Surviving the Seasons

Notes: Hello! This is my first Saiyuki fanfic, although I've written over thirty other fanfics for different animes, so I'm not completely inexperienced. This is going to be an adventure type story, but not without its Saiyuki humor.

I'm going by the English version of Saiyuki, of which I've seen the whole first series and the movie. I'm toning down the language a bit, though. XD I don't own Saiyuki or any of its characters, but I do own this story and my originals! Please leave a nice review when you've finished reading, and enjoy!

It was a chilly evening, the orange sun slowly setting behind the snow-covered mountains and tiny snow flurries falling gently from the sky, adding to the already thick blanket of snow covering the earth.

Despite the weather, a green jeep rolled along the slick dirt road that lead through the countryside, it's passengers all looking rather weary from their travels, and the added frigidness of the weather wasn't improving their traveling conditions.

"Sanzo…" Goku whined from the backseat in his usual manner, pulling the hood down of the brown, poncho-like coat he was wearing. "I'm hungry."

The blonde-haired monk sighed in irritation, turning around and pointing his silver gun at Goku.

"We know," he snapped in reply, the brown-haired boy gulping. "Now shut up and put your hood back on."

Goku frowned, grumbling as he folded his arms across his chest, Hakkai chuckling in the front seat as he guided the jeep down the winding road. Sanzo sighed, tucking his gun back into the pocket of his robe.

"Why?" Goku muttered, pulling the scratchy hood back up. "And when are we going to get to the next town? I'm starving…"

Gojyo sighed, closing his crimson eyes and slapping his forehead in exasperation.

"Geez, man, is that all you ever think about!" he growled, the loose strands of his crimson hair blowing around wildly in the wind. "And keep that hood up so we don't have to listen to you whine," he added under his breath.

In a flash, Goku was up and in Gojyo's face, his eyes narrowed in anger.

"I heard that, you big red cockroach!" he shouted, Gojyo growling, Sanzo and Hakkai both sensing yet another fight coming on.

"Ah, it's such a peaceful day," Hakkai stated cheerfully, smiling as he attempted to block out the sound of Gojyo and Goku's bickering.

Sanzo gritted his teeth, reaching for his banishing gun once again.

"You know," Sanzo growled, raising the gun into the air as Goku and Gojyo continued to fight in the backseat. "We can always leave you two behind…"

A loud gunshot rang through the area, echoing off the snowy mountains. Goku and Gojyo instantly ceased their fight and blinked.

"If you want to freeze that badly," Sanzo finished, grinning in smug satisfaction at successfully shutting the two up, lowering his gun.

Hakkai whistled, still smiling.

"The countryside is very lovely this time of year, with the snow and all," he mused, Gojyo sighing, leaning back against the chilly jeep.

"I'm starting to think I'd prefer a hot desert any day over this frozen ice-box," he muttered irritably, Goku's stomach growling.

"Yeah, the cold just makes me hungry…" he muttered, the brown-haired boy rubbing his stomach hungrily.

Gojyo gritted his teeth as the jeep took a turn around a rather slippery corner.

"Everything makes you hungry!" he retorted, as the jeep skid on the slick path and whirled off the road and into the frosty woods to the side.

Goku let out a startled yelp as a slick tree branch swatted him in the face as the out-of-control jeep slid down a snow-covered hill of trees.

"Hold on!" Hakkai yelled to the other passengers as he tried to brake to a stop, to no avail, the jeep continuing to thunder down the tree-infested hill.

Sanzo groaned irritably as a mound of snow from a tree branch above came crashing down on top of him, Gojyo snickering. Hakuryu let out a worried whine as another tree branch swatted Gojyo in the face, the crimson-haired water-sprite instantly losing his cheeky grin.

"Hakkai, can't you stop this thing!" he shouted up to the dark-haired demon, Sanzo angrily shoving the wet snow off of the Maten Scripture that hung around his shoulders.

Hakkai gulped as a giant snow-mound came into view just ahead. Chuckling nervously, he tried the brake once more.

"Get ready to jump!" he instructed, Goku blinking. "Hakuryu, transform!" Hakkai commanded, the green jeep suddenly glowing and vanishing, scattering the four passengers onto the snowy hill.

Hakkai panted, pushing himself up and off of the snowy ground, a pale-blue and rather small dragon hovering overhead.

"Thanks, Hakuryu," he smiled, the little dragon squeaking in uncertainty. "Is everyone all right?" Hakkai added, scratching his cheek as he glanced around the snowy hillside for his companions.

Goku groaned, the golden-eyed demon lying upside down on the slope, a dazed expression on his face.

"I'm still…hungry…" he muttered, pulling himself upright and shaking flakes of snow out of his head.

There was a grumble from a few feet away, and Hakkai and Goku glanced over to see Sanzo pulling himself off of the snow mound they'd avoided crashing into. The priest was covered in the soft, wet snow, and didn't look happy about it in the least.

"Hakkai," The blonde-haired man muttered angrily, trying to brush himself off. "If you ever pull a stunt like that again, I'll kill you."

Gojyo snickered, freeing his boot from another mound of snow and tossing his long hair behind him.

"Sorry about that," Hakkai apologized with an embarrassed smile, rubbing the back of his neck. "I couldn't think of anything else to do."

Goku giggled, pointing at Sanzo, who was now soaked from all the snow.

"You look like you just went swimming, Sanzo," Gojyo laughed, the priest growling and pulling out his silver gun again.

"Shut up," he snapped back, shoving his wet bangs out of his face as the water-sprite continued to laugh.

"Now, now," Hakkai muttered with a smile as Sanzo continued to threaten Gojyo, the ground shaking slightly. "We should probably start back up the hill so we can get back to the road. We want to make it to the next town before sunset, after all."

Goku sighed longingly, clutching his stomach.

"Yeah…" he agreed with a diligent nod, the ground rumbling again.

Sanzo paused in the middle of his sentence, lowering his banishing gun. Gojyo tilted his head to the side as snow fell from the trees above in lumps, the ground trembling.

"What the hell…?" Gojyo muttered, glancing around skeptically.

Goku gulped, backing up toward the other three, Hakuryu coming a rest on Hakkai's shoulder, his red eyes narrowed.

"An…earthquake?" he asked, narrowing his golden eyes as the mound of snow Sanzo had fallen into suddenly burst, showering the five with bits of snow.

Sanzo narrowed his eyes, a chilly wind blowing by, the falling dust and snow clearing to reveal several pale figures up ahead. The three figures were all pale-skinned and wearing snow-dusted clothes. Their hair was bright white, flowing behind them in the wind, and their eyes were dark blue.

Sanzo frowned, immediately sensing that they were not human. He gripped the handle of his silver gun tightly, prepared to use it if necessary. Beside him, Gojyo whistled, noting that one among the three strange demons was female.

"Nice sense of style you got there," he called out to them, grinning his charming smile as he pulled out his long metal weapon. "The white hair, matching outfit; you're not doing anything later, are you?"

The taller of the two male demons frowned, his long hair falling to rest neatly on his shoulders as the arctic wind died down.

"I'm afraid our sister won't be joining you anytime soon, half-breed," he snapped, his dark eyes narrowed dangerously, lifting his hands and revealing sharp, white, claws. "Except perhaps in your massacre."

Hakkai frowned, stepping forward calmly.

"We have done nothing to harm you or your companions," The dark-haired demon pointed out firmly. "So if you don't mind," Hakkai continued with a smile. "We'll just be on our way."

Goku nodded earnestly, too hungry to enjoy a good fight.

"Yeah!" he agreed, waving and starting up the slope. "We'll be seeing you around!"

The second male demon narrowed his eyes, leaping over the four travelers and sinking in the snow just in front of Goku, whose eyes widened.

"I don't think so," he replied icily. "You four are no ordinary travelers," he added, eyeing Sanzo's damp scripture. "The legendary Sanzo party, I presume? Quite a find, eh, Samusa? To have them fall right into our den."

Samusa, the other male ice demon nodded, the female demon frowning, glaring at Gojyo.

"I'm taking the pink one," she declared, raising her hands, silver claws glinting in the fading sunlight. "Now!"

With that, she darted forward, her claws raised as she slashed at the crimson-haired demon, who dodged and struck back with his metal staff. The other two demons lunged grinned, and lunged at the three remaining.

Goku growled, his reddish staff appearing in his right hand as he leapt up and dodged Samusa's attack, retaliating with a swing of his staff.

"Take that!" he shouted, the icy demon dodging and hitting the energetic monkey-demon from behind, knocking him to the snowy ground.

Sanzo shivered slightly as he leapt backwards, his damp robe and coat pressing against his skin.

"I'm really not in the mood for this today," he grumbled angrily as he shot at the second male demon who was attacking him, narrowly missing hitting Gojyo in the head with a bullet.

"Hey, watch it!" Gojyo yelled in outrage, ducking another one of the female demon's attacks. "You could kill someone with that thing!"

Hakkai sighed, smiling slightly as he put his hands together and created a chii barrier in front of Goku and himself, shielding them from another further attacks from Samusa.

The silver-haired demon growled angrily, lunging at Sanzo instead, who promptly shot two bullets at the demon. Samusa dodged, and came up behind Sanzo, his claws raised. The other two demons turned abruptly and focused their attacks on the blonde priest as well.

"You're mine, priest!" The female declared, leaping into the air, Sanzo gritting his teeth.

"Think again, lady!" Goku replied, grinning as he brought his red weapon crashing down on the female demon's head, knocking her to the ground.

Gojyo smirked as he thrust out the chain part of his metal rod, wrapping it around Samusa. Hakkai narrowed his eyes as he concentrated a ball of yellow energy in the palm of his hand and tossed it at the remaining demon.

Samusa growled, clenching his clawed hands angrily as he strained against the chains.

"Retreat!" he shouted to his companions, who nodded and instantly vanished.

A moment later, Samusa vanished as well, letting the chains on Gojyo's weapon retract. Sanzo huffed, tucking his banishing gun back into his robes as Goku grinned in victory, letting his red pole-like weapon vanish into thin air.

"All right!" he declared with a smirk. "We sure showed those losers, right, Sanzo?" Goku added, glancing up at the priest.

Sanzo shrugged irritably, starting back up the slope.

"Whatever," he muttered, Hakkai patting Hakuryu on his shoulder as he turned to follow the priest. "Let's just get out of this frozen forest before any more demons come to attack."

Gojyo sighed, shaking his head as he trudged through the snow after the others.

"Damn," he muttered, grinning in a melancholy way. "And she was hot, too."

Goku put his arms behind his head, shrugging with a grin.

"More like cold, if you ask me," he replied with a chuckle.

Sanzo nodded solemnly, Hakkai chuckling.

"Especially toward you," Sanzo finished, Gojyo gritting his teeth angrily and sprinting best he could in the snow after the other three.

"What was that, monk!"

"You heard me."

"That does it!"

Thousands of miles away in the basement laboratories of Houtou Castle, a dark-haired man was sitting in front of a computer screen, anxiously watching statistics and data flow down the screen, the light from the computer screen glinting off his glasses.

"Ah…isn't winter fascinating?" The doctor murmured to a stuffed animal that was seated on the silver table beside him, its eyes blank as it simply smiled back. "How the creatures run for survival, moving to where their bodies can accept the climate."

There was a clacking noise on the cement floor as another doctor entered the room, her eyes narrowed behind her glasses as she eyed the man at the computer.

"Doctor Ni," she scowled, narrowing her eyes as she put a hand to her hip. "What are you doing down here? We're supposed to be running more tests upstairs for the project."

Doctor Ni chuckled, leaning back in his computer chair and stretching.

"I believe they have more than enough people up there, buzzing around over that experiment data," he mused, glancing over at the female doctor upside down. "Unless…of course, you have personal reasons for wanting me to join you up there. Eh, Doctor Huang?"

Doctor Huang blushed angrily, pushing her glasses up against her face and clenching a fist, stomping over to where Ni was returning to his statistic watching.

"What is it you're doing that so important?" she demanded, looking down at the screen.

Doctor Ni smirked, patting the head of his stuffed rabbit.

"Don't you love the winter?" he mused airily, Doctor Huang eyeing him suspiciously.

"What do you mean?" she retorted, backing up slightly and glaring down at her impossible colleague.

"The harsh conditions send most…humans and demons alike running for their lives, desperately seeking refuge from the icy weather," Ni sighed, grinning as he picked up the stuffed rabbit.

Doctor Huang narrowed her eyes, confused.

"But," Ni continued in a squeakier voice, holding up the rabbit and moving its little arms around to emphasize. "What should happen to the creatures in the spring and summer seasons, when everything is all warm and beautiful, if they, in turn, cannot tolerate the heat?"

Doctor Huang narrowed her eyes in confusion, Doctor Ni chuckling in satisfaction, the stuffed rabbit staring out at the female doctor with its permanent smile.

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