Chapter 1

Hermione woke up the morning before she turned sixteen. She went downstairs to go greet her parents good morning. When she was downstairs she looked all over the house for her parents, but she never found them.

"Mom, Dad, where are you," she called out, but all she heard was her echo through the house. Maybe they went out to buy my birthday cake, she thought.

Hermione went into the kitchen and started to make some cereal for herself. There was a knock at the door and Hermione stopped what she was doing to go and answer the door.

"I'm coming," Hermione yelled as she ran to the door. When she opened it she saw that there was a police officer at the door.

"Are you Miss. Hermione Granger?" officer asked.

"That's me, is there a problem," Hermione asked.

"It's your parents, may we come in?"

"Sure, come on in," said Hermione, as the policeman came in the house she wondered what was wrong with her parents.

"Here sit down," said Hermione offering the policeman a seat on the couch. When they had sat down they looked back up at Hermione.

"You're parents, there um, there is no easy way to put this, but they died this morning," the police said.

Hermione was in shock she couldn't believe it. This couldn't be true. NO it wasn't true.

"What do you mean they're dead? How did this happen?" said Hermione she could feel hot tears forming in her eyes.

"It was a car accident, they where hit by an eighteen wheeler, there was no way we could save them. Do you know any relatives that would take you in?" The officer asked Hermione.

"No, all of them are dead to, where am I going to go," Hermione asked.

"Well, we have to take you to an orphanage. You should go get your things packed, we'll be leaving soon to take you there," the officer.

It took an hour to pack all of the things that Hermione was going to take with her. She packed all of her clothes in her trunk for school, and her spell books, her wand, and every picture of her parents that she could find. She continued to cry when she was packing. Before she left she went into her parent's room and took the thing that they cared the most about.

Her mother loved a necklace that her dad had bought her, and she hadn't put it on this morning. Her father cared most about a ring that Hermione had bought him for his birthday. She put the ring on the necklace chain then put the necklace on.

"Are you ready to go," the officer came in and found her just as she was putting the necklace on.

Still crying she looked up and shook her head saying she was ready to go. On the way out she gave the house one last look and got into the cop car.

"Happy birthday isn't it," she said to the cop as they drove away.