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Hey, my name is Josh Mankey. Thanks for volunteering to help for the park clean up. That's Kim Possible. She's in charge of the group. I used to be her boyfriend, but we broke up about six months ago. It doesn't bug me. There just wasn't the right chemistry between me and Kim. I mean, she's definitely attractive, but that was the only reason I dated her. I just felt shallow having that be the main reason I dated her. She doesn't seem bothered by it either, so we're cool.

Another reason I broke up with her was because of her best friend, Ron Stoppable. It's not that we hated each other, he just didn't seem to like the fact that I was dating Kim. Odd, since he was the one who set us up. Ron and I have gotten along before. For example, we once went trick-or-treating together (yes, I went trick-or-treating). But he didn't really get along with me until he found out that I broke up with Kim.

Ron's a cool dude. Sure he's never normal. In fact, that's his motto (never be normal). Actually, Ron and I have a lot in common. We're carefree, lade back, and family oriented (we're real family guys). Yes, I'm a family guy. I babysit my little sister almost daily. Ron, on the other hand, has no bothers or sisters; but he wanted one so badly that he bought a naked mole rat that he named "Rufus". Why a naked mole rat? Well, his dad has allergies, so his parents said that his pet couldn't have any fur or hair.

The best thing about Ron is that he willingly throws himself into danger for Kim's sake. In fact, a few weeks ago some freaky lady, Shego I think her name is, tried to blast Kim; but Ron pushed her out of the way and took the blast for her. Luckily, he only ended up with a few burns and a broken arm. When Kim saw that Ron was hurt, she totally lost it and beat the living daylights out of Shego. That's first time I've ever seen The Kim Possible cry. Not only did she cry for Ron, but she did it while on TV so the world could see. I heard that Ron did the same for her about a week before that mission, when Shego attacked her at school. Shego did something to weaken Kim (some kind of drug, I think), but, when she ganged up on Kim, Ron beat the heck out of her. I don't think any two people love each other as much as those two do. All right, enough talk. If we don't get to work, Kim'll get mad. And you don't want to see Kim get mad.

Despite popular opinion, I think Ron and Josh could have become good friends. Whether or not they will in the Kim Possible series is up to the writers. Redid this one and all of the "My Name is" series (except for "My Name is Walter Nelson"). Philip Kippel asked me to stop the series. Tell me if I should stop in reviews, please.