This is an alternative version to my story Old and New Relations. Gil-Celeb made a comment in a review about how Cassius's choice not to tell Harry he was related during Harry's first year really could have made things different. For example, Harry would have known Lupin was a werewolf before the night of Pettigrew's escape. It got me thinking how I could have written the story differently. Originally, amazing as it seems, Cassius Malfoy was a female (not a Mary-Sue, really!) so I decided to revert to that original idea and then tweak it just a bit. So…here it is.

What Could Have Been…Chapter 1

Harry hurried down the corridor to Professor Lupin's office. Hagrid had just told him Lupin was leaving. He burst into the office. Lupin was packing while a tall blond woman watching him.

"Damn, I thought I locked that door." The woman said in a low cool voice as she looked at Harry.

"Mum!" Harry shut the door behind him and launched himself into the woman's arms.

"Hi, kiddo." Kisses were pressed to his forehead and cheeks. "I hear you had an eventful night with Dad. Any bites?" Tickling fingers swept over Harry's ribs.

"Mum!" Harry protested, laughing, swatting her hands away. "Hagrid said you're leaving." Harry said breathlessly, turning to the man he had thought of as his father for almost two years.

"Yes, I can't stay here, the parents won't want me to…now that they know." Remus said calmly, continuing to pack.

"But Dad!"

"No, it's for the best. I could have bitten all of you last night."

"But you didn't!" Harry insisted. He'd loved having his dad at school with him.

"Because you know a stunning spell that the majority of the wizarding world doesn't." Remus's tone had a finality in it that stopped Harry from saying anything more. Harry chewed on his lip as he tried to think of another argument to stop Remus from resigning.

Harry had known it was a full moon the night before. He and Remus had stupefied Pettigrew in the Shrieking Shack to prevent him from escaping. Once Harry had realized Remus had not taken the Wolfsbane, he had stunned his dad so the werewolf couldn't attack any of them. Hermione had stayed in the Shrieking Shack with Remus, Snape, Pettigrew (all three unconscious from different spells) and Ron, hurt from the bite Sirius had given him when trying to get Scabbers. Harry and Sirius had hurried to the castle to get Dumbledore.

Minister Fudge had heard Pettigrew give testimony under Veritaserum and now Sirius was cleared of the murder of Peter Pettigrew and the twelve muggles. Pettigrew was on his way to Azkaban along with all the Dementors.

"Ah, Sirius, I don't believe you know Remus's mate, Alexandra Malfoy." Dumbledore said as he and Sirius Black walked into the office.

Sirius looked at Alexandra in shock. Harry watched his godfather closely. After hearing about his betrayal for two years, it had been amazing to learn Sirius had been innocent. Harry knew his dad was very happy but Harry still couldn't get over that Sirius had thought Remus was the spy.

"You…and…her?" Sirius turned to his friend with a shocked expression. Alexandra waved her wand and the door slammed shut. "Alexandra Malfoy?"

"Yes, your cousin. And before you shout it anymore, it's a secret. There's a law against marriage between a werewolf and a witch." Remus sighed. "I didn't want you to find out like this. I was going to tell you after you had met her."

"Thanks, Albus." Alexandra said dryly.

"I find ripping off the bandage is better in the long run than doing it slowly. You have guarded your secret long enough." Dumbledore said calmly. "It will still be a secret to the general public."

"Decided against the full page ad in the Prophet, did you?" Alexandra asked sarcastically.

"Too much money…and I didn't have a good picture of the two of you."

"I hate you." Alexandra crossed her arms and glared at the old wizard.

"How long have you been together?" Sirius asked, still looking shocked.

"Eight years." Remus smiled and looked at Alexandra. Harry could see the love in Remus' eyes as he looked at Alexandra.

"And…Harry knows?" Sirius looked at Harry.

- Flashback – TWO YEARS EARLIER -

"Harry, I have potential new guardians for you. If you agree, you will not have to return to your aunt and uncle's house." Dumbledore said, a smile flitting around his face.

"Really?" Harry sat up quickly in the hospital bed where he'd been recovering from facing Voldemort and Professor Quirrell.

"Yes. A relative of your mother's and a friend of your father's wish to take you in, they are married. The family connection was discovered a few months ago. Ah, here they are now."

A tall, thin man with graying brown hair in black wizard robes stood next to a tall, slender, silver-blond woman. She wore muggle clothing, a long black jacket with a white button down shirt underneath and short black skirt that had a slit over one leg which showed flashes of her pale thigh. She wore knee-high black boots. Her hair hung in a thick braid down her back, some tendrils had come loose and hung around her face. She looked a little like Draco but she had green eyes.

"This is Remus Lupin and his wife Alexandra Malfoy."

"Hello, Harry." Remus said warmly, his amber eyes shining.

"Hi." Harry said shyly.

"If you'd like to come stay with us, after school gets out, it could be on a trial basis. You could see what it's like and then make a decision." Remus's voice was calm and soothing.

"Harry, there are two facts that might affect your decision." Dumbledore said solemnly. "Remus is a werewolf and his relationship to Alexandra is secret, only a handful of people know."

"Oh." Harry looked at the man. He seemed very kind. Harry didn't know anything about werewolves, he'd have to ask Hermione about them. "Well…I think I'm pretty good at keeping secrets and…anything would be better than the Dursleys."

"All right then. I'll pick you up at King's Cross station and we'll go home from there." Remus said with a smile.

"Can I tell Ron and Hermione? They're my best friends."

"If you'd like to, just make sure they keep it a secret." Alexandra said.

Remus and Alexandra went home after talking with Dumbledore about Harry. Remus settled into a chair in the sitting room in front of the fire.

"Did you wear that to work?" He asked casually, eyeing his wife's form-fitting outfit as she stood in front of the fire.

"Yes. Why? You don't like it?"

"I do like it. It shows off your body nicely."

"Really?" Alexandra looked down at herself and shrugged. "It's comfortable. I hadn't really thought about anything else."

"Really?" Remus asked. "Is it new?"

"Well…yes…I bought it yesterday. I thought you'd like it." Alexandra ducked her head and fluttered her lashes at Remus.

Remus laughed. "Come here."

Alexandra walked over to her husband and sat down on his lap. Remus laid one thin hand on her knee then moved it slowly up her thigh. Alexandra kissed Remus softly, licking across his lower lip before laying her head on his shoulder. Remus's hand slid under the skirt.

"How about a quick shag?"

"How about a slow shag?" Alexandra nipped at Remus's neck.

"How about a quick one right now and a slow one later."

"You're so persuasive, Mr. Lupin." Alexandra stood and looked down at Remus as he undid his robes. She straddled him and sank down onto him.

"I love you so much, Lexie." Remus pulled her hips in tighter as she started to move. "You realize we won't be able to do this anymore once Harry's living here."

Alexandra laughed. "We'll be able to do it when he's at school."

"Good point."

"I love you."

Lupin picked Harry up at the station. Harry introduced him to Hermione and Ron. Then they went home to Windy Corner. Harry was very nervous, he was going to a place that could be his new home.

"We didn't want to do too much to your room, so you could make it your own." Remus told Harry as they went up the stairs with his trunk. "Not that we want you to feel pressure to stay here…we just want you to feel at home."

They entered a sunny room at the end of the hallway. There was a large window that looked out onto an apple tree. There was a bed in the corner, a desk opposite, next to a bookcase and a perch for Hedwig stood by the window.

"I made the perch" Remus said, with some pride.

"Using magic" Alexandra muttered to Harry. Harry just kept grinning.

"Remus and I'll give you the full tour." Alexandra said. "Come on."

"So this is Windy Corner." (1)

"It's not windy, or a corner, just so you know." Remus said slyly, elbowing Alexandra..

"It's wonderful." Harry grinned back. Alexandra and Remus beamed at the compliment.

"This is Tabby, she lives here too." Remus said to Harry as a tabby cat wandered into the yard.

"Now Tabby, show yourself so you can get properly introduced." Alexandra gave a mock-glare to the cat. "She's an animagus, like Professor McGonagall."

The cat transformed into a short salt-and-pepper haired witch, she was round and plump, and reminded Harry of Professor Sprout.

"Hello, Harry." She said with a warm low voice.

"This is Bettina Sprout." Alexandra said.

After just a day at Windy Corner, Harry knew he'd never want to go back to the Dursleys. There were just two things to do to make the move permanent. Alexandra pushed paperwork through the Ministry that made Remus Harry's legal guardian and then they arranged to Aunt Petunia to be home to do a transfer of the protection spell. Dumbledore had explained that Harry had been put with the Dursleys because his aunt's blood kept him safe from Voldemort.

"Ready, Harry?" Alexandra smiled down at him. He nodded and smiled back. Her eyes were shining with excitement, and he knew his probably were too. They had matching green eyes, like Harry's mother's. Aunt Petunia opened the door. Alexandra walked inside with Harry.

"This will just take a moment, then Harry and I will be on our way." Alexandra addressed Aunt Petunia in her smooth Malfoy voice. "Place your hand on Harry's shoulder. Repeat after me: Protecto Transferus."

Aunt Petunia repeated in a whisper "Protecto Transferus."

Alexandra placed his hand on Harry's other shoulder. "Protecto Presentum" Harry felt a warmth envelope him.

"Remove your hand." Alexandra commanded. Aunt Petunia did. Alexandra squeezed Harry's shoulder. "Well, then, it was nice to meet you, cousin." Alexandra said coolly.

"Goodbye!" Harry yelled, nearly bursting with joy as he walked out the door.

"So that's it. No changing your mind now. She seemed like a lovely woman, are you sure?" Alexandra asked as they had pulled out of the driveway in Alexandra's sleek red car.

"Sure. Lovely woman. Too bad you didn't get the pleasure of meeting Uncle Vernon." Harry said happily. He looked out the window at the passing scenery. He couldn't believe he was leaving Privet Drive forever.

"Anyone in your direction?" Alexandra asked.

Harry looked down the street. "Nope"

"Good" Alexandra pushed a button on the dashboard, then pushed another one and the car started up into the air.

NOTES: Windy Corner is the same as in Old and New Relations. And Alexandra is related to Harry the same way Cassius is.

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