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It was an ordinary day at the high school. Teenagers in their cliques talking about nothing important. Probably not much different from the school you go to in the morning.

Except for one girl.

She was 16 years old, about 5'3", shoulder length pastel pink hair up in a high ponytail… Anything out of the ordinary yet? Maybe not, but you'll see what I'm getting at.

She was wearing shining black army boots, capris cargos, under that her bright pink fish nets. Her two-layered shirt, which was a black and blood red, was torn in random places in the arms and in the stomach area.

Her name: Shakon Ikenara. And as per usual, she was getting hauled off to the principal's office.

"What'd I do?" She asked the unfortunate teacher, Doujin-san, whose car had been spray-painted with various neon colours.
"You know very well what you did, Miss Ikenara!" Replied the aging man. He was fairly tall and was balding. Most kids were scared of him, as he was so strict with the rules, but not Shakon!
"But, spray painting the professor's cars isn't against the rules!" She reasoned. "Where in the school rules does it say 'You may not spray paint the teacher's cars'?"
"Page two. They added the rule when they heard you were coming." Doujin-san said blandly at the memory.
"Dang!" Shakon cursed.

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the school, a group of teens were watching the approaching unfortunate teacher as well as the well-known right-hand member of the toughest clique in the school.
"Again?" Said a red-haired boy, named Yuriy, also about the age of 16. He had ice blue eyes and was wearing black jeans, a blue t-shirt, and a black vest over it. "Figures."
"Yeah." Replied a longhaired bluenette boy, whose name was Takao. He was about 15 and a half, and about medium height. He wore blue jeans, a yellow t-shirt, and a red baseball cap. "She always gets in trouble this time of week."
"Every Friday morning." Agreed a raven-haired boy who was medium-tall in height, who had turned 16 the previous month, named Rei. He wore black baggy khakis, with a red t-shirt and a jean jacket. "Did you guys catch what she did this time?"
"She spray-painted Doujin-san's car!" Informed Max,a blond haired boy who was 15-years-old and was about medium-short in height. He wore a green t-shirt and blue long-shorts that fell just below the knee. "In neon pink and green!"

The group laughed. They enjoyed the torture Shakon put the teachers though. Although they would never do it themselves, it was still funny.

The teen-aged girl and professor were approaching the group. The four boys watched as they walked past. Shakon glared at them. "What're you lookin' at!" She asked.
"Just an ordinary Shakon, on an ordinary day." Yuriy said blandly.
"And if anyone says different, I'll cream 'em!" Shakon retorted.
"Now, miss Ikenara. You won't be creaming anyone! You'll be expelled this time for sure!" Stated Doujin-san happily.
Shakon laughed. "Oh yeah! Like the principal's going to expel his own niece! I don't think so!"

This was true. Any other school would have for sure expelled her months ago, but she had stayed because her uncle had been principal. In reality, he wasn't her real uncle, but they were related, so she was able to stay.

Doujin-san grumbled. This girl is impossible! He thought to himself.

Indeed, he was correct, because there was no possible way to get Shakon Ikenara expelled.

Later, in Sakustu-san's office (the principal's office), the door burst open, startling the man behind the desk. He was about 50 years of age, still fairly young looking for the age.
"Sakustu-san!" Yelled Doujin-san, dragging Shakon in the room by the wrist. "You need to find a better punishment for this girl!"
Sakustu-san looked at the now, impatient girl who had a 'this is so pointless' look on her face. "What did she do now?" he asked.
"She spray-painted my car!" Doujin-san screamed, almost completely losing it.
Shakon laughed. "It was an improvement! That gray was absolutely horrible!" she said in a taunting tone.
Doujin blew a gasket. "I PICKED THAT COLOUR MYSELF, miss Ikenara." He said in a tone that made even Shakon quiver.
"If that's what you say, sir!" She said, regaining her composure.

Doujin was about to scream again, until Sakustu-san stepped in. "Doujin-san, perhaps it would be best if you let me dish out the correct punishment." He said in a polite and a little frightened tone.

Doujin nodded curtly, before storming out and slamming the office door, causing a picture to fall off the wall.

The principal sighed as he sat down, and motioning for Shakon to do the same. She sat.

"What were you thinking?" He asked the teen in front of him with pity, obviously because of what the punishment would be this time.
"I dunno… I was bored!" She replied.
The adult in front of her sighed. "Unfortunately, this is… what your fourth offence with vandalizing a teacher's property?" He asked as more of a statement then a question.
"Actually, It's my sixth." Shakon corrected him.
Sakutsu-san raised an eyebrow. Did this girl want to get expelled? He went into his desk and got out a bunch of papers out. He started filling them out.
Shakon sighed. The things people do to get accepted. She thought to herself. The only reason she did the offences that she did was indeed to be accepted by her group, her gang even.
Five minutes later, Sakutsu-san had finished the papers. "You will attend today, and all next week, you will be suspended." He stated plainly.
Shakon rolled her eyes at the punishment. This was nothing new. This is going to be a snap! She thought to herself. Until Sakutsu-san finished the sentence.
"But this time is different. This is an in-school suspension." He said.
Shakon stared at him wide-eyed. She would have to sit in a room all day every day for the next week! She groaned at the thought. What was the point in getting suspended if you couldn't go out somewhere and enjoy yourself?
"And hopefully, you will learn your lesson." He finished. "You may go." He added.
"Whatever." She said, heading out the door.

I hope they appreciate this! Shakon thought as she headed to her locker. Lost in thought, she accidentally bumped into a kid in the hall, knocking Shakon to the floor.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" She yelled, glaring at the teen that had bumped into her. He was fairly tall, with two-toned blue hair and had two blue stripes on either side of his face.
"Maybe you should look up when you walk." He stated calmly.
The teens around them all gaped at the scene. They all knew both of them: Shakon from the toughest gang in school, and Kai from the "hottest" group in school (as the girls knew it).

This, however, had no effect on Shakon as she stood up quickly, face burning with anger. "What?" she slithered out dangerously.
"Did you not hear me, or are you gangsters dumber than I thought?" Kai said, smirking.
This was the last straw. Shakon was boiling and that was apparent. But something in the back of her mind told her to back off and just cool down.

But Shakon Ikenara never did listen to that voice in the back of her head.

Before anyone could blink, Kai was on the floor against the wall, and a bit of blood coming out from his mouth. The people were staring until a most unwelcome voice came out through the crowd. "What's all the racket?"

Shakon spun around to see Doujin-san coming towards her with a smirk on his face. "Miss Ikenara!" He said with triumph in his voice. "What have we here?" He said taking in the full spectacle: Kai on the ground, still recovering from the blow, Shakon standing in front of him, still on a bit of an adrenaline rush.
Shakon was shocked. She would never have done this so close to Doujin's office normally. But since she had lost track of where she was, she hadn't considered her location.

"Mr. Hiwatori, what happened?" He asked the boy who was now standing up.
Kai looked at him, then to Shakon, then back at him.
"Nothing." He said, simply. "I just tripped and she was about to help me up." He said.
Again, Shakon was shocked. She had just hit Kai, yet he lied! Why?
Doujin-san looked at him suspiciously. He had never known Kai to lie to him. "Very well then. Go on your way Mr. Hiwatori. Miss Ikenara." He nodded to each as he said their name, and went back into his office.

Shakon turned to Kai. "Why'd you do that?" She asked him.
Kai smirked. "We wouldn't want our favorite juvenile delinquent expelled, now would we?" Was his reply as he continued down the hall.

What the heck? Shakon was confused by this, but continued her way down the hall. Why'd he say that? I'm not leader of the gang… That's Linea…She made her way into the classroom that was where her next class was. She stood in the doorway and looked to the back of the room where she saw three girls.

One was about 16, 5"2' in height, fairly thin, and had long, royal purple hair. She had ice-blue eyes, and all of her other features were flawless, save for a thin scar on the left hand side of her face. Her name was Linea, and she was the leader of the group.
Another was 15, 5"3' in height, a little chunky, and had short, blood red hair. She had brown eyes, and was a little less attractive then the leader, but still rather pretty. Her name was Kimihiro.
The last was 17, 5"5' in height, fairly thin, and as did the last girl, short, red hair. But her hair was the length that a boy might have. She had green eyes, and had a deceitful era around her. Her name was Terrance.

Shakon took her place beside Terrance and slumped in her chair.
"What's up with you?" Terrance asked. Shakon never really trusted her because she felt as if Terrance had been hiding something from the group.
"I got in-school detention all next week…" Shakon stated dully.
The other girl groaned. They had all had it at least once. But never a whole week.
"What did you do?" Linea asked eagerly.
This brought a smirk to Shakon's face. "Spray painted Doujin's car with neon colours." She said with amusement clear in her voice.
The girls laughed. "Why hadn't we thought of that before?" Kimihiro said between laughs.
"We did!" Terrance responded. "We just didn't think of the neon!"
"It was neon pink actually." Shakon added before bursting into giggles.

It was then another group of teens came in, of which, included Kai, Yuriy, Takao, Max and Rei. They were laughing and joking as they took their seats on the side desks as always.

The layout of the classroom was fairly simple. The boys mentioned above sat on the side, and Shakon's group took the back row. So Shakon took the seat beside Rei, who sat in the furthest back seat.

Linea and Kimihiro started gazing at Rei, Kai, and Yuriy who, in most girls' opinions, were the finest boys in school. Linea and Kimihiro had to agree. Often Linea tried to get Shakon to move out of her seat so she could sit beside Rei, but Shakon got the best view at her seat, so she always fought for that seat.
But, unlike the other girls at the school, Shakon didn't really like Rei or Kai or Yuriy. She didn't hate them, but she didn't find them appealing at all. Sure, they were good looking and all, but she didn't really like boys that much. She wasn't lesbian, as many believed her to be, she just didn't like guys.

"Hey Shakon." Linea whispered in her ear. "Can I switch places with you today?" She asked.
"Nope." Shakon replied dully.
"Why? You don't like Rei, so, why do you sit there?"
"I dunno. I just do."
"But-" She started to retort, but the bell rang, so they all took their places. Shakon slumped a bit in hers as she took out a mini recorder/mp3 player.

She wasn't planning to listen to her music at all, in fact, she was planning to record the lesson and study later. This was because she didn't want her group thinking she cared about her grades. There was just something about being a top-notch student that made these girls she hung out with taunt people. But that was what Shakon was, an honor roll student.

She was cunningly able to hide this. She always pretended like she didn't do her homework, but handed it in after class was finished. She stayed home on report card day so it would be mailed to her, and she also asked any academic award to be mailed and not presented publicly. So it was fairly easy to conceal that the hours she said she was plotting her next "Friday gig" were actually hours she spent studying.

Rei sat down in his seat next to her, giving her a look that said, "Good work with the car." She nodded to him, as the teacher began roll call.

Half way through the lesson, when everyone was reading a handout, Rei leaned over to talk to her. "So, how much trouble'd you get in?" He asked quietly.
She looked to him, mildly interested in a distraction. After all, neutrons were not the most interesting subjects. "A whole week of in-school detention." She replied.
"Ouch, harsh." He said, thinking of the empty room. "Was it worth it?"
"Eh, kinda. If only to see Doujin's face when he saw neon pink scrawled all over his minivan." She replied, with a smirk on her face at the memory.
Rei chuckled silently. "I bet. What did you paint onto his car?"
Shakon thought a little bit, remembering what she wrote on his car. "Just a statement about freedom." She replied, trying not to go into detail.
Rei nodded. "I see. So-" He was cut off by the teacher's voice calling out.
"Mr. Kon, Miss. Ikenara! Stop chatting, and get back to your work."

The two teens obeyed, but Shakon just started doodling on a scrap piece of paper. She had already read the entire package and answered the questions. Life is so dull these days. She thought as she started to play the lesson back.

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