Chapter 5

Megatron was furious as he stepped out of the elevator in to the underwater Decepticon base. He walked straight in to his office, he had been damaged, but his anger would not permit him to settle down for the minor repairs. He thrust his fist on to the desk. There were no reports in yet, that meant that the army had been badly damaged. He had seen all the jets go down, as well as the combiners. 'Blast those Autobots.' He thought. A voice in the back of his processor chanted 'I told you so.' In an annoying voice very similar to Starscream's. That angered him more, Starscream had not been at fault for this loss, he could not place blame there. 'Well I could, but not this time.' He thought. Nor would he blame Soundwave, Soundwave had told him it was not a good strategy. It was supposed to be a superficial attack to weaken the Autobots, but the Autobots had gunned them down. Megatron thrust his fist on the desk again. Finally the door chimed.

Megatron said nothing; he just opened the door remotely.

Starscream walked in quietly, he knew Megatron was furious and he had just come from the repair bay, and did not wish to go back. Starscream placed his report on the desk.


"Yes Megatron?"

"Have Soundwave arrange a meeting, after all are repaired."

"Yes Megatron." Starscream quickly left.

Outside Starscream activated his comlink to inform Soundwave of the instructions. Soundwave replied an affirmative, and Starscream closed the link.

Soundwave was still in the repair bay assisting the Constructicons. Hook had taken a large amount of damage, and Soundwave was needed to fill in, and repair Hook.

Megatron reviewed Starscream's report. It stated the obvious; the Autobots had basically got the drop on them. Then it trailed off, because Starscream had been knocked in to stasis. Megatron waited. Soundwave was the next to report, his report said nearly the same thing, but had listed Megatron as the cause of failure. He had fully expected that in Starscream's report, however it was not mentioned. Lastly before the meeting was to be held, Hook reported. Megatron said nothing to Hook's obvious anger, when the Constructicon threw the data pad on to the desk, and stormed away. Megatron looked over the report; every Decepticon who had been at the battle was named, many with extensive injuries. His name was not there, as he had not been to the repair bay yet. He stood from the desk and walked to the war room.

He had heard Motormaster mumble under his breath 'its about time.' And ignored it. He took his seat at the head of the table.

"Today's battle was a minor set back, in the victories that we have had the last few raids. I assure you that a defeat of this magnitude will not happen again. In two days we shall have another meeting, were our next strategy will be discussed. Until then you and your various groups are dismissed." Megatron sat thinking. He could have implicated Starscream anyway, the warriors would have accepted that, but Starscream would not, and things would no doubt go back to the way they had been. Megatron was not ready for that. While he did enjoy shooting the traitor on occasion, the teamwork they had been displaying was working a lot better than before. Cybertron was his main concern, and because of the two of them, over half the planets energy had been restored.

Megatron looked at Soundwave, who had been the only one to stay. "We will attack the rocket base. Advise Starscream to devise a simple high yielding plan."

"As you command Megatron." Soundwave stood and walked out.

Optimus Prime was in his office he had just gone over the new reports. No major damage to the Autobots and no energy was taken. A thought grasped his processor. 'It was not a major strike area that the Decepticons had hit. A distraction tactic most likely.' He called Prowl on his comlink.

"Yes Prime?"

"Make sure that every one is ready. I believe that Megatron has something more up his sleeve."

"Understood, Prowl out."

Prime sat back at his desk. Today they had successfully repelled the Decepticons; but things were beginning to look bad. It was not hard for Prime to very nearly read Megatron, many times that had been a key to the Autobots victories. Soundwave had taken some getting used to, and now Prime had integrated that in to his battle strategies. This third, which he was posative, was Starscream's was quite a bit of a mystery to him. It was time for Prime to seek more aide. The humans had a saying the two minds are better than one, and he had been conversing with Prowl over it, but now he needed another. One more warrior like, than the normal Autobot. He opened his comlink again.

"This is Ironhide."

"Come to my office, and bring Prowl with you."

"Sure thing Pryme."

Prime's thoughts drifted to his warriors. Ironhide was a great warrior with and abundance of courage, one of the few that would take Megatron head on. The others like Sideswipe and his brother Sunstreaker, were almost merciless to a degree they were nearly Decepticons themselves. On there off time they loved peace, but war they were just plain good at.

The door chime rang.


Prowl walked in followed by Ironhide.

"I'm glad you came quickly. I fear we do not have much time."

"Starscream. I want the fuel from the rocket base and I want it all!" Megatron paced at the end of the table. "Prime will not get away with this!"

"Prime will be expecting out strategy." Soundwave noted.

"I have a new idea." Starscream answered.

Megatron stopped to listen.

"Our forces will guard the energon processing area, but I think an attack on there head quarters will allow us the upper hand of surprise."

"Interesting, Starscream." Megatron sat down. "I will lead the combiners to the Ark. You will go with the jets to the rocket base. Soundwave take Reflector as well."

Starscream sat back a smirk on his face. "Exactly."

"Soundwave, call our sub commanders." Megatron commanded. Soundwave relayed a silent communication. Soon the three combiner commanders came in.

"We will be attacking the Autobot base, and we will not have air support." Megatron out lined the basics of the plan.

"We are already out numbered, and with out air support it is a suicide mission." Onslaught spoke, he himself a seasoned strategist.

"Yes it may seem that way, but it is a diversion. Our goal is to keep the Autobots inside."

"Devastator will smash anyone who dares come out." Scrapper announced.

"And Menasor will cover the top." Motormaster added.

"Fine. Bruticus will be happy to smash anything." Onslaught finished.

"Good. We will leave tomorrow." Megatron's optics head an evil glare, he wanted to repay Prime personally.

The next morning the two squads of Decepticons split ways half way from their ocean base to the California coast. The jets flew in to the rocket base unopposed by the humans, who attempted to fire their crude weapons. Soundwave started the energon production.

Megatron and the combiners were detected by Teletran-one, and were met by battle. Megatron noticed that the Autobots had not come out in full force. It was a mistake. Bruticus and Menasor had over taken Omega Supreme. Only then did the Aerialbots come out and form Superion. Devastator broke Superion in to its five components, and Silverbolt took too much damage to recombine. Prime called in to the base and the Dinobots thundered out. Menasor and Bruticus split them up leaving only Grimlock to deal with Devastator. Grimlock tried to knock Devastator off balance by whipping his tail at what would be Scrapper, but the giant just lifted his foot. Devastator in return swiped at the Dinobot with a hand, throwing him in to the side of the volcano. Grimlock slid down the side on to his feet shaken, Devastator was closing in fast and he was cornered. Quickly he transformed and took to the air, where he was shot back down by Megatron. Devastator caught the Dinobot in robot form and proceeded to smash the lone Dinobot in his hands. Snarl and Swoop faired no better, Bruticus had split to his components, and then Blast-off and Vortex quickly caught Swoop. While Onslaught, Brawl and Swindle tackled Snarl. Menasor had trouble with Slag and Sludge, but were soon aided by the reformed Buticus. Soon the Dinobots were out of commission, and the Autobot ground forces were forced to stay near the entrance of the base, or be stepped on. It had taken Defensor a while to arrive from the Protectobot base. With one on three, Defensor never had a chance; he went down in pieces, as he was pulled apart. The whole while Megatron had been picking off Autobots who had managed come in to view, so far he had knocked eight of them in to stasis. At that point the three giants stood, watching waiting for any movement. Megatron received a communication from Soundwave. All the energy had been taken. He loathed not being able to battle Prime, but there was no longer any point for them to stay. He glanced around the damage was quite extensive, and would take at least two weeks to repair.

"Bruticus, Menasor, Devastator, come, we are done here." Megatron leapt in to the air, the three giants followed.