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Chapter 3: Lovers and friends

"WHAT! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DONT THINK SHE CAN DO IT" Yelled Arnold over the phone to Gerald.

"I think she might chickin out man, you know her, one second she can do something, the next she can! I just dont wanna get anyones hopes up by promising a grate preformance and them get jack shit, ya know" Gerald was kinnda right, helga had a problum with starting things and not being able to go through with it. But Arnold had fath in her this time...

"Look Gerald, I know she can do it, she was amazing! If you could have been here to hear what I hurd you'd think the same! I mean come on, give her a chance! Please Gerald, lets just get everyone togeather and practice it a few times and we will have it down pact by sunday and..." Arnold was quickly cuz off by Gerald.

"SUNDAY! WHAT DO YOU MEAN SUNDAY? WE CANT BE READY BY THEN" Gerald was in shock! Arnold wanted all this ready by sunday! it was only friday! Thats 2 days to lurn a pice of music the band had only see about 2 times!

"Gerald, just call everyone and tell them to be at my house at 8 a.m sharp, and i dont wanna hear any bitching from any of you or I will REALLY give you all something to bitch about...ok" Said Arnold very annoyed with his best friend at the moment.

"Fine Arnold, We will be there, just make sure she's got this right ok? If we gotta do this, we better do it right...latter man" With that Geraled hung up the phone and so did Arnold. Leaning back in his chair, arnold gazed out his window when he hurd a knock on the door.

"You can come in" Yelled Arnold.

The door opend and Helga walked in. She was waring silky black P.J pants and a Pink tank top. Her hair was pulled back into a poney tail and she had pink slipers on her feet, she look cute.

"Hey there you" she said walking up to Arnold and rubing her fingers in his hair, messing it up a little.

"Hey,hey,hey watch the hair ok" Arnold said in a playful voice. Helga leaned down and gave him a peck on the lips.

"What have you been doing" Asked helga sitting down on arnolds bed, his mind started to wander.

"Well other than thinking of you...I was talkin to Gerald about something i wanna do with the band this sunday and WE want YOUR help" Arnold said with a smile, Helga blushed.

" Well first off...What are you draging me into" she asked with a slight bit of wonder in her voice.

" Haha, its a little thing called 'Battle of The Bands' I need you to help me by singing that song i showed you earlyer. THEN it will be easier to tell you why I wrote it..." Arnold said, Sounding very confident.

Helga was silent for a few min...

" I dunno Arnold, I mean I dont wanna be the reason yall lose" She said with a hint of dissapointment in her voice.

" Do you think that if i thought you couldnt do it I wouldnt have asked you to do it" He said, trying to be a smart ass...

"True...ok fine you win...i'll do it...but i wanna know, why were you thinking about me" Helga asked, She thought it had been wired, him thinking about HER. but hey, she was interested in what he had to say. Arnold rose from his chair and walked over to her. he sat down very close to her, putting one arm around her lower back and the other and her cheek. he turned her head so he could wisper in her ear.

" I was thinking about how sexy you are, and how close i wanna be to you" He wispered in her ear.

Then began to kiss her neck, She mouned with enjoyment. No one had ever been so gental with her, All her othert boyfriends had wanted to jump right in bed, then pretend nothin ever happend, But thats not what Arnold wanted. I mean sure he wouldnt mind spending the whole night deep inside her, but only if she would let him. he brought his head back up to her ear...

" I want you tonight Helga, I want all of you, I want to feel every inch of you." Arnold whisperd to her, sending shivers up her spine.

Helga got up, took off her slipers, let her hair down, and stradled Arnold. She then reached down and removed his shirt. leaning forward, She wispered in his ear.

" You can have me then" She began to kiss his neck and he began to remove her shirt.

Once they were done undressing eachother, the creped into the bed. Arnold lay ontop of helga feeling he bair skin agenst him mad him want her even more. He Slid in her slowly, causing them both to growl with pleasure. Arnold had never felt better in his whole life.

As the night went on, he found more reasons to love her, and for her to love him. When he looked into her eyes, he saw so much love, so much compasion, but yet he still seen the hurt that she had left in her, and he knew he couldnt snape and make it all go away, but he wanted to, he wanted her to be happy, thats all he wanted in life, was to see to it that she died happy.

They feel asleep togeather that night, in one anothers arms, they were happy to be togeather that night, but arnold knew something was wrong the next morrning, when he woke up...helga was gone.


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