A Clowder of Cats

By Henrika

Henrika- I learned that a group of cats is called a clowder and I somehow developed a fic around it. Enjoy!

"Mustang's gonna kill me." Edward Elric muttered as he trudged toward Central headquarters with his brother in tow. At least, the suit of armor had been following him."Al. Yo, Alphonse!" Ed panicked slightly when there was no response. He retraced his steps, scanning every nook for signs of his brother. "Al!" He ignored the looks of passerby and listened carefully over the street noise.

"Brother!" The voice sounded urgent, but not troubled. Ed traced the source to the alleyway behind him and ran to his brother's aid. And fell over in shock when he caught sight of the trouble.

Alphonse was absolutely swarmed by cats, a clowder of them peeking out from inside of him while others balanced precariously on the outside. Edward couldn't help laughing, unable to stop. He finally managed to gasp out a question. "Al…did you…" He snorted. "Did you wash up after you…fell at the…fish market?"

Henrika-Hope you got a laugh.