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"Should we tell Peter? About the party I mean…" Sirius whispered to James sometime in the middle of History of Magic.

"We should, wouldn't be nice to go without him…"

"Oi, I was just kidding, of course we'll tell him… I'll tell him after class…" Sirius said snickering.

Later that night about half past seven James was still pulling out clothes of the closet and tossed them around in piles. Sirius, from his bed, let James know how silly he is. "You're acting like you have another 'date' with Lily again." He said and laughed.

"Haha Sirius, it would be so much easier if you just helped me… you never know! She might just be there and then I want to look my best…" James said very seriously when he pulled out a pair of black trousers.

"James, honestly, you're Mission Impossible sometimes. Just wear all black, like me." Sirius said and stood up. He turned around a few times like a model. When he was finished with showing off he opened his own drawer and dug deep until he found what he was looking for. "Wear this." He said and held up a black turtleneck.

"You're gonna let me borrow that? I thought that was your favourite Pads…" James said with a sceptical look on his face.

"Hey, as you said. What if Lily comes? Just take it now and be done…"

"Thanks…" James said and pulled it over his head. "By the way… where did Peter and Remus go?"

"The Library, didn't I tell you? I told them we would stop by and get them ten to eight…and that's what she is now so I suggest that we leave now… and this time it wasn't even I that slowed us down."

"Lets go then" James said and stopped a sec in front of the mirror.

"Oh no you don't!" Sirius said and tugged James away from the mirror.

"You're late." Remus said smiling when he looked up from behind his book.

"Hey it is Prongs' fault… he 'reorganised' his closet one could say…" Sirius said grabbing the book from Remus hand and put it aside. He took Remus's hand and kissed him.

"Alright I admit it, I slowed us down, can we go now before the two of you get on with it in the Library and Madame Pince comes waving her duster and chases you out of here for disturbing the peace!" James said and smiled from the doorway where he stood.

"Don't worry Prongs you'll get to see all the fun later tonight…" Sirius said smiling viciously. "And where's Peter? Did he drown in one of the toilets?"

"Nope… you can never guess so I'll just tell you where he is. The girl Sirius refers to as 'The Ferret' came by and wanted him to follow somewhere, on a walk I thought she said. He didn't really want to come anyway, he said it is embarrassing if you have no clue whose birthday it is and I guess I can't argue with that…"

"Wow" Sirius whispered when they closed the Library door behind them. "You better look out James or Peter might just get a girlfriend before you do."

"Man, why didn't we think about this? We have no fucking clue where the Rawenclaws are…" James said and sighed audibly. "How thick does one get? Not asking where it is…"

"Don't worry James, I know exactly where it is and you guys should know that too, it's not like it's the first time we've been there…"

"Sirius, if I remember this right… the only times Remus and I have followed you there we have both been so drunk we have hardly been able to stand… will you just show us where it is?"

"You really don't remember where it is? Damn you must have been drunk those times…" Sirius said and headed up some stairs. "You take a right when you come up the stairs and when you get to the portrait of Hugh the humpbacked at the end of the corridor you are there. It's not that hard to remember…"

"Honestly Sirius, you have been there far more often than we have…messing around with the entire Rawenclaw house I take it…" James said laughing.

"Now really James, what do you take me for? A slut?" Sirius said and messed up James's hair.

"Watch it, you'll mess it up"

"Sorry James, but you have nothing that I can mess up, it always looks like you've just got out of bed… and don't complain, I have seen you messing up your hair when you think it looks too tidy! Ah here it is!" Sirius said and stopped before a large portrait of a wizard, which wasn't a very flattering one. He had a large humpback and a nose that seemed abnormally small. Sirius stopped and picked up a note from one of his pockets. "One can always try… maybe the password is…'Flobberworm'.

The portrait swung aside and let them in.

"Sirius, that was really impressive. Did you guess that or how could you possibly know the password?" James said and looked really impressed.

"Truth be told I found a note in one of my books after Herbology… said something about a party, didn't really say where. And on the other side of the note it was written 'Flobberworm'. I didn't really think about it until now, thick as I am, that we have Herbology with Rawenclaws… It's a good thing you have me, right guys?"

"Well I guess I can admit that sometimes it's good that you have such a fan club Pads…" James said and took a look at the note. "It has its benefits…"

"Moony, if you see Luke, don't be to shocked if he hits on you… and if he does you just come to me, okay?" Sirius said quietly to Remus.

"What are you saying? Why would he hit on me all of a sudden?" Remus said frowning. "This is ridiculous, but if he does hit on me, which I highly doubt, you've got to promise that there will be no fist fighting, I have not forgotten what happened that morning between you and Severus…"

"Hand on the heart, I swear, no fist fights!" Sirius said squeezed Remus's hand before they stepped in through the portrait-hole together.

"I just have to tell Prongs something. Go and get drinks, please?" Sirius said tilting his head to the side and blinked.

"Sure, and I'll grab a couch to if I can…" Remus said and searched the common room for a couch that wasn't already taken. He found one eventually and on his way over there he grabbed two glasses of firewhiskey. He took a small sip and swallowed the dark liquid. It felt like it was burning in his throat, but that was kind of the point.

He closed his eyes just for a second and when he opened them up again and looked to his left he recognised a familiar face.

"Oh, hi Julie…" he said grabbing the drinks ready to leave.

"Hello Remus…" Julie said rolling on the R. "You know, I thought you wanted to date me again…"

"Um did you?" Remus said still holding both the drinks.

"Well you said 'maybe' and I took that as a yes…" she said and put her right hand on his knee.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm not single anymore…" he said and swallowed hard when he felt that her hand had left the knee and was moving up the thigh. Oh he really wanted to get away from her right now but he couldn't be rude to people.

"Not single? Tell me then Remus… where is your girlfriend?" she said and kissed his ear.

Remus inched away, damn; she just wouldn't give up. "I'm sorry I have to go now. It was nice chatting with you Julie…see you!" he said and rose quickly from the couch and almost spilled his drink.

He hurried of to another part of the room, far away from Julie, where he leaned back against the wall and thanked his lucky star for letting him escape from her.

"I don't think there's a single guy in this room that would do what you just did…" someone whispered on his right.

He turned his head slightly and recognised Luke immediately.

"Did what?" he said and took another sip of the whiskey.

"Turned down Julie of course… she's really hot you know, do you need glasses?" he said smiling.

"She's not my type… in fact I… never mind…" Remus said and shook his head.

"You're a mystery sometimes… did you know that? Anyway, you think you have the time to…? Maybe I shouldn't ask…"

"Go on." Remus said and emptied his glass.

"I was wondering if you had the time to help me with a rune translation. It has been driving me mad for a week now…"

"Sure…sure…" Remus said. How could he not help one of his classmates?

"Great, the translation is in the dorm." Luke said and took Remus's arm leading him to the dorms.

"Remus did take an awful lot of time to get two drinks." Sirius said to James.

"Huh?" James said and stared out in the crowd. He was looking for Lily of course.

"I was talking about Remus, he's been gone for quite awhile stupid."

"Remus can take care of himself… Sirius am I dreaming or was that Lily that just stepped in through the portrait?"

"Fine, you go talk to Lily and I'll see if I can find Remus…"

"So this is your dorm? It's nice… a lot warmer than the Gryffindor tower…" Remus said as he walked around in the room. "So…where's the translation you wanted me to help you with?"

"It's here…" Luke said and sat down on the bed.

Remus, not seeing the signs that anyone else would have seen, fell for it and jumped up in the bed next to Luke. "Let's begin then." Remus said and smiled innocently.

"You know… there is no translation I need help with… I just wanted to be alone with you… every time I see you outside of class you're with James, Sirius and what's-his-name? Peter? I never get to talk to you alone…" Luke said looking straight at Remus.

"Why couldn't you talk to me downstairs?" Remus said and suddenly remembered Sirius's words. Something was not right.

"Because I didn't know how you would react if I told you that I like you… you could have freaked out as far as I know…" Luke said and smiled nervously.

"You like me?" Remus said and moved a bit to the side. Shit! Sirius had been right when he said Luke might hit on him. "I'm so sorry Luke…"

The smile on Luke's face died. "Oh my god… you're not into blokes are you?"

"It's not that… Sirius…" Remus said and hoped that he would be able to get himself out of this mess without hurting Luke's feelings. He could have avoided this he realised. If he had paid more attention to what Sirius said he wouldn't have followed him to the dorm in the first place.

"Sirius?" Luke asked and raised his eyebrows. He moved in a bit closer at the same time. "What has he got to do with this? Are you worried that he would be mad, or what is it?"

"No… I mean… yes… it's hard to explain…" he said and moved back even more. He was at the edge of the bed now.

"Is it me then?" Luke said and moved in just an inch.

That inch was enough to put his face close enough to Remus's so he could feel Luke's breath. And that made Remus move back an inch. But since he was already on the edge of the bed that inch made him fall out of bed and land hard on the stone floor.

Sirius had a pretty good hunch were Remus might be. He made his way to the crowd towards the boys' dormitory. He could have bet a hundred galleons on Remus being there.

"Are you Ok?" Luke said to Remus that lay flat on his back on the floor.

"Sure fine, my head hurts though but that might just as well be the whiskey…" he said and put his hand to the head. "Ouch." He whimpered.

Luke had just got out of bed to help Remus up when they heard a knock on the door and then it opened.

"Sirius…" Remus said and lightened up when Sirius closed the door behind him and came over to him.

"There you are love." Sirius said and looked at Remus and then at Luke to see if he got the point. "I have been looking for you for quite awhile, suddenly you just disappeared…"

"You know, couldn't resist to help Luke here with his homework…" Remus said and shrugged his shoulders. He didn't want to embarrass Luke and make him feel stupid.

"Yes… Remus has been so helpful…" Luke said and looked away.

"I know, he has just got to help everyone… that's one of the things I love about him." Sirius said and took Remus's hand in his. Then he kissed Remus on the cheek and said, "Are you coming?"

Sirius really did his best to show Luke that there was no chance he could ever get his Moony. He had promised Remus that there would be no fist fighting and He kept his promise although he found it hard to not give Luke a good punch on the nose. He settled with making it clear that Luke should stay away.

"'Course I am." Remus said and kissed him back. "I'll be seeing you in class Luke." He said and waved to Luke before they left the dorm hand in hand.

"Of course…" Luke said slowly and waved back.

"And that's the only place where you will ever see him." Sirius thought to himself.

"Thank you. I was a bit worried when you entered the room that you would hit him or something." Remus whispered in Sirius's ear.

"I can admit that I was tempted to do that. But you made me promise; no fist fighting! Remember? Now you see, you really should pay attention to what I say. That won't put you in a situation like that again…" Sirius whispered smiling.

When Sirius had left with Remus Luke cursed himself. How could he have been so dense? That was what Remus had been trying to say. That he was already taken… already taken by Sirius Black…
"Hey Potter, where's Lupin and Black? Usually you're so tight one might think that the three of you are super glued to each other." One of Lily's friends said.

"Don't know. 'S hard to know where they're at all the time." James said and looked over at Lily.

"Isn't that them?" Another girl said and pointed. "The ones that are making out by the fireplace?"

James turned and looked. And it seemed that everyone in the room was looking at his two best friends. Sirius was not being very discrete. He had one hand on Remus's back and the other on his ass. "Looks like Sirius meant what he said about 'being all over Remus' after all…"James thought to himself.

He turned back to Lily and her friends. "Oh yes that's them." He said proudly.

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