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A 17-year-old girl with slightly shorter than mid back red hair and brilliant emerald green eyes awoke to the sound of an owl pecking at her window.

She sleepily made her way over to the window and opened it so that the owl could fly in. It perched it self atop her desk chair holding its leg out for her to take the letter.

After Lily rubbed her eyes and focused on the owl she recognized it as one of her best friends' owls. It was Caroline "Cara" Kennedy's owl Little white kitty. Lily always found it odd that she named the owl hat because it was dark brown and an owl not a cat and it was not very small.

She took the letter off the owl's leg and gave it some water and when it did not fly off she realized she needed to read the letter and give a reply to the owl before it would leave. She opened the letter and immediately saw Cara's writing, which was messy, print and cursive combined. She read:

Dear Lils,

Quick! Hide in your closet, lock all the doors, and take cover (although you're already hiding in the closet so scratch that last bit)! James Potter is sending you a letter! He and those bloody Marauders (besides that funny little creature Peter) have decided to rent a bungalow for the summer. And guess what they have invited you, Jenny, and me as the guests of honor as they say.

Dearest mummy and daddy have said that I had to go because the Marauders really are "such nice boys." Then I said no way on earth would I and then they said if I didn't go they would take away my drums so… Arrgghhh! Please tell me you can go!

Jenny has to go but we need another girl to even it out so YOU HAVE TO COME!

My life is like a pop song, it just keeps getting worse and worse,


Lily smiled at the last bit of the letter, that was just like Cara she was odd, weird, and just plain indescribable.

She couldn't believe it! That stupid prick James Potter had to go and ruin her summer. She knew her parents would make her go or else they would take away her guitar, and she couldn't live with out that so it was going to be a very long summer.

Sure enough next a white speckled black owl flew through her window and she realized it as Potters'. " Oh, dear god what a way to begin the day. Stupid Potter." Lily grumbled as she took the letter from the owl.

Lily forcefully opened the letter and was greeted by James' untidy print. She forced her self to read:

To my dear Lily-flower,

Hello pet how are you? So sorry I haven't written to you yet this summer but I have been busy.

As you may or may not know (because your dear friend Cara is a much faster writer than I am…) the Marauders (besides Peter) and I are renting a bungalow for the summer and would love to see you, Jenny, and Cara there.

Lily-flower I do hope you can come,

James Potter

P.s. I have written a letter to your parents personally asking for your presence there.

-Life is too short to eat bad food.

"POTTER! AAARRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!" Lily screamed as she trudged down the stairs to see if her parents had received his letter.

As soon as Lily stepped into the kitchen her mother said "Lily you're going," Lily tried to protest but was cut off by "and if you don't we'll take away your guitar and stop you from being in that band with Jenny and Cara."

"Now come eat some breakfast. Now!" Her mother playfully said swatting at Lily's bottom with her spatula.

After Lily finished eating she went upstairs took a shower and went to get dressed. She put on sand blasted hip huggers and an AC/DC shirt. She straightened her hair and pulled back the very front holding it in place with a black barrette.

She put on black eyeliner, light brown eye shadow, and mascara and clear lip-gloss. She walked out of her bathroom and over to her desk to write letters to Cara and Jenny saying that she could go when she tripped over a shoe.

She looked down and realized that the black drawn-on-converse were not her own.

She looked up on her bed and saw Jenny and Cara sitting on the bed playing cards. "OH MY GOD!" Lily screamed when she was her best friends.

"What are you guys doing here?" Lily asked astonished. "Well since we all have our licenses to apperate we figured we'd come over and help you pack." Cara said.

Cara stood at 5'10" and was the resident "bad girl" of the 3. She had dark brown mid back hair that had a hot pink streak on the right side of her face. She had dark golden brown eyes and was more filled out than her other friends. (She's not fat she just has bigger boobs.) She was also the drummer in their band: Hell's Angels.

She was also the most comical one. They were known as a 'female version of The Marauders'. Cara was also known for her piercings and tattoos. She currently had a belly button ring, her tongue pierced, and 4 earrings going up each side of her ear. She also had 3 different tattoos. The first one was next to her shoulder but down and a little over. It was her initials C.R.D.K (Caroline Rebekah Drusilla Kennedy) written in calligraphy. The second was of a dark haired fairy that was in a corset type outfit with midnight blue wings, the third was on her ass and it said 'rock 'n' roll forever'. The very last one only Jenny, Lily and herself knew about.

Jenny Hoppus walked over and slung her arm over Lily's shoulder.

Jenny was not necessarily the 'quite one' of the group but she made sure that Lily didn't kill James, and that Cara; well basically she was the mother of Cara at Hogwarts. She made sure Cara took her ADHD pills and didn't kill anyone while trying to have fun.

She was also incredibly pretty. She had orangey-blonde hair that came down to her waist and had naturally violet eyes. She stood tall at 5'8 and was the bassist in the girls' band.

She had only one tattoo and swore that she would never get another one. Her tattoo was of an angel kneeling and gazing at a cross.

(And now that the descriptions are over back to the story ;)

"God, I hate the Marauders." Lily said as she miscellaneously chucked it in different bags. All the while Jenny followed behind folding the things and putting them in the bags neatly.

When the 3 were all ready to go they looked at each other and realized they didn't know where to apperate to. As if somebody were reading their mind, James, Sirius, and Remus all appeared in a tangled heap on Lily's bedroom floor.

James and Remus grabbed the girls' bags (or as many of them as the could considering there were two of them and about 12 bags) and Sirius stood in front of the girls.

He pulled a slip of paper out of his pocket and began to read off it. "Hello my name is Sirius Black, and I will be the conductor of this trip. We, the Marauders and I, are here to make sure you have and enjoyable summer, if you need anything your wish is our command." He said with a charming smirk.

"If you wanted us to have an enjoyable summer, you should have left us alone." Cara grumbled as they brushed past Sirius.

During this James and Remus were trying to pick up all the bags at once. "Now Potter I would have expected this from but Remus you should be ashamed. Move out of the way." Lily said as she pulled out her wand.

She muttered a spell and they all shrunk to a size where the girls could put them in their bags. James showed them a picture of where they should apperate to and Lily picked up her guitar in its case, Jenny grabbed her bass, and Cara hit each boy on top of the head with her drumsticks and the girls disappeared with a 'pop!'.

When the girls appeared at the bungalow none of them could speak. The picture James had shown them of a bungalow was nice and clean looking. There were flowers, and it was sunny and it looked nothing like this.

This place was dingy, dirty and damp. There were old beer bottles everywhere and tons of rubbish. It was absolutely disgusting and the girls were livid.

"Do the Marauders have a death wish or something?" Cara asked as they un-shrunk their bags and set them down on a slightly clean looking spot of floor.

The girls turned around and saw the Marauders looking around proudly. "So, what do you guys think?" Remus asked. "What do we think, WHAT DO WE THINK?" Jenny said getting closer and closer to the Marauders. "It's absolutely disgusting. You expect us to stay here?" Lily said, "It's a dump."

"It's a fixer upper," Sirius said, then turned to the wall, " don't worry Gina, she didn't mean it." He patted it and turned to the group.

"Gina, now you're naming it?" Cara said. "Well come on, lets get started 'fixing it up' as you say it."

The girls all gave each other devilish glares and ran off in the direction of the bedrooms. As soon as the boys realized what they were doing they too dashed off.

After arguing, yelling, spitting, biting, and hissing the rooms were divided up. The girls ended up getting 3 separate bedrooms, and they boys shared the smallest room.

"Why do we have to share the small bedroom?" Sirius asked. "Because we know we will have to do most of the cleaning and everything so we should get to have the best rooms." Lily said

"Now lets start redecorating!" Jenny said and clapped her hands together.

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