Love token

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Part 3

Fiona was examining a patient in her office, she could be considered a dedicated doctor at that point since it's pretty late in Saturday night. The fact was she's a demonic doctor, who had lived through centuries, and saved countless creatures of the Underworld. More than everybody else she understood thoroughly that sicks were never those creatures' problem. But they did get injuried frequently, that's why none of them didn't know her address. However, the patient she had tonight was an exceptional case. Her hand were raising above his bare chest, and a soft light emitted from them was covering it, this way she could diagnose him more exactly and completely than any human equipments. He was Cole Turner, an all famous celebrity. Fiona didn't care much about his legend, but his perfect body. He's now lying on the bed, totally naked, his hands on his stomach, and his eyes were closing calmly. He had neither sick nor injury, he's just a half demon without a soul. The lack of his soul was weakenning him.

Underworld citizens usually didn't need a soul, because no one had it. But Cole had one owing to half of who he was. Human race couldn't live without their souls. Fortunately, they weren't something could be stolen or dispossessed against their free will as long as the owners' still alive. Nevertheless, Cole had given up his soul to the Sorcerer six years ago in a deal to bring his daughter to life. He had become her regular patient since then.

"Where's your powers?" Fiona stopped in surprise.

"I've used most of them to create an amulet for my daughter."

"You're crazy. They're keeping your strength, and you did what? You stripped them off." She grumbled angrily.

"I'm not here to listen to you. Do whatever you can." Cole snapped.

"Are you challenging me?" She walked to her cabinet and pulled out varieties of herbs and roots "I've been trying to lengthen your life, and you're trying to make it worse."

Cole sat up watching her mix up the ingredients, then brew them.

"The Sorcerer is sending endless bounty hunters after me. I'm afraid I'll leave my daughter alone and vulnerable if one of them gets me."

Fiona glanced at him, but her look lingered on his body longer than she planned. So much tempting, she smiled lustfully with herself. His nakedness wasn't necessary for her examination, but she highly required it everytime he came there. She walked to him and touched his brawny chest.

"How long can I live?" Cole asked.

"Depends on how efficacious my potion is." Fiona kissed on his lips while her hand wandered down…

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Paige was scrying for the demons they were after, while Phoebe and Piper were cooking the potion. Phoebe hadn't had a good sleep last night, but things turned crazy this morning. They found out a group of demons were trying to kidnap young women for some demonic ritual. Leo said the Sorcerer of the Underworld would hold this ritual to intensify those demons' powers, and he would use the human victims as their sacrifices.

"I got them" Paige shouted.

"Ok, we're almost done here." Piper shouted back.

In the meantime, the door bell rang, Paige walked to answer it.

"Hi, Jack!" she greeted coldly.

"Is Phoebe home?"

"Oh yes, but we're going out."

"I just need a min with her." Jack pushed the door wider and walked in.

"Phoebe! Jack's here." Paige called and walked into the kitchen.

He didn't have to wait long, he flashed a smile seeing her, but there's no expression on her face, Phoebe hadn't thought of him all this morning.

"It's for you." He handed her the bunch of flowers he's holding.

"Thank you!" she received it and got a sniff of those red roses, then looked up at him.

"I'm sorry about last night." Jack said "I'm planning to stay with you today, and do whatever can make you believe I love and care for you very much."

"We're having business now. I'll talk to you later." Phoebe answered.

"I can wait here. You won't be gone all day, will you?"

"You should go home. I'll call." She objected.

"Phoebe! Let's go!" Piper called from the kitchen.

"Phoebe! Aren't I trying to concern about you, and you're pushing me out?" Jack got pissed off.

"I do have a lot to talk to you. I said I'd call you later. Did you hear me out?" Phoebe put the flowers down and strode up to her sisters in a hurry.

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Three of them re-appeared in a cavern where two women were being tied and the demons were preparing their ritual. They didn't wasted a second to attack and vanquish those demons with their potion. Indeed they're just the low level ones. Three sisters untied their innocents and was about to get out when another demon shimmered in their way. He threw an energy ball at them, the Charmed Ones pulled their innocents aside, he immediately released another one.

"Energy ball." Paige called for it, then sent it back to the demon. He held his hand out taking it and threw it to them again.

Piper freezed it, Phoebe jumped off to kick him at the same time. Paige also joined her. Piper tried to blow the demon up but it didn't work. Paige soon was kicked out becoming unconscious. The demon intended to pull the two women back, Piper got in front of them, she was knocked off, her leg broken making her fall down. Phoebe levitated to hit him right in his chest, he collasped. Before Phoebe could relieve, an energy ball appeared in his palm. She hoped she would be lucky enough to successfully dodge it considering she's wearing out at that time.

All of a sudden, little Phoebe shimmered in front of her, a shield lit up from her pendant covering both of them. The energy ball struck it uselessly and changed its direction back to the demon. He had no hesitance reaching out to get it, planning to attack Piper and the women. To his surprise, the energy ball flamed out as soon as it touched his hand, the fire spread quickly embracing him. The demon screamed in pain and was vanquished.

Phoebe and Piper gasped. They couldn't believe there's such a powerful demon child. Phoebe felt worse realizing the lovely girl who's following her and seemed very fond of her was a demon. Little Phoebe just looked at her sadly and shimmered out without a word.

"Leo!" Piper called loud.

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"She's out. Don't worry, Jack! She'll call you back." Paige hung up the phone and joined her family in the sun room.

Leo was playing with his sons, Piper was searching the book of shadows, and Phoebe just sat there doing nothing. She just sat thinking about little Phoebe, somehow her big blue eyes kept haunting her over and over.

"When will you call Jack, Pheebs?" Paige asked.

"He can wait."

"Well, I think he has enough. You two having trouble?"

"Sort of. But that's not what I'm thinking to." Phoebe replied.

"Great. That almighty little demoness isn't here." Piper closed the book angrily.

"I guess she wasn't born yet when our ancestors wrote it." Paige smirked.

"Do you think this shield will protect her from us too?" Piper wondered.

"Probably." Paige said.

"Leo!" Piper called.

"I know nothing either. Anyway I don't think she's a threat. Relax, honey!" he answered.

"No? She's contacting Phoebe." His wife argued.

"I think we may have a relation." Phoebe uttered.


"You mean you and that girl?" Paige asked warily.


"How? We have no demon in our family." Piper protested.

"I feel her honesty, I feel her motivation to come to me, it's pure love. She loves me." Phoebe explained.

"But it makes no sense, Phoebe!" Leo said.

"I know. When I see kids, I wish I had one. But when I see her, I wish she were my daughter." Phoebe whispered.