Children of the Legend

By Kari Minamoto


This is a 02/04 crossover. When Myotismon decides to look for the children from a legend that has formed, Gennai warns the 02 team about his plans and sends them on a mission to find these legendary children.

Author's Note

I have changed some of the ending of season 02 to fit my needs in this fanfic. In this fic Myotismon is not destroyed by the 02 team and not everyone in the world has digimon either, just certaindigidestined. Also the digidestined do not have children yet although they are married. I have T.K. and Kari married to each othertoo. Also their jobs are different too. Cody teaches Kendo while Kari, T.K., and Izzy teach at the high school. Davis is coaching the soccer team. Kouji, Kouichi, Takuya, and Zoe are 15 and in 10th grade; J.P. is 16 and in 11th; and Tommy 12 and in 7th.

This is my first fanfic so please give me good reviews and constructive criticism.

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of digimon. The only thing I own is this story line.

Chapter 1-The Quest

It had been a while since all the digidestined had been together. They were all married and although they did not have kids yet, they still had their jobs.

The team was curious to why, after all these years of not hearing about the digital world, Gennai was suddenly contacting them about it.

They all planned to meet at Izzy Izumi's house at 4:00 p.m. like Gennai had suggested. T.K. Takashi arrived first followed shortly by Davis Motomiya and Matt Ishida. All three of them were working at the local high school.

As the clock approached 4:00 the rest of the group slowly trickled in. Surprising, Kari, who had just married T.K. a year ago, was not there yet.

"I wonder where my sister is?" said Tai Kamiya, "She is usually on time."

Izzy replied by saying," There must be a logical explanation. She probably just got caught up at work or something."

Just as Izzy said this Kari ran through the door. The first words out of her mouth were, "I'm really sorry that I'm late. I had to give one my students' detention… again."

"Who was it this time?" Davis asked.

Kari replied, "A boy who reminds me an awful lot like you when we were in high school. His name is Takuya Kanbara and he is a handful. It seems like I'm giving him detention once a week. He just doesn't know when to keep his mouth closed and I think I've gotten only one piece of homework all term. He is a…"

Whatever Takuya Kanbara was, the rest of the team did not find out because at that moment, Gennai appeared in front of them. It was not just Gennai who appeared but also their digimon!

The group was excited to see their digimon but also anxious to know what Gennai wanted to tell them.

After a couple of minutes of letting the digimon and their partners talk to each other, Gennai decided it was time to get down to business.

He opened by asking, "You may be wondering why I have called you all here. The reason is that the digital world and your world are in trouble again. Myotismon has somehow come back and is trying to control both worlds."

Before Gennai could get any father he was interrupted by a barrage of questions.

"What do you mean Myotismon is back!"

"I thought we had destroyed him, twice!"

"How did he come back?"

"What does he want?"

"Why are we being called on?"

Gennai finally calmed the group down and attempted to answer some of these questions.

"No one is sure how Myotismon has come back, but he has. He might have been able to preserve himself in another digimon or even in the digital world itself, but I'm not sure. As for what he's after, I'm not sure, but do have a hunch. About four years ago, it is said that another group of children, like you, went to the digital world and saved it from perishing forever. There is no real proof of this except for what is in Ophanimon's library, which I do not have access to. Ophanimon is one of the three celestial digimon chosen to rule the digital world after your team saved it. She rules it with Seraphimon and Cherubimon. I believe that these children who have supposedly been chosen by Ophanimon do exist. This was at a time when I was unable to find children to become digidestined. Your mission is to find these children of Ophanimon's and find out what happened. I believe that Myotismon believes this… legend, I guess you could call it and will be hunting for them as soon as he can get here."

"If the only book that will give us the truth is inaccessible, then how are we going to find out if it's true?" Izzy asked.

"I already have the answer to that question. With this." Gennai said.

He held up a rather large book for them all to see and then broke it almost magically into 12 pieces. The pages had a cluster of strange symbols on the pages that puzzled the digidestined. They also noticed he broke it into 12 instead on 14 pieces.

"How come there are only 12 pieces when there are 14 of us?" Sora Takenouchi asked.

"That is because only 12 of you are going to translate this, the other two of you will do online research. You will be able to access a digimon encyclopedia I have compiled, so who is going to do what?"

Izzy and Ken Ichijoji were chosen to take care of the computer information while the rest would translate the book.

"This book is very important. A digimon by the name of Bokomon compiled it explaining what happened on the children's adventure. It is crucial to discovering who these children in the legend are. It will also be difficult to translate. Apparently he was not done with it, so he wrote it in the ancient language of the digital world which I do not even know, so no one could read it. I want Izzy and Ken to comb through newspapers and news footage of the past few years for anything strange that might be linked to digimon. Also these children were probably around 11 when they were chosen. So look closely at 14 to 16 year olds for odd behavior or even unusual friendships. I mean look at how well Tai and Matt got along, or Davis and T.K."

The four of them then went, "Hey!"

Everyone laughed at this as they remembered how terrible they had gotten along with each other at first before becoming the best of friends.

Gennai finished by saying, "However, do not just look at this age group, but other children as well. Use all of your power to find these children and be careful."

With that Gennai left, leaving the team in shock at their new quest.

Takuya Kanbara had just gotten out of detention. He was in a good mood considering he got out half an hour early. His teacher, Mrs. Takashi, said that she had somewhere to go and could not stay any longer.

The only problem that Takuya had was all of his friends were busy: Zoe Orimoto was at cheerleading practice, J.P. Shibayama was tutoring another friend Tommy Himi in algebra, and the twins: Kouichi Kimura and Kouji Minamoto were at a leadership assembly meeting.

Takuya usually had soccer practice after school but it was cut short because his coach had something else planned for the day. Practice had been going on while Takuya was in detention and had ended right before he got out of it.

Takuya mused, 'O well, at least I didn't get a month of detention for breaking that window. How was I supposed to remember that we weren't supposed to play with soccer balls in the school- besides the million times Kouji and Kouichi told me. So what if they're the super smart twins, it's not like I care about grades and permanent records as much as they do."

As Takuya thought about this his cell phone began to ring.

Figuring it was his mom asking why he was late again he took his time answering it. He was shocked at who was on the other end when he answered.

Like I said earlier, this is my first fanfic so please let me know what is wrong with it so I can fix it in later chapters. I will ignore all flames unless they contain constructive criticism.