Children of the Legend

Kari Minamoto

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Chapter 26- Foggy Situation

Kari didn't understand. Chosen child? There was clearly a Digimon standing in front of her. She was a winged creature with armor and no doubt power; definitely not a child or even a human.

"Why don't we make this easy for everyone, you just come with me and I'll let the girl behind you go?" Myotismon silkily said.

Kari personally couldn't help feeling a little insulted, even with the tinge of terror. Who was he thinking he was addressing. She was no longer a middle school student. She wasn't even the girl he tried to destroy the first time he invaded the human world. She had a job and a loving husband. Definitely not a girl.

"I refuse to fall for that!" Zephyrmon cried, 'Hurricane Gales!"

A cyclone of air with energy swirling about appeared from thin air directed at Myotismon. He looked unphased and simply took a breath and blew the attack out as if it were a birthday candle. He slowly approached the bird Digimon who was trying to hide Kari behind her back.

"This sort of disloyalty will just not do," Myotismon stated while shaking his head in mock pity. "I'm afraid we must do this my way. With force – Crimson Lightning!"

Kari wasn't sure what happened until the flash of light disappeared revealing an unconscious Zephyrmon at her feet. She hadn't taken more than two steps when the creature was engulfed in light – it looked almost like a stream of data.

When the light died away, she couldn't believe what…no who she saw. It was Zoe Orimoto. Shock would have been considered an understatement.

Myotismon laughed in his cold cruel voice, "What is it holder of light, do I sense some surprise at the pathetic brat lying the ground."

Kari didn't even control her actions as she stood in front of the unconscious girl who was her student, and apparently a Chosen as well.

Myotismon continued his cold laugh and with a wave of his hand, Kari found herself forty feet away from where she once was. The vampire digimon was standing over the girl, a look of glee and greed in his eyes. With a swish of a cape Myotismon and Zoe had completely disappeared.

Kari felt a breeze brush against her cheek, but it wasn't comforting and it seemed to whisper This is just the beginning.

Koji was visiting his brother in the hospital. Koichi had the possibility of being discharged today, although it wasn't a guarantee. The twins were just happy to have each other. However, Koji knew that he would have to interrupt the peaceful mood at some point, he just didn't know it would be the second he stepped in his brother's room.

"What happened Koji?" Koichi asked his brother with worry etched on his face.

Koji sighed and sat on the foot of his brother's stark white bed. "Duskmon…attacked us at the school. You called us and I gave you the overview but he seemed…I dunno…a little crazy. He kept talking about the light, but then he started talking about the older light too. The only other person in the room who wasn't one of us was Mrs. Takashi but she looked like she was scared to death.

Then he said he was destroying the light, obviously me, more because he wanted to then he was ordered to because I'm his enemy because of light and darkness.

Then there was something he said about his master wanting Mrs. Takashi because she brought about his downfall before. Just none of it makes any sense," Koji put his head in his hands in frustration.

He continued, "Zoe took Mrs. Takashi away from the area so hopefully their all safe. She said she would text everyone once she was in the clear…it's just I expected her to have contacted us by now."

Koji was silently fuming and then he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Everything will be okay Koji. You'll see," Koichi smiled and everything seemed to be alright for a moment until the power went out and shapes could be seen outside and the slowly expanding fog.

Davis was staring at the boy in front of him. His story seemed crazy, but also so logical at the same time. There was also hint of jealousy that Davis was fighting to suppress. He wished that he could have become one with Veemon like Tommy's group had with their digital spirits. Davis finally stood up to go to the phone.

"What are you doing?" Tommy asked from the chair in which he was curled.

"Calling one of my friend about this so you can talk to him and then you'd better go home since it's starting to look extremely gloomy because of all this fog that has rolled in," Davis told his young friend…and new ally? He couldn't even drive yet he had saved the world, it seemed impossible to believe, but then again, he had done the same in junior high to a certain extent.

He grabbed the phone and made his way back to the couch. Davis hit the speed dial number for Izzy and lounged back to wait for the computer genius to pick up his phone. After an eternity Izzy picked up the phone.

"What's going on? I'm trying to figure out a way to bring our Digimon back to our world" Izzy asked slightly annoyed at the interruption.

"I've got a kid!!" Davis blurted out to Izzy who stared at the phone in shock.

"Ex...Excuse me?" Izzy replied trying not to seem surprised as he also heard small snickers in the background from the other end of the line that definitely didn't belong to Davis.

"A Chosen. I found one. He's at my place so come now," Davis said quickly before hanging up the phone. His face turned bright red in embarrassment and the dam broke and Tommy's snickers become laughter.

Takuya had finally made it home after walking with Koji to the hospital. It had been a long day. After all, not every day does a digimon crash through the wall of your school and try to kill you.

Shinya was sitting in front of the television when Takuya came through the door.

"Play with me! I bet I can beat you!" he cried before Takuya had even removed his sneakers.

Takuya just smiled at his younger brother, "You're on!"

The boy grinned and hastily plugged in a second controller to the racing game for the two of them to play. Takuya settled himself on the couch, ready to unwind from the long day. The two had finally finished choosing characters and cars when the screen went black. A second later the light flickered and died.

"What just happened?" Shinya asked his brother looking alarmed.

"I don't know," Takuya replied while looking around the room. It had been slowly getting foggy all day. All of sudden he thought he heard a noise coming from behind the front door.

Sora was watching the sky darken outside, a drizzle beginning, and the fog rolling in. There seemed to be a sense of foreboding in the air.

She watched as a boy took shelter under the overhang of the building and decided in a split second she couldn't let the boy stay outside in the miserable weather as she grabbed her shoes and a coat.

"Are you alright?" She asked as soon as she reached the boy. He was pleasantly plump and slightly wet.

"Yeah I'm fine, my phone's just not working," he replied and then went back to playing with his cell willing it to work while repeatedly shaking it.

"You can use my phone and I have some cookies I just baked," Sora replied and saw the boy gave her a grateful smile.

"That would be great, thanks," he replied and followed Sora into the apartment building.

The four captured digimon were now far from home in the human world watching as Myotimon and his minions wrecked havoc and planned the domination and destruction of the human world. A battle, perhaps even a war, would soon begin. Evil seemed to have the upper hand, and the four seemed to know, it wouldn't be easy.

To be continued…

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