Monkey See Monkey Do - Chapter 1


Establishing Shot: South American Forest Scene - Day

A dense forest with a stone temple partially visible. The stone temple has mostly been taken over by the vegetation.

Int. Stone Temple – Day.

CAMERA PANS DOWN from an opening in the ceiling of the temple's "altar room" and follows a concentrated sunbeam down to a pedestal with a colorful stone-crafted monkey-like object resting on it. (We later learn the object is called the "Jasper Baboon") PUSH IN on a series of small openings on the pedestal top where the Jasper Baboon rests. Sunlight covers all of the openings.

DR. DAKOTA SMITH, an archeologist/adventurer type character, sets a small case on the floor and opens it. Inside the box is a contraption with four small mirrors and has rods attached.

Dakota takes the contraption out and makes a few adjustments. He lines-up the contraption beside the sunbeam, looks at the beam, looks at the contraption, and then the beam again. He adjusts the contraption slightly. His actions are measured and methodical.

Dakota Smith: OK, Dakota. No big deal here….it's just that if you're off by just a fraction of a degree on any of the mirrors this temple (looks around) will be your grave.

Dakota takes one more look at the situation.

Dakota Smith: Well (gulp) here goes nothing….

Dakota quickly inserts the contraption into the light path. CLOSE ANGLE ON LIGHT PATH being routed around the Jasper Baboon since, it is now known, the purpose of the contraption is to keep a constant beam of light shining in the small openings on the pedestal's top. If the light is broken, the ancient "alarm" will be triggered.

WIDER ANGLE. Dakota looks around, pauses, and lets out a sigh when he realizes nothing is happening. Dakota reaches in and grabs the Jasper Baboon, stares at it for a second, and…..

The room begins to groan….followed by some shaking. Dakota throws the mirrored-contraption aside and dashes like a madman towards the back of the room while tucking the Jasper Baboon into a pouch.


Spears are coming out of the both side walls in his path, in front of him and behind him. Parts of the floor begin to crumple underneath his feet.

Dakota looks up and sees a portion of the ceiling slowly lowering to the ground. A chasm opens up in his path. Quickly, Dakota picks up one of the spears, nearly in mid-stride, and uses it as a pole-vault to jump across the chasm. He quickly realizes that there is no physical way possible that he will make it across the now wide gap. In mid-air, he reaches up and grabs one the many vines above him and swings the rest of the way across landing on his back as his feet slip out from under him.

The pouch with the idol in it falls away from him and bounces back towards the chasm. The room starts to rumble more violently. Dakota as he takes a quick look towards the door. A stone wall is rapidly approaching the floor in front of the doorway. He can see the light entering in through the doorway is getting smaller!

Dakota scrambles to his feet and lunges towards the pouch. Diving and landing on his stomach as he grabs the pouch just before it falls into the deep pit. He gets back up and runs towards the door.

Seeing that there is no way to make it out in time, Dakota spots a fallen column and gives it a kick and a shove towards the doorway. The column rolls into the doorway just in time to stop the stone wall from reaching the ground. The column, however, is starting to buckle under the extreme pressure. Dakota dives through the small opening just as the column breaks under the intense weight of the wall. The room goes black.

CUT TO Ext. outside the temple doorway.

Dakota is seen diving out of the small doorway. His momentum is too much so that he slides and tumbles down a small hill. As he finally comes to a stop, he pauses in order to try to regroup himself. He hears a couple of twigs snap (offscreen) then whips around….

A dark, silhouetted form approaches from out of the direct sunlight.

Voice: Ahh, Dr. Smith. I've been expecting you. One of your patented, graceful entrances I see.

Dakota holds up his hand to shade the glare…

The still dark and silhouetted figure steps forward….it's MONKEY FIST!

Dakota Smith: Well, if it isn't good ol' Monkey Boy! Did you finally get that odor problem under control? (sniffs) Whew! I guess not! (waving his hand in front of his nose)

Monkey Fist: Yes…as usual your lack of wit is surpassed only by your boorishness. Hand over the Jasper Baboon, Dr. Smith.

Dakota Smith: (holds up one finger) First, it's Dakota. (holds up two fingers) Second, the only thing you're going to get from me is a size 10 boot upside your monkey face. You'll be lucky if I don't –

A dozen monkey ninjas, ready to strike, come out of the heavy brush and surround Dakota Smith.

Monkey Fist: Now, Dr. Smith. I suggest you hand the Jasper Baboon over before my legion of monkey ninjas does you…(leaning in close) grievous harm.

The ninja monkeys close-in even more as Dakota Smith reaches into the pouch to pull out the Jasper Baboon.

Monkey Fist: And there's one more item, Dr. Smith –

Dakota Smith: I don't have anything else, monkey-face, you took every-

Monkey Fist: I'm not just talking about a silly ancient trinket, Dr. Smith, I'm talking about the most valuable commodity known to man…knowledge.

Dakota has a puzzled look on his face.

Monkey Fist: You know of what I refer, Doctor. I am referring to your life's work…your quest for the Simian Annulus!

Dakota is shocked that Monkey Fist knows about the Simian Annulus.

Monkey Fist: Yes, the not-so-mythical headband that will grant me ultimate monkey control and authority! Don't look so surprised, Dr. Smith, I know all about it. I have made it my business to know all there is about items that are able to enhance and strengthen my mystical monkey power.

Dakota Smith: You're mad, Fiske. You were a great archaeologist once but you've gone off the deep end. The ability of the Simian Annulus to control the minds of monkeys is, well…it's just a legend…it's not real!

Monkey Fist: It is real! …and you will, ahem, share with me your research on it. I am in great need of the Annulus and I can wait no longer. My destiny lies with the Annulus!

Dakota Smith: I'm not going to help you with anything, monkey breath; you're living in a dream world if you think you're getting your darned, dirty hands on my research. I'll die before I'll help you find the Simian Annulus.

Monkey Fist: (Moves in close to Dakota Smith) That can be arranged, Dr. Smith.

Monkey Fist: (pulls back) Monkey ninjas!…detain Dr. Smith.

Monkey Fist: Make yourself comfortable, Dr. Smith, you are about to embark on a most memorable journey….(monkey-like laugh) Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!



End of First Chapter