Title: Things

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Author's Note: All right folks, I say it's about time I started working on a new fic. So, here goes nothing! I've decided to write my own take on the whole Post Season Four Luke and Lorelai 'moment' and their relationship as a whole. I know this storyline has been beaten to death, but I'm about to add my own twist on things and I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised! I promise to keep up with my humorous flare – laughter is as always, the best medicine!

Now without further ado, let's transport ourselves to the Wonderful World of Star's Hollow…

The walls came crumbling down and FINALLY, Luke and Lorelai had tiptoed into something new, something wonderful and something neither had anticipated…a relationship.


Lorelai replayed the events of the evening in her mind –

"Will you just stand still?" Luke's husky request seemed more like a threat…and that look in his eyes. Lorelai did as she was told. She knew what was coming and closed her eyes in anticipation – if only she could breathe, yes, oxygen would be really good right now. His warm breath sent chills down her spine; her body became paralysed in a fit of bliss as his sensual lips finally met her own. She pulled away just in time, before all sanity had been lost, before she had completely succumbed to him. He waited, she couldn't. She was drawn to him; she craved him, his taste, his touch. Once more they entangled themselves in an exquisite embrace. With great fervour, the kiss developed, passionately, erotically . Lorelai again pulled away, this time with greater difficulty. Her lips tingled with the sensation of Luke; her body tingled with the suspense of things to come…

Cue Kirk: "Aaaah, Aaaaaaaah, Aaaaaaaaaaaah, Aaaaaah, Aaaaaaaaaaah…"

Luke and Lorelai were unexpectedly jolted into reality and the moment was lost…but not forgotten.

"I'll be right back," Luke seemed to know more than he was letting on.

Lorelai's expression betrayed her confusion.

"I'll explain later." And with that, Luke bounded after Kirk.

What to do now…tell Rory, yes – that was the plan.

Lorelai skipped jauntily towards home. Her feet were light and her heart was aflutter. She was positively giddy with delight. Things were happening; big things, wow things. Unfortunately, the thrill and excitement Lorelai was radiating, immediately washed away upon entering the Gilmore household. Things had changed…forever.


Luke continued his pursuit of Kirk. My, but he was a fast runner, that 'Butch Danes'…but perhaps not quite fast enough. Luke at last came upon Kirk after he had entangled himself in a thorny rose bush. The poor guy, he never even saw it coming.

"Kirk? Kirk, talk to me buddy!" Luke tried his best to remain calm.

"God? Is that you? Heaven looks a lot like Stars Hollow." Kirk was undoubtedly disoriented.

"Kirk – it's me, Luke. Just hang on buddy and I'll get you out of there." Luke carefully manoeuvred his way and gently guided Kirk from his thorny prison.

"Luke, my bum hurts. I think it's bleeding." Kirk winced in pain.

"Kirk, don't ever say the word bum to me in a sentence. We'll get you all cleaned up in a minute." By 'we' Luke of course meant Lorelai or Sookie or anyone other than him.

With that, Luke grabbed Kirk by the legs, threw him over his shoulder and carried him back to the Dragonfly. Kirk weighed about as much as a sack of potatoes.

As they approached the Inn, Kirk's mental welfare improved, and suddenly he started remembering things…things that Luke wasn't entirely prepared for.

"Now I remember," Kirk began, "I ran downstairs…through the front doors…past you and Lorelai…you and Lorelai…you were…you were…"

Luke cut him off before he could finish, "We were talking, discussing actually. Things that…things about the Inn…and such." Luke was a terrible liar.

"You were kissing!" Kirk blurted out, visibly stunning Luke. "I'm going to tell everyone…everyone must know the truth! 'Operation Luke and Lorelai' has finally succeeded! We Won, We Won!" Kirk was a lunatic. He jumped out of Luke's grasp and ran towards the doors.

Without a second thought, Luke once again sprinted after him, hurdling up the steps with incredible force. And then, the inevitable happened. His balance failed him as he reached the top step and tumbled backward, slamming his head into the unforgiving ground…

Back at the Gilmore household:

Lorelai had just finished patching things up with Rory, as best she could. It still hurt her more than she could ever bear to let on. This kind of pain would only heal with time. As much as Lorelai wished otherwise, she knew her place was at the Inn right now. Her return was imminent, with or without Rory by her side.


Lorelai was flying solo as she drove down Dragonfly lane and reacquainted herself with the Inn. Something about this place was magical. She fluffed her hair and pinched her cheeks before exiting her jeep and walked purposefully toward her new establishment…

To Be Continued…

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