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There were always problems with teaching a class outside. One of those three students daydreamed, or fell asleep. It never helped that half of the time, Kakashi's voice sounded like white noise. Wait no, scratch that, the noise would be Naruto. Snoring.

Sasuke's eye twitched in agitation as he glanced over at the sun kissed boy. Yep, Naruto was definitely out like a light. Sasuke walked over to smack the smaller boy upside the head. As he went nearer he leaned over as he prepared to launch his "attack". Kakashi watched from a little while away, smirking under his mask.

Just as the raven haired boy leaned close enough, the dreaming, almost peaceful boy shot up into sitting position, still asleep, and hugged Sasuke yelling, "RAMEN, my love!"

Sasuke growled angrily, his arms pinned to his sides. He settled for headbutting the sleeping boy. "Wake up ass-wipe! You fell asleep. Again."

Naruto's sapphire eyes opened slowly. After a large yawn he looked apologetically over at his teacher. "I had little sleep last night pervert-san, soooo I want ramen!" With that, the blonde jumped up and made as if to run off.

Sakura still sat calmly, pointedly ignoring Naruto. "Kakashi, what where you saying before," she glared at Naruto, "we were so rudely interrupted?"

Kakashi nodded. "Thank you for reminding me Sakura." He sat there for a minute, looking as though deep in thought. "Wait, what were we discussing?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "The new mission." He answered. As an afterthought he muttered "idiot."

Kakashi nodded once more. "Ah yes, of course, it's a C-class mission." There was an interesting mix of moans and silent yes's. "The mission is to help a really old woman clean her mansion. Apparently her maid's haven't been working to well with her."

He paused and then motioned with his hand. "Come on then, lets go!"

As they walked in silence, Naruto glared at the ground in and kicked at the stones. They had been marching for hours and he still hadn't been given any ramen. He sighed and began to dream of the taste of miso, the sensation clouding his senses. He could almost feel the content warmth he got when eating ramen when suddenly his dream was interrupted.

"Watch it dobe!"

Naruto shook his head as if to clear his thoughts. Standing above him was a very pissed Sasuke. Very pissed indeed. Sasuke glared down at him. "You bumped into me, twice. Idiot."

Naruto growled menacingly. "Wanna fight? I'm bored, lets spar!" He made as if to punch Sasuke but his wrist was grasped tightly in his rivals hand.

Sasuke was smirking down at him coldly. "You'll have to do better than that." He yanked Naruto up and placed his mouth besides Naruto's ear and whispered mockingly. "Dobe."

Dropping Naruto's wrist he turned and walked away. Naruto shook his fist and snarled after him angrily. "Sasuke you bastard! Don't call me a dobe!"

Kakashi glanced back at them. "Be quiet, we're here now."

They all stopped by the door when it was thrown open and a rather chubby old woman ran out. She grabbed Sakura and pulled her inside, motioning for the others to follow. She was speaking rapidly to Sakura. "Now dearie, you may start washing the pans, scrubbing the ovens, cleaning the floors…"

Sakura's mouth was still hanging open when the woman shoved the girl into the kitchen and shut the door. The woman turned and gave a smile that looked almost evil. "Hello, I assume you are Kakashi?" she asked, pointedly looking at the perverted man.

He nodded slowly. "Yes, what would you like the boys to do Ms. Fujimia?"

She glanced at Sasuke and Naruto and ran over to give both of them wide, smothering hugs. "Oh what charming young men!" She squeezed their bicep muscles. "Joyus! You are both strong enough too! Come with me."

The two boys stood stock still. She suddenly looked like some witch from a horror movie as she screamed, "COME WITH ME!"

Naruto winced and slowly followed her, Sasuke not far behind. As they reached the top of the winding stairs, Ms. F shoved them into a hallway. "Now boys, I want you to clean the closet at the far end. Move everything out of it first, then go and scrub it from the inside." She glared evilly. "Do a good job too or else!"

As she ran down the stairs to torment Kakashi, both boys opened the closet and stared. It had to be the most stuffed closet they had ever seen. There was barely enough room for one person! "damn, that witch is trying to kill us!" Naruto said with indignation in his voice.


Naruto rolled his eyes. That was a typical answer from Sasuke. They both went down on their knees and began to bring out the boxes, occasionally hearing Sakura cry out in frustration way down in the kitchen. That granny just had way too much stuff in her house that required cleaning.

After they had cleaned the boxes out, the two grabbed a few wet rags and crouched on the ground in the closet. Naruto blushed as he felt his nose bump with Sasuke's a few times. Sasuke finally spoke. "So, why did you hug me earlier, dobe?"

Naruto snorted and replied softly. "I thought you were the almighty ramen noodle! All hail the ramen noodle!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes and Naruto heard him turning around to open the closet door. He heard Sasuke growl in frustration. "Damn." Sasuke muttered.

Naruto stiffened. "What's wrong?'

Sasuke yanked at the handle. "The door obviously locks from the outside automatically. I can't open it. Even if you could use fore we are both to close together to cause any damage."

After trying again Sasuke sighed angrily and sat down on the floor, facing Naruto. "This sucks." Naruto said loudly.


After a half an hour, Naruto began to squirm. Sitting in the same position for such a long time was beginning to make his body ache. Why couldn't someone just come find them or something? It would be so nice to taste ramen again!

Sasuke felt a hand that definitely wasn't his rest on his upper thighs. "Naruto," he growled dangerously, "what are you doing?"

"I'm trying to get comfy! It's not my fault that you were stupid enough to get stuck in here with me!" Naruto yelled angrily.

Sasuke snorted. "Oh so you're finally admitting that you're stupid?" He drawled sarcastically.

Naruto made a noise that resembled something like a hiss. "Shut up! I may be a loser to you Uchiha, but I will always be better than you not matter what!"

Next thing Naruto knew, he was on his back with Sasuke on top of him, the taller boys hands clamped around his neck. Naruto barely heard Sasuke yelling, al he cared was that it was certainly killing his ears. Unfortunately, the only way to stop Sasuke from badmouthing was to-

Sasuke's eyes opened in shock. Something warm covered his lips, something that tasted faintly like ramen, something that definitely was Naruto. This was…nice. He felt the boy beneath him start to pull away, and then decided; why not take advantage of the moment. He could torment Naruto with the memory later.

He let go of Naruto's neck and forced his own body on Naruto's, weighing the boy down. Naruto gasped in shock as he felt Sasuke nip at his lips, and then sighed in pleasure as Sasuke drove his tongue into his mouth. Sasuke.

Naruto blinked. Wait a minute; he was kissing Sasuke, the damn bastard! Why the hell was he kissing Sasuke? Yep, that definitely wasn't Sakura above him, stroking her tongue against his. Nope, that was definitely his rival. Damn, he was good.

Sasuke sighed with pleasure, languidly running his tongue across Naruto's teeth, sucking at the smaller boys tongue. He was going just a little farther than he wanted to go, he hated Naruto, right? Why was he doing this? As he heard a soft moan come from beneath him he really didn't care what he was doing, as long as it didn't stop.

Sasuke just went with the flow, but stopped when Naruto open his legs so Sasuke could lie between them. Sasuke pulled away and smirked as he heard his rival whimper at the loss of his warmth.

He grabbed the blonde by the front of his shirt and pulled him into his lap, moaning as Naruto's ass came into contact with his erection. Naruto shivered, but was completely glad for the darkness that surrounded them; he didn't want Sasuke to see him blushing.

Naruto sighed as he felt Sasuke kissing his face softly, sucking and nipping at his ears. Why did being here like this with his rival feel so good? When Sasuke began to suck on his neck, Naruto nearly fell out of Sasuke's lap. Trying to not fall, he placed his hands on Sasuke's chest, brushing across the boys pert nipples.

Sasuke moaned loudly against Naruto's neck, feeling triumph when Naruto purred in response. He pushed Naruto down again and began to rip open the smaller boy's shirt, licking the boy's chest. Naruto threw his head back at the sensation of another person touching his nipples. In doing so, he accidentally knocked his head back into the wall. He gave a soft "ouch" and then wrapped his arms around Sasuke, allowing the other boy to sink between his legs.

Sasuke began to thrust his hips into Naruto's loving the feel of his against Naruto's. Just when he was about to pleasure himself and Naruto more, light poured into the tiny closet and a loud scream.

Well, what do you know? Sakura had just found them, with Sasuke's hand stuck down the front of Naruto's pants.


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