Scene 16- The plan takes action.

(Jack is standing on the platform, the dude is reading out the things he has done. Camera zooms in on Governor Swann, Elizabeth, Will, Commodore Norrington, Nathan and Kiara.)

Kiara: Excuse me one moment please.

(Governor Swann nods, she slips off. Swann leans over to Norrington.)

Swann: That's a lovely girl that you've found for Nathan.

Norrington: I didn't find her. They found each other.

Swann: I see.

(Drums start going faster, the noose is around Jack's neck. Kiara is lurking behind the platform. One sword in hand, one is sheathed. Just as they drop Jack, she jumps onto the platform, while throwing her sword. She jumps, does a front hand spring over the hanging post. Then a front tuck to get out of the way. Then she catches her sword. She blocks a couple of guards, swings around and cuts Jack's bounds, then throws him her sword, unsheathes the other one and continues to fight for around 0:38 38 seconds A single guard comes up to her.)

Guard: You're trapped now Missy.

Kiara: I don't think so.

Guard: I've got you, do you really think you can get away?

(Kiara pauses to think.)

Kiara: Yeah. (In a Jack-like way.)

(Kiara dives under his legs, kicks him from the other side, he goes flying. She "jumps" up, with the help of Nathan.)

Kiara: Thanks.

Nathan: No problem.

(They run off in different directions and continue to fight. Jack is close to Kiara. They fight for 1:17 then a group of guards trap Jack and Kiara in a circle.)

Jack: Great! Do you have any plans now?

Kiara: It's your turn.

Jack: I was never rescuing, I was always being saved!

Kiara: Give me a boost!

Jack: What?

Kiara: Give me a God damn boost! You know! Throw me.

(Jack grabs one of her feet.0

Kiara: Murtogg, I suggest you duck for this one.

(Jack throws her, she throws her sword, then, using Murtogg's shoulders, she flips over in a front handspring.)

Kiara: Run!

(They fight for another 20 seconds, Kiara ends up on the hanging platform with Nathan. Total fighting time: 1:45)

Norrington: (yelling.) Stop!

(All the soldiers freeze.)

Norrington: No further harm is to come to Kiara.

Swann: Commador, why do you want her to live so badly?

Norrington: I do not want my son's heart broken.

Swann: She's a pirate! She will be hung along side of Mr. Sparrow tomorrow.

Elizabeth: Father! I really must protest.

Swann: Elizabeth, stay out of this!

Elizabeth: The last time that Jack Sparrow was here, you didn't kill him, nor Will. You didn't kill Will because I love him. So why don't you do the same here?

Swann: What are talking about?

Elizabeth: Can't you see that the Commodore's son and Miss Sparrow are in love?

(Kiara and Nathan look at each other, Governor Swann looks at them.)

Swann: Is this true? Nathan, this is who you really want to be with?

(Nathan looks at Swann.)

Nathan: Yes Sir.

(Nathan and Kiara look at each other. Then Nathan leans in and kisses her.)

Sentry: Sail ho!

(Everyone looks out into the sea. The Black Pearl is approaching Port Royal. Bootstrap has found out that they took the chest.)

Jack: It's the Pearl.

(Kiara sheathes her sword, and runs for the edge of the place. She pushes off and dives into the water, showing up at the docks. She swims for shore, and then runs for Will's house. Elizabeth sneaks off as the pirates start to invade Port Royal. There is havoc everywhere, pirates are trying to kill people, but not be killed themselves. Camera goes to Will's house, Kiara is there, alone, Bootstrap comes out of the shadows.)

Bootstrap: Where'd me chest be?

Kiara: Nowhere that you'll be getting to anytime soon.

Bootstrap: Give it up girl, you can't beat me now that you're mortal.

Kiara: You seem to be forgetting that I would have killed you first the day that we fought.

Bootstrap: ARRRG!

(He unsheathes his sword and chases after her. Kiara fights back, but it slightly weak from the last fight. After 40 seconds, Elizabeth shows up,not in a dress.)

Kiara: Elizabeth, here!

(Kiara throws a sword to her, Elizabeth catches it.)

Kiara: Together, we can definitely beat him!

(The three of them continue to fight. You see the rest of the evil pirates, a lot of them getting killed. Screen goes back to the fort. Norrington leans over to Jack.)

Norrington: Mr. Sparrow, I suggest that you get away from here as soon as possible. Now that my men are busy fighting these pirates, you should go.

Jack: Thank-you Commodore. The next time I visit, I will only be visiting my in-
laws and my daughter. So, try not to kill me, savvy?

Norrington: Yes. Now go!

(Jack runs, and dives off the same edge that Kiara dived off of. He comes aboard the Black Pearl. There are only some of his old crew aboard, crew that Bootstrap had be keeping captive.)

Gibbs: Jack!

Jack: Aye?

Gibbs: You're still alive!

Anamaria: And to think he still owes me A SHIP!

Jack: Anamaria, when will you give it up?

(Anamaria shakes her head.)

Gibbs: What are you doing here any way Jack?

Jack: I came here to visit, and I found my daughter.

Anamaria: Daughter? Since when do you have a daughter?

Jack: Since, 14, 15 years ago . . . but that doesn't matter. Let's get you out of here, and get out of Port Royal.

(Jack looks down, at all the holes in the ship.)

Jack: When will they learn to stop blowin' holes in my ship?

(He looks around for a key, finds one, and lets them out. The crew comes out.)

Jack: Now, get up on deck me 'earties!

(All the crew heads up to the deck, Jack follows. Camera goes back to Kiara and Elizabeth fighting Bootstrap. When Norrington, Will and Nathan enter the court yard:)

Bootstrap: All right. I give up. You win.

(He turns and runs off we don't know where he goes.)

Norrington: Elizabeth, Kiara, that was very brave of you. You could have been killed.

Kiara: Everything I do in life, I almost get killed doing.

Norrington: Good point.

(They all set up to the fort. Out of nowhere comes:)

Soldier: Commador! Watch out!

(The soldier dives, and knocks Norrington down, Kiara is about to turn, and something strikes her in the back. Screen goes black..and goes to credits)