Beat the Heat

"Misa is too hot!"

"I'm sorry, but the air conditioning system is broken."

"You're a genius, aren't you? Fix it!"

The heat was unbearable, summer temperatures reaching the mid 40's plus humidity. Raito wiped the sweat from his brow and tried to focus on the report his father had given him to look over. The cuff on his wrist was disgustingly warm and his usual preppy attire was disheveled and sticking to his body in all the wrong places.

The fan was working but all it accomplished was the blowing of more hot and muggy air into Raito's face. The weather report had predicted rain today, but not a cloud was in the sky and the sun was brighter than ever. For some strange reason, Raito wanted to know the name of that liar of a meteorologist.

Matsuda had suggested moving the investigation to a different building and Mogi seconded. Chief Yagami approved the idea and the team had set out to transfer locations, but L opted to stay back. There was no persuading him, and since L stayed, Raito stayed. And where Raito was, Misa would be.

"Ryuuzaki, can't you call in a technician to get it repaired?" Raito asked. Even his voice seemed to be dampened by the heat.

"No, I can't risk outsiders coming in. I'm sure you understand, Raito-kun."

No, Raito wanted to reply, he didn't understand because the heat was turning his mind into a haze and how were they supposed to get anything done if he couldn't even think properly? "Yes, I understand." He sighed. "Misa, you don't have to be here. Go to the mall or some other place with AC."

Misa gasped. "Misa could never! Not when Raito is suffering!"

Raito gritted his teeth. "Please, Misa, if not for yourself, then do it for me. Please." He gave her a meaningful look.

Misa bit her lip and tears formed at the corners of her eyes. "Raito loves Misa so much!" She ran over and pecked him on the cheek. Then she made her way out of the building, tears of joy streaming down her face, and headed for the movie theatre.

"You sure got rid of her quick," L said, and walked towards Raito.

"Her whining was getting on my nerves." Raito explained. His shirt was unbuttoned and peeled away from his lethargic limbs. He blinked twice. "You've got to be kidding. It's too hot for this."

"Nonsense. We're already hot and sweaty."

"Ha, so you suggest why not be hot and sweaty together?"

"Sharp as ever, I see."

Suffice to say L did a good job of getting Raito's mind off of the heat.

(Note: The next day, L announced that he had Watari fix the AC and this time, he actually turned it on.)

AN: Another drabble for meitachi. XD