To embrace all you dreams! Look for your desires! One Piece!

Ahoy! I'm back with a new story for the lot of you! And I know what you're thinking: OH CRAP!!!!! Well I curse you all!

This is a One Piece story, in case you haven't already guessed. This story brings ordinary cough school kids to the world of, you guessed it! One Piece! Rather than starting off the story with how the people get there, I'm giving a cast list with descriptions of the non One Piece cast for chapter 1!

Karen (aka ME)
Age: 18
Hair: Auburn, slightly curled at tips, shoulder length
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: about 5'9"
Bio: Loves Anime, Hyper, destructive, abusive, and has a crush on Zoro.
Insanity level: 9.9/10

Age: 17
Hair: Brown, slightly curly, clipped and tied back, 4" past shoulder length
Eyes: Hazel
Height: about 5'7 ½"
Bio: Loves Anime, Hyper, destructive, abusive, and... homicidal? Has a crush on Sanji and loves to pick on Usopp.
Insanity level: 10/10 (beware)

Rebecka (Beckah)
Age: 16
Hair: Light brown, straight, tied back in ponytail (including bangs), mid back length
Eyes: Blue
Height: about 5'7 ½"
Bio: Loves Anime, Hyper, smart (most of the time) Has a crush on Luffy.
Insanity level: 9

Age: 18
Hair: Blonde, mid back and commonly braided.
Eyes: Blue
Height: about 5'6"
Bio: Like Karen and Elora, is obsessed with One Piece, but she doesn't have any of the boys as bishis, she has staked a claim on Mihawk, though.
Insanity level: 9

Age: 18
Hair: Blonde, ¾ of the way down her back
Eyes: Blue
Height: about 5'5 ½"
Bio: Loves Anime, and has a big crush on Luffy.
Insanity level: 8 ¾

Nicole (Sora)
Age: 16
Hair: Red and slightly fluffish, very fun to play with :3
Eyes: Blue
Height: about 5'7
Bio: Likes being called Sora, Why? Because she hangs out with about 10 other Nicole's and they got tired of everyone turning when they said "Hey, Nicole!" Sora is obsessed with Shanks... very obsessed...
Insanity level: 9

As the story progresses, a few more people I know from school will be appear and be referenced to, but with only short appearances I'm afraid. Also, people who request are also being added, such as Krystal and Emma. I'll likely only add 1 person at a time, although I might add more at a time if there's too many people at once. Anywho, I think this is going to turn out to be a real fun adventure! J

The Straw Hat pirates and all of the characters of the Anime series, One Piece are © Eiichiro Oda, and we praise him for it 3

All of the people who are NOT One Piece characters and are actually real people. Please do not make stories/comics with them without permission.