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There she was...the most unpredictable girl in school...Helga G. Pataki. To most at P.S 119, She was the meanist and bitchiest girls at school, but to him...she was the most fasinating person to ever walk on this earth...and he loved her, no matter wat everyone else thought... no, he didnt love her...Arnold ADORED her.

I guess you could say it started in the beging of thier 9th grade year at P.S 119, the year she lost everything...her mom, her dad, and her sister. her whole life went down hill. She felt so helpless...without pheobie around to help her out, she sliped slowly into a dark pit of hate and sadness. Yes, even pheobie had left her for a new life with her family in japain. For the first time in her life...She was truly alone in the world.

Well not completly. She had moved into the bording house then day after her parents death, Whick helga couldnt complain about, she loved the thought of he sweet footballhead being only seconds from her, But it still wasnt enough for her. Of corse at the time, he was with lila. That didnt last long, lila turnd out to be the little bitch helga had thought her to be.

Everything was differant about her though, Inside and out. She had a bigger temper, yet she never needed it because everyone at school feared her, even the boys. He outter figure had changed all to much for her. She was much prettier than she had been in her younger years. She had formed out nicely, getting all the right curves, she had also lurned how to pluck that eyebrow. She dressed the way she felt inside...dark. But she was still very beautiful.

He sapposed thats why he loved her, or maybe it was because he knew her better than anyone, and had become very close to her over the past 3 years. whatever the reason was, he loved her, no mater what, and she knew that. They wernt togeather, oh no, helga still wouldnt admit she loved him, but he had told her, and he had said that he knew in time, she would show that she loved him to, but his hopes on that had went down on the chances of that happening over the last few weeks. she had been very quiet around him the past 2 or 3 weeks, which made arnold very worried. he wanted so bad to take her in his arms and tell her than everything would be ok and that he would always be thier for her, but he still had remebered what had happend the last time he tried wasnt very good.

So he sat in 4th period, watching her, waiting to go to 5th period, the last period of the school year, rthen summer vacation, 2 mounths and he could spend it with her. he had a plain to win her heart this summer, something he knew would work...he just couldnt wait to put his plain into play...

Ok guys that was chapter 1! i know i am bad but this is my first fic so dont be to hard on me! chapter 2 will be up soon!

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