Love token

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Part 2


Little girl opened her eyes finishing the conversation. She had been using her power to create the dream where she could be able to talk to her mommy. She didn't want to stop that soon, anyway she had had enough time to make a date. She's going to see mommy in person on Saturday evening, when daddy thought she was sleeping. It's perfect.

"Phoebe! Where're you?" Cole put his suitcase on the coffee table, a young woman stepped out from the kitchen.

"You're home finally. How was your day?"

"It's ok." He said "Have my daughter had dinner?"

"Yes. She likes chicken a lot." The woman smiled "I keep some for you in the fridge, just in case you'll be hungry in the midnight. I don't feel assured when you dine out."

"Oh, thanks, Sarah! But you don't have to worry for me." he walked towards his daughter's room.

"Daddy!" Little Phoebe ran out of her room, Cole immediately lifted her up in his arms and kissed on her hair and her forehead. Both of them sat on the couch.

"See you tomorrow!" Sarah said.

"See you!" he even didn't turn around.

"Bye!" Little Phoebe said.

Sarah was her nanny, but she liked Cole almost in the first time, it seemed he didn't though. She looked behind him then sadly opened the door, wondering if he ever knew she's having feeling for him.

"How are you today, daddy?"

"I'm fine."

"Really?" his daughter made a serious face.


She put her small hand on his forehead then put back on her own one to compare their temperature.

"Am I fine?" Cole asked.

"Yes, you are."

"Thank you, doctor!" he kissed on her cheek, and pulled out a chain with a ruby pendant "Do you like it?"

"Yes." Her face lit up, Cole wore the chain on her neck.

"It'll protect you from both white and dark magic." He said.

"What's it?" little Phoebe touched the pendant "Wow, lots of powers."

"It makes you invincible. Nothing can hurt you. Make sure you'll never take it off, will you?"

"I want you live with me." she hugged him.

"I'm here."

"Daddy, your fever coming back." Little Phoebe worried.

"I'm fine."

Suddenly, a demon appeared and threw an energy ball to them, the pendant activated a shield covering both of them and made the energy ball bound back to engulf that demon. After he was vanquished, the shield disappeared.

"See, it worked!" Cole said.

"What about you once not having these powers? They go after you."

"I still have enough to protect myself." He assured, and quickly led their conversation to another way "Now my turn to ask how your day was."

Little Phoebe looked sullen "All of my friends' moms pick them at school. Just Sarah does it to me!"

"I'll pick you tomorrow."

"You're always busy." She complained.

"I will pick you tomorrow. I promise." Cole squeezed her hand.

"No. I want mommy." she broke his arms and stood up.

Cole stared at her, he knew she would never like to upset him, but little Phoebe seemed to be resolute this time. He sighed and said softly "Then you'll choose where we have dinner, then if you like any new toys, or books, or clothes, whatever you want, we'll…"

"I want mommy." His daughter stated.

Suddenly he felt almost passed out for several seconds and everything turned blurry in his eyes, he felt being tumbled down even though he was sitting at the moment. His vision cleared up after that.

"I told you many times. We're different." Cole continued their little argument "Mommy is a witch. And you and I are demons. We shouldn't put her in dilemma if we love her."

"What if she wants to live with us?" the girl looked at her father hopefully.

Cole couldn't answer such a question, but just looked deeply at her. His daughter was so much like the love of his life. He had seen lots of Phoebe's pictures in her young days, he had even met 8 year old Phoebe once, now their daughter – their love token – the only thing of her that he could have - was a copy of her, except those blue eyes which she inherited from himself.

"Promise me you'll never contact mommy!"

Little Phoebe rushed back to her room and banged the door. She climbed on her bed, then reached for her mother's picture on the nightstand.

"I know you've been following her around. You can do it, but don't start a talk, baby! It's good for all of us."

Her father's voice resounded from the outside. She seized the picture in her hands, sobbing…

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In a dark cavern, a sorcerer was chanting in front of his altar. A bounty hunter shimmered in.

"We've failed again." He announced.

The sorcerer stood up turning around to look at him with his fierce eyes "All of you are worthless."

"We're going after an invincible demon. How can we win?" the bounty hunter challenged.

"It's 6 years ago. Now he's diseased and weak."

"With unlimited powers." The bounty hunter added.

"Perhaps we should wait for a little more." The sorcerer said thoughtfully "He's getting weaker day after day. It's only a matter of time, those powers will be mine." his eyes sparkled.

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Saturday evening…

Cole guessed his daughter must be sleeping, he got dressed and shimmered away in his own room for an appointment. Little Phoebe also thought her father was sleeping, she shimmered to the Victorian Manor in San Francisco.

Phoebe was at her fiance's apartment at that time. They had just come back from a party. She thought it wasn't a good idea to have gone there, somehow Phoebe assumed she promised to see the little girl tonight, and she was breaking her words. Piper and Paige had convinced her that it was a promise in dream, so it wouldn't be fulfiled. Anyway Phoebe felt the girl was waiting for her. That thought had spoiled her enthusiasm at the party, and she knew she couldn't enjoy the rest of this night with Jack. When he got out of the bathroom, Phoebe put her coat on.

"I have to go home." She said.

"Demon?" Jack asked "Where's Paige?" thinking she had to be there to take Phoebe back.

"No. But I feel rather tired, I think you've known it."

"Oh, you can rest here, sweetie! It's going to be your home."

She had opened the door of his bedroom "I'm sorry. I need to go home."

"Phoebe!" he shouted "You always complain I don't pay much attention to you. Now I'm trying to spend time with you. And you go off!"

"No, Jack! you aren't caring for me. You're not with me when I need you. You just spend your time with me when you need me."

She walked out, a few seconds later he heard a slam and the air sank quiet. He understood he had displeased her by not taking time for her. Last weekend he had used a silly reason to not joining her family's picnic. There's something he didn't want to reveal to her. He was scared! He's scared of her family and all the magic things. They had had a great start, and built a lot of plans, then it turned horrible finding out the truth. However, Jack thought it's ok if there were only Phoebe and him. He didn't want to lose her.

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Phoebe hurriedly got out of the taxi seeing little Phoebe sitting on the stairs. Nobody was home, she looked really bad.


The girl ran out as soon as seeing her mommy come back.

"Phoebe!" Phoebe called running after her.

The girl stopped and looked up with her teary eyes.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know you're really waiting for me here." Phoebe helped her wipe the tears.

"Is he your boyfriend?"


"The man with you."

"Yes." Phoebe whispered "But had I known you're here…"

"Do you love him?" the little girl interrupted.

As a matter of fact, it's complicated, Phoebe couldn't say she loved Jack, but she couldn't say she didn't either. And it's too much to elaborate to a kid. She should make the answer simple. Everyone understood a man and a woman were together because they loved each other.


Little Phoebe had been waiting for her answer anxiously. Now her tears fell down, this only word hurt her so much, it's just like mommy was saying she didn't love daddy… it meant she wouldn't love her or want to live with them. The girl resumed running then swerved at a corner. Phoebe tried to catch her, but lost her trace when she met it. "As if she could fly…" she thought.