagome with his special power which has the ability to suck the soul out of anyone's body.

Hesu: "Once I have your souls I will be stronger than ever and with the scared jewel shard I will be impossible to stop! Ha Ha Ha!

Hesu laughs as Kagome's soul is being sucked out. Kagome whispers softly.

Kagome: "Inu……ya…..sha…..Help!"


Inuyasha hits Hesu. Hesu is hurt but not dead. Hesu then goes after Inuyasha.

Hesu: "I will not let this plan fail! SOUL SNATCHER!"

Hesu hits Inuyasha in the arm and starts to steel his soul.

Hesu: "No one can escape my soul snatcher not ever another demon!"

Inuyasha hits the ground and his soul floats above him and goes right into a jar Hesu is holding.


Sango throws her boomerang at Hesu, and cuts off arm that was holding to bottle. It falls to the ground .

Miroku: "Let me finish him!"

Hesu: "Ha a mere monk! How can you stop me!"

Miroku: "Don't under estimate me!"

Sango: "Go Miroku suck him in!"

Hesu: "Suck me in!"

Miroku: "WIND TUNNEL!"

Hesu: "No! I was so close!"

Hesu gets sucked into Miroku Wind Tunnel. Inuyasha and Kagome's souls are floating in mid air. Miroku and Sango look at the shinny lights around them.

Sango: "What are those?"

Miroku: "I do believe that they are souls."

Sango: "Souls?"

Miroku: "I rember a demon by the name Hesu. He would suck the soul out of anyone who got in his way."

Sango: "He sucks their souls out!"

Miroku: "Yes, he steels them to gain more power."

Sango: "Kagome!"

Miroku: "Inuyasha!"

Sango and Miroku see that Kagome and Inuyasha are lying on the ground up ahead. Sango starts to shake Kagome.

Sango: "Kagome! Kagome!"

They see two bright lights are floating above Inuyasha and Kagome. The shinny lights move down into Inuyasha and Kagome's bodies.

Miroku: "Their bodies are calling their souls back!"

Sango: "Thank goodness."

Inuyasha and Kagome's souls return to their bodies. Sango and Miroku start to shake Kagome and Inuyasha.

Sango: "Kagome wake up! Kagome!"

Kagome and Inuyasha start to get up. Kagome feels her chest and Inuyasha feels his arm and looks at his hand. They both scream at the same time and pass out. Sango and Miroku look at each other and wonder what's going on.

Sango: "Are they all right?"

Miroku: "They should be"

Sango: "Lets get them back to Kaede's village!"

Miroku gets his friend Hatchi and they take off to the village. They land and Kaede starts fixing up their wounds.


Kagome opens her eyes and starts to think she hears every one outside.

Kagome: "Man what happened? Did we get him? I hope so! I wonder how Inuyasha is doing."

Inuyasha sits up as do Kagome they both stare at each other in shock. Inuyasha and Kagome both yell out.

Inuyasha/Kagome: "WHAT THE HELL!"

Everyone out side hears the screams and they send Shippo to see what's going on.

Shippo: "What's wrong? Kagome I'm glad to see your ok. Well are you ok?"

Kagome: "Shippo! I'm glad to see you! Oh me I'm ok!"

Shippo stands their in shock.

Shippo: "Ka….go….me! How! Your! Inuyasha!"

Kagome: "What? Oh ya why am I you!"

Kagome is pointing at Inuyasha and screams. Inuyasha just looks in shock.

Inuyasha: "Why are we like this? How the hell! I'm …I'm… Kagome!"

Inuyasha: "Stop yelling! I don't scream like that!"

Kagome looks at Inuyasha and faints. Inuyasha looks at Shippo.

Inuyasha: "What are you looking at?"

Shippo: "Nothing!"

Shippo runs out of the hunt screaming.

Miroku: "What happened? What are they doing? Are they doing something?"

Sango: "Miroku!"

Miroku: "What I was just wondering!"

Kaede: "So what's wrong?"

Shippo: "Ka……In……different!"

Shippo looks all confused. He points to the hut meaning for them to go inside. They all head inside to find Inuyasha (Kagome's body) sitting up with a disturbed look on his face.

Sango: "Kagome you're up! Are you feeling better?"

Sango puts her hand on Inuyashas shoulder. Inuyasha looks at her and wonders why she is talking to him. Miroku stands over Kagome and shakes her.

Miroku: "Inuyasha! Inuyasha! Wake up!"

Kagome is dreaming about Inuyasha.


Inuyasha: "Kagome I want to say….."

Kagome: "Yes Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha: "Kagome I LOVE you!"

Kagome: "Oh Inuyasha I LOVE you too!"

Inuyasha: "Kagome can I KISS you?"

Kagome: "Yes Inuyasha, oh yes!"

They both lean in to kiss one another.


Miroku is standing over Kagome (Inuyasha's body) Kagome lens in to kiss Miroku (who she thinks is Inuyasha cuz she still thinks she is dreaming) she gives Miroku a big fat kiss right on Miroku's lips.

Inuyasha: "What! Stop it!"

Everyone stairs in shock not knowing what's happing. they can't seem to explain the unusual kiss from Kagome (From Inuyasha body-just making sure u got it-).

Sango: "Oh my God!"

Miroku jumps back and starts to freak out.

Miroku: "What the HELL was that! Why did you kiss me!"

Kagome sits up.

Kagome: "Kiss who? Inuyasha? No Mir…Mir…Miroku!"

Kagome stares at everyone who is laughing and just cracking up. Kagome just looks at Miroku in discuss.


Everyone looks at Kagome

Kagome: "What? What are you looking at!"

Sango: "Ka…..go….me?"

Kagome: "Yeah…what!"

Shippo: "See I told you there's something wrong!"

Kagome looks at Inuyasha and Kagome screams.

Kagome: "Oh HELL! I forgot!"

Sango: "So if that's Kagome then….."

Sango is still hanging all over Inuyasha. She jumps back.

Inuyasha: "What you don't like me"

Sango: "Never mind that what happened!"

Kagome: "Yeah we…um….I don't know? We were battling…."

Inuyasha: "We!"

Kagome: "Yeah WE! Anyways then we knocked out and now…."

Kaede: "Yes its seems ye to be in one another's body. Inuyasha is that you?"

Kaede looking at Kagome.

Kagome: "NO!"
Inuyasha: "No I'm over here!"

Kaede: "Aw yes I see. When ye battled Hesu your souls got switched some how. It seems that ye have to rest right now. For if either one of ye stepped outside then everyone will know that ye two are not ye self's. So stay in until I find out what has happened."

Inuyasha: "We just can't stay hear! We need to get the jewel shards!"

Kaede: "I see….well give me at least two days. Two days to let your wounds heal and let me figure this mess out."

Kagome: "So were supposed to just sit hear in each others bodies?

Kaede: "For now yes…….unless you have a better idea?"

Kagome just sits there not saying a word.

Kaede: "That's what I thought……..Now ye all rest."

Miroku now looking at Kagome (Inuyasha's body).

Miroku: "Now Inuyasha you must do as Kaede says."

Kagome: "I'M KAGOME!"

Miroku: "Oh sorry it's just so wired…..come on Sango lets leave them to get to know each others bodies better! Their going to have to work together on this."

Sango: "Yes."

Sango looks at Kagome and Inuyasha and smiles and laughs as she walks out with Miroku.

Inuyasha: "It's so strange….."

Inuyasha starts to feel himself and Kagome notices what he is doing she points and starts to yell.


Inuyasha looks what he is actually doing.

Inuyasha: "I….I…..It's not what it seems! I was just!"

Kagome: "what cupping a field!...I don't want to hear it!"

Kagome turns away from Inuyasha.

Kagome: "Wow Inuyasha's body! I'm a man oh my god I'm a man……I didn't think this was possible."

Kagome looks at her hands

Kagome: "Wow his nails are really long…."

Kagome screams out

Kagome: "EWWWWWW!"

Inuyasha: "What are you yelling about!"

Kagome: "EW how gross! When's the last time you cleaned your nails!"

Kagome brings out her nail kit and starts to clean her new long demon nails.

Inuyasha: "What are you doing! No you're cleaning them!"

Kagome: "Of course I am they are in horrible shape……….good thing I am always prepared."

Kagome: "Man I almost need to get a manicure!"

Inuyasha is gracing Kagome's hair

Inuyasha: "Wow her hair is so soft (pause) Wow I'm Kagome! Is this what she fells like?"

Kagome: "Hey stop messing up my hair!"

Inuyasha: "What……I wasn't…."

Inuyasha starts to mumble

Inuyasha: "Yeah like it wasn't already messed up."

Kagome: "I heard that."

Kagome now done with her nail cleaning and Inuyasha just sitting there. They sit in complete silence.

Kagome: "So…..What do we do for two days?"

Inuyasha looks at Kagome with a puzzled look.

Inuyasha: "I don't know? Hey is that what I look like? Wow I'm looking pretty good!"

Kagome: "Is that how I Look! I always thought that outfit made me look cute!"

Inuyasha: "Whatever….Its so short……. just a little more higher and….."

Inuyasha pulling on his skirt and trying to see the up the back

Kagome: "Inuyasha! SIT!"

Kagome just stands there looking surprised

Kagome: "I guess that doesn't work now."

Inuyasha: "Ha now I don't have to do all those sit commands!"


Inuyasha looks at Kagome and laughs at first then realizes what he has done. He rushes over to Kagome and looks like he is really sorry. Kagome looks up at Inuyasha from her hole she just made. She's looking pretty angry. Inuyasha noticing that she is ok he backs off.

Inuyasha: "Sorry! (Pause) I really do look stupid doing all those S…I mean commands."

Kagome: "How dare you! How dare you!"

Inuyasha: "Now you know how I feel when you do that."

Kagome: "Why would you say that! That really hurt!"

Inuyasha: "Oh I look really silly. Wow! Look at that dent."

Kagome: "Wow! With something like that wouldn't I have gotten really hurt?"

Inuyasha: "Your right! (Pause) you must have gotten all of my strength! Oh no that means you're a demon!"

Kagome: "That means you're a mortal!"

Inuyasha: "Yeah, so I've been human before."

Kagome: "Yeah for like a night. This time it's longer."

Inuyasha: "I can handle it! I'm strong."

Kagome: "No your not. Well I mean you're strong, but not like your usually self."

Inuyasha: "Oh yeah well that's only because you're a wimp!"

Kagome: "I am not a wimp!"

Inuyasha: "Fine keep telling your self that."

Shippo enters

Shippo: "I thought I heard the sit command?"

Kagome: 'you did!"

Shippo: "So you said sit and you went down?"

Kagome: "No! Inuyasha said it! "

Shippo: "Inuyasha, how could you say that to Kagome have you no respect for a lady? Wait how did you do that?"

Inuyasha: "I must have gotten Kagome's powers."

Kagome: "yeah and I got his!"

Shippo: "Well that's strange (Pause) Kagome are you hurt?"

Kagome: "A little but it wasn't that bad. I'm now a demon I guess."

Shippo: "Kagome now you're just like me, well almost. Since you're in Inuyasha's body you're still just a half demon."

Kagome: "Yeah that's a relief some part of me is still human. "

Inuyasha: "What's wrong with being a demon!"

Kagome: "Nothing its just I'm not use to it. You've been like this your whole life it's new to me."

Inuyasha: "Yeah well you better get use to it."

Kagome: "Why are you saying that, are we going to be like this forever!"

Inuyasha: "NO but we won't be getting out of this soon!"

Kagome: "So how do you body?"

Inuyasha: "Do you want me to tell you the truth?"

Kagome: "Yes of course."

Inuyasha: "Well I'm just wondering how do you deal with your skirt…it's like your just inviting men to look at your…. and these…."

Inuyasha holds his new chest.

Kagome: "OK! That's enough! I get it!"

Inuyasha looks with puzzlement.

Inuyasha: "Well same question how about you?"

Kagome: "Well I've never really noticed how long your nails are...and your hair its so……."

Inuyasha: "Yeah my hair is so…?"

Kagome: "Well it really does have split ends."

Kagome looks at Inuyasha and Inuyasha has a pouter face on. Kagome leans over going closer to Inuyasha looking him right in the eyes. Inuyasha blushes and Kagome then looks up at his hair (her hair)

Kagome: "Oh"

Inuyasha: "Kagome I……"

Kagome: "It looked like I had dandruff for a moment. Thank god it was nothing."

Inuyasha sits there with a really mixed face of anger and puppy love.

Kagome: "Inuyasha what were you saying?"

Inuyasha still blushing now with an even more angry face

Inuyasha: "Nothing just nothing it's always noting!"

Kagome sitting fully back with a confused face

Kagome: "What is he getting all bent out of shape about? He's always doing that! Something I just don't know about him."


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