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Summary: Robin and Starfire are finally going out. The team knows, the city knows, it's popular news. By a chance of luck Raven and Starfire switch bodies again, but this time there doesn't look like there's a way back. Just how far is Robin willing to go to keep up appearances?

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Don't Touch That Dial

Chapter 1: Rapturous Traps

Raven dodged a pole that had suddenly come to life and quickly covered it in her black prowess to still its movement.

She had no time to catch her breath as another obstacle jumped in her way. Cursing silently she didn't back down, instead she grit her teeth and charged the objects with a fury.

Cyborg smashed into store manikins that had begun to move. They had grabbed anything seemingly useful and came at the mechanical wonder. Even after their limbs had been torn and their heads blown clear off they continued to raise themselves from the cities gravel.

Charging his sonic cannon Cyborg growled as the manikins raised once again. Without pity for the plastic human replacements, he fired.

Beast Boy had taken to clawing through the tornado of cassette tape that had raised up in an attempt to get inside and help his fellow team mates. No matter what animal he morphed into the black sleek taping just kept appearing and his claws and teeth couldn't cut through it fast enough.

He could hear shouting inside the whirling black tornado and hoped it was the good guys that were winning.

Robin, as a final resort whipped out his bow-staff and swiped it at Control Freak. It was no good, the boy pressed a button just as quick and a bit of VHS tape sifted in like a live black snake to block the move before slithering across to join the whirling tornado around them.

"Give up already, my remote it much better this time!" Control Freak cackled and gleefully pressed a few more buttons.

Robin growled and looked up into the little visible amount of sky above. Something floating just above their heads caught his attention. She was smiling while the hole at the top she had created sealed back up like a cocoon.

"Star?" Robin mouthed looking quizzically at his girlfriend making sure Control Freak hadn't noticed.

He hadn't. In fact he was looking into one wall of his creation as if he could see through it and pressing random buttons.

Robin could hear cries and scuffling outside, he could only imagine what they were dealing with.

Starfire nodded and pointed toward Control Freak mouthing something to Robin. Though he couldn't make it out he nodded and she floated down a bit closer.

"Now where were we?" Control Freak turned around suddenly, remote poised.

Robin froze, feeling a sudden panic for his girlfriend. Ever since finally getting the courage to ask her out fighting had been like this. Each time he felt paranoid something would happen to her.

He couldn't let anything bad happen to Starfire, she was his everything-

"So finally surrender? I control all now." He snorted grinning broadly. At the same time Starfire flew down and shot an immaculately aimed starbolt. It made contact with the villain's remote and his smile immediately fell.

The shot had knocked the remote from his hand and the small device had been flung through the wall of tape to land somewhere unseen on the other side.

In blind rage Control Freak missed the fact that Starfire had fired the shots as he swerved his gaze to Robin.

Robin swallowed toughly seeing Control Freak in such a fit. In all the other times they had battled him he'd never gotten this touchy over a remote.

"That was my ultimate remote!" He yelled and ran at Robin fists raised.

Edging back Robin prepared himself for some hand to hand combat now that Control had lost his remote.

"Robin!" Starfire called from above again at the last second. Robin's attention snapped to the girl to see her worried expression.

Before he knew what had happened Control Freak had run head on into his chest knocking the wind out of him. The two fell back in a mist of fists and were abruptly thrown out of the tornado.

Outside, the fighting had stopped as soon as the remote had been thrown from the tornado. Cyborg was picking himself up and brushing off the melted gooey plastic as the two fell out of the black whirl.

Robin swiftly completed a right punch to Control Freak's jaw knocking him out before standing up. The tornado started whirring faster still staying in place.

"Cy? Where is everyone? And the remote?" Robin gasped trying to reclaim the lost air of his lungs.

"Man I dunno, it was havoc out here. Beast Boy was here a second ago though-"

"Starfire's in that tornado, I need the remote, did you see it?" Robin glanced around quickly feeling dread well inside him.

Cyborg stared at the tornado. It looked almost insane as the speed picked up. Nearby papers and flyers were being drawn in by its gusts. "Robin I can't shoot that tornado with Starfire in it." He added as though it had just dawned on him.

Robin swore under his breath and started looking around...that remote had to be somewhere.

When the assault upon her had quit Raven took it upon herself to get inside that tornado. She knew Starfire and Robin could use the help, and she was possibly the only one who could get inside.

Hovering her hands near the tornado's wall she drew her powers out and pressed them against the black wall.

Luckily they sank right through into funnel of cassette tapes allowing a portal to inside. Sighing she stepping in letting her black tendrils lead the way.

Beast Boy had stopped trying to get inside the tornado when something had been flung out near him. He watched it skitter a few yards off before stopping on the cement.

Curiosity getting the better of him Beast Boy bound over, currently in leopard form.

Quickly changing back he stared down at the device, oblivious to the fact that the animate objects around him had quit moving. It was long and a sleek black with about a thousand little red buttons and a black one near the bottom, Control Freak's remote.

Grinning, proud of himself, Beast Boy looked back up at the ever faster tornado.

"Well one of these has to stop it." He shrugged and aimed it at the tornado. Without further adieu he rapidly started hitting buttons.

"Starfire?" Raven asked as the last of the black faded around her.

"Raven!" Starfire flew at the older girl and enveloped her in a tight hug. "You have come to save me?"

"Where are Control Freak and Robin?" She looked about the small circled space of the tornado's inside, they were alone.

"They fell out," Starfire pointed where the two had vanished only a minute before. "But it's started moving faster and I was afraid to follow."

"I'll get us out." Raven commanded sternly while pushing Starfire's arms from around her. "Just follow me when a portal opens." Raven moved to one of the walls and closed her eyes briefly summoning her energies.

Beast Boy was nearing the end of his button rampage and nothing had happened.

"Let's just skip to..." He glanced down at the single black button at the bottom and a mischievous grin spread about his features. "...this one." He aimed and hit the button.

There was an immediate reaction from the tornado.

It lurched side to side for a few seconds before sliding sideways in a swift lucid motion. It's motion picked up and Beast Boy could hear screams inside-female screams.

His skin pricked, and the smile slipped from his face, he had a very bad feeling about this...

"What the hell?" Robin had paused from his search to look up at the whirling mass. It had started to swerved and moved in jumpy motions. His heart beat quickened when he heard a noise from inside.

It sounded like a scream.

After a moment another joined.

Robin turned and ran back a few yards when the tornado jumped toward him. Cyborg was standing near now staring agape. "What's going on?" Robin's voice was choked and huffy.

"Not sure." Cyborg had his eyes glued in amazement as the thing tottered about. "But my sensors say both Starfire and Raven are in that thing."

Robin felt his world tip a bit. Having his girlfriend in there was bad, but another teammate as well? There was a deep sickness rumbling unpleasantly in his stomach. Where was that remote..?

"Where's Beast Boy?" Robin asked again keeping his eyes on the doomed blackness.

"Dudes?" Came Beast Boy's timid voice. The higher pitches scratchiness of it made the two boys turn to look. "I think I did something bad." He added looking worriedly toward the tornado, the remote was clutched in his green fingers.

When the tornado had jumped Raven hadn't quite finished her portal to the other side. Helplessly the two girls were pushed in through the halfway made path and caught up in the swooning of the walls.

Around and around they went, each time quicker. In moments both were screaming as the force wound through their tired bodies. The tape slapped and stung at their bare skins.

Raven's cape was torn off and Starfire's shirt and skirt quickly became winded and ripped as they took the dizzying trip.

They could bearly hear the three helpless Titans now yelling out to them as the two were spun higher and higher.

Raven felt a stinging through her mind as though it were being pulled free of her limited body. Starfire had tears stinging at her eyes as she felt the greater pull from inside.

As they rose close to the top neither could hold back from the force.

Just as they reached the top of the tornado the pull became irresistible, cleanly pulling their souls from their bodies before their bodied were pulled back into the calm center of the storm.

After Beast Boy's declaration Robin had snatched the controller, shot the changeling a glance that could kill and began trying to fix the mess.

"I didn't mean to, I just pressed it because I though it would stop it." Beast Boy blubbered sliding away from an infuriated Robin.

"So you pressed the black one right?" Robin glared before looking back up to the tornado. The two girls who had reappeared in the swirling walls had disappeared back into the top, both unconscious. "I swear I'll kill you..." Robin clenched his teeth and concentrated on the remote. Though to him, it looked like a helpless cause. The remote had no words to indicate the button's functions.

"Hey, no need!" Cyborg nudged Robin and pointed toward the tornado. It had started slowing and quickly descending.

The top had opened up as the sides swirled slower and slower still. The tape wound one last time before slithering off five feet in each direction and dying. Fragments drifted slowly to the grown everywhere.

As the wind caught up with itself and died down the three remaining titans got a look at the damage.

But the tape, fallen pavement and signs, ruined stores, or even broken water pump was not what caught the boy's attention.

In the center of where the tornado had raged strong seconds ago were two fallen figures, tangled together.

Stunned they could only watch for a moment as Starfire and Raven shifted before starting to untangle themselves.

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