Team Work

By Soundwave's Idol

"BAH! I am surrounded by nothing but a bunch of feeble fools!" Megatron clenched his fist then landed it on his desk again, leaving a fourth dent for the day.

Suddenly Starscream burst in to the office. "Megatron what is going on?" he shouted at the top of his shrill voice.

"Your command skills have failed again Starscream." Megatron genuinely tried to keep his temper.

"It was not I who called the retreat, it was not I who had left his second in command out of the plans again, it was not I"

"Starscream I an warning you. I do not have the patience for this trist." Seeing Megatron's mood, Starscream changed his train of thought.

"Answer this question then," Megatron glared at him. Starscream knew full well that one of Megatron's favorite lines to Prime is; 'I answer to no one.'

"Why did you make me your second, if you will not allow me to operate as such?"

Megatron pondered the question, he had been thinking along that line for the last month, which was probably the only reason Starscream was still standing. 'He is right' he thought. 'I gave him the promotion because his aerial skills are unmatched, yet I have not used them to their full potential.'

Starscream stood there uneasily wondering if he even should have asked.

"Things are going to change around here, keep your temper and maybe things will work out better." Starscream was shocked, no yelling, no blasting no 'get the hell out of my office.' Starscream turned to leave. " Starscream," he turned back. "There is a strategy meeting tomorrow at nine, be there."

'Last time I went to a meeting I was sent to the repair bay immediately after words.' Starscream thought.

The next day Megatron enter the war room, all his officers were already there. Megatron sat at the head of the table. "Soundwave do you have the plans?"

"Yes, Megatron." Soundwave typed at his computer and a holo projection came up on the table.

"Good, this is and oil refinery in Texas. Scrapper, Motormaster, Onslaught, I want you to take your teams to set up a parameter. Starscream, I want you and the jets to keep aerial surveillance, and prolong the Autobots from reaching the refinery for as long as possible. Soundwave, you will send Buzzsaw and Laserbeak to go with Starscream. Rumble, Frenzy, and Reflector will help you with the energon cubes. I will go with Ravage to this point." He pointed to a road on the holomap. "This is the most likely way the Autobots will arrive." Soundwave nodded. "Good then we will strike tomorrow." Megatron sat still as most of the others left. Starscream stared insistently at Megatron. "Do you have some thing you wish to add?" Megatron asked.

Starscream sat up, "Yes, actually"

Soundwave started to get up he knew that the probability of Starscream being sent to the repair bay just tripled.

"Don't go Soundwave, I need you here for this." Starscream said.

Soundwave stopped and sat back down.

"Go on Starscream." Megatron insisted. He wanted to see if the seeker could indeed keep his temper.

This time though, Starscream would not criticize the plans. "I feel that two teams of four would be the best for your plan. The two cassettes could be used as escorts."

"Explain more fully." Starscream had actually caught Megatron's interest.

"Two teams of four would be more confusing to our enemy. Soundwave, I trust that you can keep constant contact with all members of my teams?" the communications expert nodded. "You also know the cargo size of each?" The indigo transformer nodded once more. "Good then with you permission Megatron I will go on."

"Yes, Starscream go on." Megatron marveled Starscream had really put thought in to this.

"Soundwave, when you have a sizeable amount of energon cubes I want you to call Astrotrain. Have Laserbeak and Buzzsaw escort him away from the battle. Then call the next jet with the biggest hold. Leave me for last, as I am the fastest. After I am loaded you can collect your cassettes then transform in to my cockpit. Megatron if you have fallen back due to lack of air support by that time, I can carry you as well."

"Yes, with our air support dwindling and the Autobots out numbering us already that may be a possibility."

Starscream had a surprised look on his face. For once his commander had listened to him.

"Very good Starscream, see that those under your command know the procedure"

At 8:am the Decepticons landed at the refinery in Texas, but instead of landing in a large group everyone went to their positions. Soundwave used his audio disrupter waves to disperse the humans. Slowly circling overhead, were two formations of four jets.

"Dirge, you are to wait three minutes after my team has engaged the enemy then attack. I want to catch them in crossfire. Everyone, when Soundwave contacts you leave immediately, when your cargo hold is full return to base is that understood?" various affirmative answers came over the com.

A few moments later small blips on Starscream's radar and the sound of Megatron's fusion canon told him the Autobots had arrived. "Alright the enemy has been sighted team one with me." Starscream broke formation followed by Thundercracker, Skywarp, and Blitzwing. They came upon Megatron's position who was pinned down behind a rocky outcropping. Lasers blasting the four jets knocked down targets in unison. After rounding about for the next wave Starscream saw the other team coming in as instructed, "team one switch to bombs and missiles." The jets roared through the battleground lasers blasting and bombs landing just about everywhere. They flew through one another's formations with ease.

After the first two strikes Astrotrain was called.

The battle went on, Megatron was forced to pull back again and again as one by one the jets left, and the Autobots came out of hiding.

"Starscream, return to refinery for loading." Came Soundwave's harmonic monotone over the com.

"Acknowledged." He replied. Then lowered himself to ten feet off the ground. "Megatron, it is time to collect."

"We are ready" was the answer. Starscream flew towards Megatron who held Ravage. He opened his cockpit then both transformed landing on the seat, then he kicked in his turbo jet and sped his way to Soundwave. A few feet away he opened his cockpit again, letting out a cassette and a gun, then transformed for a faster landing.

"Lets load him as quickly as possible." Megatron said as he transformed. Starscream transformed back to his jet mode and opened his cargo doors. As Megatron placed the last energon cubes Soundwave collected his cassettes, then both transformed in to his cockpit. Starscream powered his thrusters, which started to scream like his namesake as he clawed his way in to the sky through brute force.

He flew over the battle scene. "Bruticus, Devastator, Menasor we have what we came for return to base." He yelled. The three giant robots looked through the sky it was true; there were no jets anywhere. They spilt into there smaller robot forms and took off all flying west.

Starscream circled once to allow Soundwave and Megatron both to emerge from his cockpit and transform before he himself landed in the raised tower of the Decepticon base. Megatron and Soundwave were forced to stand against the walls of the elevator to permit Starscream in his jet mode in to the base.

"Soundwave, how much energy did we acquire?" Megatron looked at the communicator.

Soundwave's harmonic monotone came in a higher pitch than normal. "All of it."

Megatron's jaw dropped. "Explain."

"The refinery's oil supply diminished while making the last shipment I used electric energy to finish the load."

"Very good, very good, what is the total count then?"

"4,732,674 cubes filled."

The elevator stopped letting the two robots out, then slowly Starscream wheeled out. Rumble and Frenzy proceeded to unload him.

"Megatron, Boss?"

"What is it Rumble?" Megatron kneeled to see the cassette.

"Where we suposta put all this stuff?" he pointed at the large stack in the control room. " All four cargo bays are full, we just aint got any more room."

Megatron let a smile cross his lips, and stood up. "Soundwave, contact Shockwave on Cybertron, tell him to prepare to receive mass quantities of energon. Astrotrain you will take this energon as well as the energon in bays three and four. Blastoff you will help him." Megatron started to his office. "Starscream, when this is finished come to my office."

"What about the rest of us?" Frenzy asked.

"Megatron turned around. "When the last shipment is complete, and Astrotrain and Blastoff return reenergize yourselves, and take three days off."

Rumble and Frenzy shared a high five, as the rest of the on lookers cheered.

A few hours later Starscream walked into Megatron's office. "You wanted to see me?"

"Yes, Starscream sit down." Megatron swiveled his chair to see the silver and red seeker. "You did well today. This strike was by far the largest yet, your strategy has indeed paid off." His voice changed to a more sinister tone. "Now, if this continues will you still be trying to fight me for leadership?"

Starscream thought for a moment, everything in him screamed 'yes I am the only one fit to lead!' but his common sense and scientific mind told him 'no as long as my views are heard I can lead with out being the leader'. He had decided.

"No. If things progress this way I will had achieved the leadership that you appointed me to millennia ago."

"Very good. Take time off like everyone else, and then confer with Soundwave about our next strike. With the two of us working together, Prime will never know what hit him."