Going Down in a Flame

Chapter: 2

Answer Me

Summary:Whats happens when a wise old wizards virtually unknown great-granddaughter suddenly becomes totally dependent on him? An endless cycle of sarcasim and obnoxiousness, ofcourse. But what happens when she deliberately defies all of her grandfathers hopes and expectations?
Well thats what were about to find out. A story of independence, rebellion, and finally finding your way home.

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They walked, and walked, and walked. There traveling bodies cast shadows onto the cold stone walls and yet there was still certain warmth about the surroundings. Maybe it was from the countless lit torches that hung from the walls and went on for what seemed an eternity. Or possibly it was from the warm rugs she could feel under feet. Or maybe it could of even been from the lively paintings snooring on the walls, totally oblivious to the world outside there glimmering gold frames. Which ever one it was it didn't matter. For Abby couldn't feel the warm rugs, nor the torches,and certainly not even the paintings made her feel warm inside. No, all she could feel were the cold stone walls.

"How much further do we have to walk?" Abby moaned.

"Not far little one." replied a warm and caring voice. A voice that she couldn't hear, all she heard was the squaking of senial old man trying to ruin her life.

'If he calls me little one, one more time I'm gonna hit him over the head with one of his prescious gold goblets.' she thought.

So they continued to walk for what seemed an eternity, in her eyes. Her footsteps soon turned into impatient stomps and she could finally feel the rugs.
Well, at least only after accidentally tripping on one of the rug. She caught herself before she'd managed to completely obliterate all of her dignity. She looked back and the ruffles on the offending rug was mocking her. She gave it a sneer and continued to follow the purple robes in front of her.

They made a quick turn and obroptly stopped, causing Abby to knock into her great-grandfathers back.

"Here we are, liittle one." the old man beamed, the girl merely groaned.

"Again with the little one crap." she spat under her breath.

Dumbeldore slide his hand over the handle of the door and exposed the room. The door creaked as it swung open. Even Abby couldn't deny the outstanding beauty of the room. It glimmered and shined. The fire roard and the room was warm. The walls were a dark, envious red and the tables were gold. Abby felt as though her grandfather was hinting at something.

"Well heres your room." the old man said as he motioned around the room.

"Grandpa why the hell am I here? How'd you get me here? Do my parents know I'm here? Why are you looking at me like that? Answer me!" she screamed.

"All will reveal itself in due time, Abby-May." he replied as he laid a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"How 'bout all will reveal itself NOW!" she cried impatiently. At this moment she oddly resembled a small child crying about not getting the cookie he wanted.

"Abagail Maybelline Dumbeldore I know you are upset and confused, but please do not take that tone with me." Dumbeldore replied sternly.

Abby just looked at him in shock. No one ever used her full name unless they were upset. And her grandfather had never used a stern voice with her.
Her lowered her head in defeat. This was definetly not a fight she was going to win. The wise elder merely smiled and placed a small kidd ontop of her head and walked out the door waving his fingers and calling:


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