Designed as McKay/Weir friendship, with more on oneside.

Spoilers: No spoilers whatsoever.
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She smiled like a friend, because that was what she was to him, from her point of view.
She did all those little things he appreciated but never mentioned.
They could make his day or make it better at the very least.
He could pretend she did them because of...
But no, she did them out of kindness.
She did them for everyone to some degree.
It was only that he meant more to her.
More than everyone else but still not enough.

She would look to him, for the answers, though not only for that.
They spent time together and she seemed to enjoy it rather than run away screaming in frustration at his arrogance or anyone of his other flaws.
She understood him, hushed his fears and quietened his panic with that one word.
And she made him like it for once, made him want to hear her say his name despite the painful memories it brought up of his childhood.
He got past that because of her, overcame his grief and opened up to her subtley.

He'd never meant to open up this far.
Because now he cares again.
If it was how it should be then that wouldn't matter quite so much but.
She smiles at him warmly, laughing at something he said.
He can't tell what was so funny and so he gets away with watching her beautiful face for a few seconds extra, not entirely fiegning confusion.
And then she looks worried for a second - not pity but true concern.
He feels happy to know she cares about him but then he catches her smile again as he blows it off as nothing.
It's gentle and graceful on her features but there's something lacking, held back he hopes but more likely just not there and never going to be.
She smiles instead of an amused smirk or even an ecstatic grin, or the elusive expression that he wants to see when she looks to him.

But she smiles at him.
Just like a friend.