Its so good to be back! My muse has been on a bit of a vacation recently, but shes back :D

This is only a short chapter to get it going, so I hope you like :)

Spoilers - erm...Viva Las Vegas thats for sure...

A/N - Written basically as a way of getting my own back at that RAT Chris Bezich :D mwahahahaha

Dedicated to Rosanna, who, I think its safe to say, dragged El Muso back kicking and screaming :) teehee

Grissom fanned out the assignment sheets on the break room table before addressing his audience.
'Okay… Nicky, you got a Trick Roll at Pandora's Box-'
'Why do I always get the trick rolls?' Nicky whined, receiving a pat on the shoulder from Catherine, who leaned against the table sipping coffee.
'Greg, you're with me at a Smash and Grab,' who nodded his approval
'Sara and Warrick, you've got a B&E in Henderson, and Cath, you've got a DB, a one Christopher Bezich'
Catherine turned around and snatched the assignment sheet of his hand, saying 'Chris?'
'Wait…that isn't…?' Grissom asked, registering her reaction.
She stood staring into the DMV picture. Chris's cheeky but charming face staring back with a hint of a smile.
Catherine slowly nodded 'Chris'.
Grissom's voice grew sympathetic, 'Cath, I'm going to have to assign that case to a different CSI…'
'I'll do it' Warrick said, getting up from his chair and walking over to the dumb-struck woman.
'Okay, good' Grissom said looking to the man, before shifting his gaze back to his friend. 'Cath, you go with Sara' He rested a supportive hand on her shoulder, then gestured for Greg, Sara and Nicky to leave Cath and Warrick to it.

'You ok?'
'Chris is dead' Cath stated, not taking her eyes from the picture.
'How long?' Warrick rested his hands on her shoulders.
'Huh?' she asked, shifting her gaze up to his handsome face.
'How long were you with him?'
'Oh' looking back to the picture, shrugging with her face, 'er..only a couple of weeks. He….he cheated on me' she finished with a humourless chuckle, before muttering under her breathe 'But don't they all?'
'What d'ya mean?'
'Eddie cheated on me, Chris cheated on me, even Petey Clarke in 8th grade cheated on me…'
'Well, they were idiots'
'Maybe…but Petey didn't end up dead, as far as I know. And look at that' pointing to the paper, 'Gun shot wound and found down an embankment a couple of feet from his car. Sound familiar?'
Warrick had to admit, it did have similar features to Eddie Willows' death not 2 years back. Catherine's cheating ex-husband was found with a GSW to the abdomen and was washed down stream in the flash drain. It was wasn't for her, Cath's daughter, Lyndsey, would have been dead too.
'It's just a coincidence.'
'It looks funky though. Both my cheating ex-husband and ex-boyfriend end up dead in similar circumstances? I'd think I'd done it'
'I know you didn't do it' He pulled her into a hug. 'and I'm going to find out who did'
Cath folded into his strong grip, wrapping her arms around his muscular form.
'Thank you'