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AN: Ok, so this story was originally finished in like 2006. I wrote this when I was like 14 years old. I came back and read this chapter and was disgusted by how short the sex was. I basically was like WTF? That was it? So now that I have been writing more explicit situations for some time (now that I'm 18 I'm not so shy about writing it) I have gone back and REDONE THIS CHAPTERS SEX SCENE.


Warning: There is buttsecks in this chapter! Yes it really happens this time.

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"Sasuke, I know you must have had an interesting week."


"No, don't speak, because I am about to answer all the questions you have. Look at this jar."

Sasuke scowled, and rolled his eyes, simply taking the jar from his teacher. They were alone in his office, mainly because Kakashi had called Sasuke there alone. Looking through the glass, Sasuke saw a small, winged creature within. It had red dust on its wings.

"What is this thing?" He asked slowly, praying it wasn't what he thought.

Kakashi watched his pupil closely before answering. "That, Sasuke, is the reason you have been attracted to Naruto lately-"

"How did you know-"

"Let me finish. When we were working at that old woman's home, I found that she had a unique pet. A mini Cupid, if you will."

Sasuke stared long and hard at his teacher. He shook his head. "Are you kidding? This thing imade/i me go after Naruto?" He paused, what he had just said dawning on him. "It made me go after Naruto! So I don't really want him after all?"

Kakashi nodded. He took the jar back and put it in his desk. When he glanced back up, Sasuke was nowhere to be seen. Kakashi shook his head slowly, pulling out one of his pornos. "Kids these days…" He muttered.


Sasuke had a plan, and because he was an Uchiha, it was a grand plan. There were no flaws. His plan was so great, that even Kakashi would tremble in fear. He had a plan, and yes it would work like no other.

He would find out if Naruto really wanted him. The stupid dobe would of course fall for whatever Sasuke said because he obviously had no common sense. Naruto would admit his deep feelings of love and he, Sasuke, would laugh and laugh.

So, in hopes of finding his rival, he went to the ramen stand and sat down, waiting for him. He waited about and hour before he heard the familiar voice that was somewhat screechy and obnoxious.

Naruto sat down next to him without realizing who he was sitting beside. He ordered 3 bowls of ramen and Sasuke snorted in disgust. Naruto twitched and turned to the person next to him and gasped in outrage. "You!"

Sasuke smirked and replied smugly, "Well yeah. It is me."

Naruto spluttered. "I don't want to see you! Don't you remember last week?"

Sasuke nodded and leaned in to whisper in Naruto's ear, "I found out why it kept occurring. Want to know why?"

Naruto turned fully and gave his rival full attention. Sasuke tried to stop himself from smirking but he couldn't; Naruto was so damn predictable sometimes. "It was that old woman that we worked for. She sent her little love pet after us. It put me under its influence and made me want you. Since you weren't….what do you think that means dobe?"

Naruto stared at his rival in shock. Then he scowled and shouted. "Absolutely nothing! I didn't want to screw you, and I still don't!"

"I was the one under influence Naruto, you weren't. I guess that means that you really do want me bad."

Naruto snarled and stuck his nose up in the air, turning away. "Why would I want a teme like you? Nobody wants iyou/i."

"Dobe, everybody wants me."

"Well, I am not everybody. The only thing I want right now is ramen so fuck off."

With that said Naruto ran off carrying ramen with him, leaving a completely stunned Sasuke. Things had not gone as he had planned. In fact, his plans had run away as fast as they could screaming in denial. Not a good sign. Sasuke huffed and decided it was time to go home.


That night Sasuke lay in bed wide awake. He just couldn't shake the thought that Naruto had blatantly refused him…again. He rolled over onto his side and growled in frustration, "That stupid idiot."

When he was on the border of falling asleep he heard his window open and felt the breeze waft in. His bed dipped on one side and he grabbed the kunai underneath his pillow, ready to attack.

Sasuke's eyes widened in shock when he saw who was sitting beside him on his bed. "…Naruto?"

Yes, it indeed was Naruto sitting beside him, in his home and on his bed. Naruto cocked his head to the side and asked impatiently, "So are we doin' this or not?"

Sasuke stared at him for a few more seconds, blinking repeatedly as if not sure he was seeing things right. "Do…what?" He asked as he licked his lips slowly.

Naruto became flustered, blushing a bright red, which Sasuke thought was quite cute. "Um…you know, what we were doing before…before we stopped." He stopped when he saw Sasuke snickering. "Fine, the sex. Are we going to or not?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow curiously. He was perhaps a little excited; they were going to go all the way tonight. He felt that it was a little personal, and that maybe the stupid cupid fairy hadn't really influenced him all that much. "I thought you said you didn't want me dobe?"

Naruto blushed and replied with agitation, "I don't, but let's do this anyway." He paused and then continued, "Ok maybe I lied; I like your company, even if you are an asshole."

Before Sasuke could answer, Naruto was on him, straddling his waist. Sasuke was somewhat shocked, but he supposed he could take a hint. He placed his hand on the back of Naruto's neck and mashed their mouths together harshly. At the same time, Sasuke twisted his hips and flipped them over, placing himself on top of Naruto.

Naruto whined, "Hey no fair-"

Sasuke pressed his mouth against Naruto's neck and bit down hard, making Naruto yelp at the slight pain. Sasuke licked the spot he had bitten to sooth the pain, making his partner shiver. Naruto slid his hand down Sasuke's naked chest (he was only wearing bottoms) and tried to pull down Sasuke's boxers. Sasuke stopped sucking on Naruto's neck and grabbed Naruto's roaming hand. Staring down into the sky blue eyes, Sasuke gasped out, "Slow down Naruto, we have all night."

Naruto took a deep breath and stared up into the deep black eyes that were gazing at him thoughtfully. He sighed and wrapped his arms around Sasuke's shoulders, burying one hand in Sasuke's raven hair. Sasuke leaned into the touch, running a hand down Naruto's face. "I didn't mean to hurt you last time we tried this."

Naruto laughed and nipped at Sasuke's jaw. "I've forgiven you, but only because I will become the next great Hokage and you will owe me allegiance."

Sasuke rolled his eyes at that and grabbed Naruto's jacket zipper in his mouth, pulling it down. Pushing Naruto's upper clothes off, Sasuke looked up into Naruto's vulnerable face as he sucked one of the erect nipples into his mouth. His tongue circled the erect bud, and the wet sound of his sucking echoed in the silent air.

Naruto gasped and his back arched off the bed. He placed both of his hands in Sasuke's hair, pressing his mouth against Naruto's chest harder. Naruto moaned out Sasuke's name, making him feel warm inside. His stomach was tight, his member hard. He decided that he had also been lying when he said he didn't want Naruto.

Naruto brought Sasuke back up to his mouth, swiping his tongue across the raven haired boy's lips. Sasuke purred and wrapped his tongue around Naruto's, at the same time pressing his hips down. Naruto inserted his thigh between Sasuke's and rubbed gently.

"Ahh, ah, yes! Oh...so good..."

The sound of their breathing filled the room, maybe because words weren't needed to be understood. Soon their pants and boxers were on the floor with Naruto's jacket and both were examining the other for the second time in their young lives.

Naruto cupped Sasuke's erection in his hand and whispered so quietly that Sasuke almost didn't hear him. "I want to feel you inside me."

Sasuke felt his heart stutter and then beat faster. "But last time…"

Naruto bit his lip and smiled nervously. "I want to. Don't worry about me."

Sasuke nodded and spat in his hand, lubricating his penis. He spread Naruto's legs and bent them up over his shoulders. When he positioned himself at Naruto's puckered entrance he paused. "Are you sure?"

He pulled back and began to prepare Naruto. He traced Naruto's mouth with two fingers expectantly. When Naruto didn't do anything he glared down at him. "You are supposed to suck on them, dobe."

Naruto flushed in embarrassment. "Well, how was I supposed to know that?!"

Sasuke watched as Naruto sucked his two fingers into his mouth, licking and sucking on them. Sasuke groaned, watching his soon to be lover. "Fuck, Naruto..."

Naruto spat the two fingers out and looked at him with a disgruntled expression. "That was the plan wasn't it?"

"Uh, uh, yeah."

Sasuke's brain seemed to be short circuiting.

After Sasuke was sure that his fingers were wet enough, he gently probed Naruto's entrance, Naruto wiggling at the odd sensation of someone touching him there. First, Sasuke slid one finger in, watching Naruto's face.

The blondes face pinched a little, but it was more out of the oddity of the finger. Once Sasuke was sure that Naruto was ready, he slid his second finger in. Naruto grimaced, but Sasuke then started to stroke Naruto's waning erection with his free hand.

Naruto's hips bucked under the sensation of being stroked. "Sasuke! Ahh, that's so g...good!"

A smug look entered Sasuke's eyes as he watched his partner writhe underneath him. He began to pump his two fingers in and out of Naruto's hole, scissoring them back and forth as well. Sasuke watched at precum began to dribble out of Naruto's slit and without even thinking his leaned forward and took the head into his mouth.

Naruto cried out in pleasure as slick heat enveloped his cock. It was like a sensory overload as he felt Sasuke's digits pounding in and out of his ass as Sasuke mouth sucked and licked his cock.

"Oh, ugh…Sasuke. I…I'm gonna come!"

"Yeah, baby, that's right. Fucking come for me," Sasuke growled.

After a few more seconds, Naruto came with a cry. His hands were buried in Sasuke's hair and he held him tightly. Sasuke nearly choked as warm cum spurted into his mouth. It wasn't as if he were experienced at swallowing and he flushed in embarrassment as some of the liquid leaked out of his mouth.

"Sas…Sasuke, that was so good…"

"Yeah, I know. I have natural skill."

Naruto spluttered at the arrogance in his friends tone. "Eh? TEME!"

Sasuke wiped his mouth clean of cum and then pulled his fingers out of Naruto's hole. "So, ugh, let me get some oil or something. I don't want to hurt you again."

Naruto nodded, paling slightly as he remembered what they were really their for. Sasuke wandered into the kitchen and then came back with some oil, using it to lather up his erection, which was almost painfully hard by this point.

He knelt down in front of Naruto and then bent his head, licking the puckered muscle, causing Naruto to shudder. Sasuke grinned up at him and then pulled away so that he could put some oil on Naruto's entrance too, inside and out.

"Can we just do this already?"

Sasuke's head jerked up in shock as he heard Naruto speak. "Wha-what?"

Naruto rolled his eyes, hiding his discomfort. "Just stick it in already, jeez. I'm not a girl, Sasuke."

Sasuke took a deep breath and then began to ease the head of his erection into the blonde. Naruto winced but didn't make a sound. Sasuke inched in slowly, trying to give Naruto time to relax. After another inch sunk in, Naruto decided it really, really hurt like a bitch.

"Ow! Fuck, Sasuke! What are you doing? Screwing me or tearing my ass open?"

"A little of both actually," Sasuke groaned, shaking with effort to keep still. "Naruto, you feel so good…"

"Just fuck me already!"

Sasuke gave a short nod before thrusting in completely, hoping to shorten the amount of Naruto's pain. He didn't want to revisit last time. Naruto winced and groaned in pain, his hands digging into Sasuke's shoulders.

Sasuke grunted with the effort to keep from moving. He rested his head on Naruto's shoulder, panting. He could feel the sweat rolling off his own back. Naruto kissed his partner slowly, trying to get the pain to decrease.

Sasuke was panting loudly, his eyes unfocused with ecstasy. "Yes…ah…ah!"

He began to move his hips slowly, moaning with pleasure. Naruto only felt discomfort for a few moments more because suddenly Sasuke was striking something in him that felt unbelievable. "Mmm….ah Sasuke! Hit…hit that spoke again! Please…felt so good."

Sasuke increased the strength of his thrusts as he felt Naruto's inner muscles relax. "You're. Mine. Naruto. MINE!"

Naruto held on tightly to Sasuke's shoulders, his head thrown back. Sasuke began to bite his throat and Naruto cried out, "Sasuke…yours! I'm gonna come…uhh!"

When Sasuke felt Naruto's muscles spasm he almost came. When he felt Naruto warm come splatter all over their stomachs he felt a rush of severe arousal hit him. But when he looked at his friends face he came because he had never seen him look so abandoned in pleasure before.

"Yes, yes, yes- Naruto!" Sasuke groaned loudly.

He came long and hard, feeling exhausted once the act was over. He collapsed on Naruto until Naruto pushed him to the side, complaining of being squashed. "That was fun," Naruto murmured.

Sasuke could only laugh tiredly, curling around the blonde.

Later that night, while still in bed together, Sasuke kissed Naruto's wrists tenderly, looking into his eyes. "I never meant to hurt you before you know."

Naruto shrugged but then sat up in bed faster than lightening. "Lets get some ramen!"

Sasuke smiled softly, his arm still around Naruto's waist; he was really going to have to thank that old hag one of these days.



2009: AN: Ok, so now that I have redone this chapter, I might go back and redo them all at some point. I just felt that the sex scene here was really short and not satisfactory. So I redid it. Hopefully I'll get some feedback on it :P

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