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Chapter 2:

The Two Of Us

Rachel's POV:

After dinner me, Dean, Andi, and Andrew all sat outside on the lawn chairs talking. I had come to like Andi, and I could tell that Dean really liked her a lot. Which I didn't mind of course, but I just hoped he didn't get her too involved with our past. My heart sunk just to think of the trouble we'd be in if any of the Carsons knew the Talon secret. I just…couldn't take it. I had grown attached to Andrew, as I guess it should be because after all, he did kiss me.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Dean's voice. "Hey, Rach?" He asked, and I looked up to see all three of them eyeing my curiously.

"Yeah?" I asked, sitting up straighter in the plastic chair.

"Should we get going?" Dean asked, giving me a curious look. "Won't Uncle Matt be kinda mad at us if we don't get there on time?" He said calmly, but I knew that underneath that calmness was an undoubted fear of our constantly drunk uncle. Apparently, he hadn't quite told Andi all about our family yet.

I sighed, and stretched my arms. "Yeah…we better get going," I said, almost apologetically to Andi and Andrew. Andrew gave me a puppy dog face glance and I smiled in embarrassment because I don't know if Dean and Andi missed it or not. But when I looked, I could already see that Dean and Andi had already gotten up and were walking towards the front of the house, to where I parked the SUV.

"Hey," Andrew said, getting up. He pulled me up by my hands, smiling. "Whats up?"

I shook my head. "Nothin, don't worry." I said, and smiled back up at him. Our hands were still intertwined and I gently removed mine from his. I didn't want to become attached, and yet at the same time…how could I resist? I turned away from Andrew and looked at the ground. He put his hand on my shoulder and turned me back to face him.

"Hey," he said, and lifted my face to his. "What's the matter? You got a boyfriend or something? 'Cus if you do, I'm sorry for kissing you."

I shook my head, surprised that he would think that I did have a boyfriend. "No, I don't have a boyfriend…I'm just distracted, that's all."

Andrew smiled again, brighter if it was even possible. "Then let's get you back on track, huh?" He said, then kissed me gently on the lips. As the kiss wore on it became deeper and he pulled me closer, wrapping his arms around me. I wrapped my arms around my neck as I my knees almost gave way from under me. He deepened the kiss as his tongue slide into my mouth and all other thoughts ran from my mind. I became lost in the kiss, forgetful that I didn't want to become attached, because at this moment, I didn't care. Apparently, both of us became lost in the kiss, because we didn't hear the gate open and Andi's shocked gasp.

"Andrew!" She yelled and we broke apart immediately. Andi stared wide-eyed at the two of us, her hand half-covering her mouth in shock surprise. Her shoulders then started shaking as she started laughing. Me and Andrew exchanged a look until Dean came into the backyard and looked at me curiously.

"What's going on?" He asked, and Andi stopped laughing enough to stand up straight.

"Andrew and Rachel were kissing." She said, then smiled again, on the verge of laughing but not quite yet.

Dean's eyes widened. "WHAT?"

I choked back a fit of laughter at his eyes that were so wide that I though they would pop out of his head. Andrew gave me a hopeless look at which I just laughed at even more. "I'm sorry," I said to both of them. "I just can't help it, the looks on your faces!" After a bit I calmed down enough to look at Dean. "Well, let's go." I said and quickly kissed Andrew on the lips before walking back to the car. When I walked past Dean I saw him give me a 'look' but I just kept walking, not really caring about what he thought. When I got to the car, I turned around to see Dean walking towards me, shaking his head. "What?" I asked, opening the drivers side door and getting in.

"Nothing," he said as he slide into the passenger side. "Just…wow…." He looked sideways at me and smiled. "So, you and Andrew…?"

I smiled as I started the engine and pulled out of the driveway. "Yeah, me and Andrew."

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