Title: Chaos Rising: Chaotic Evolutions

Title: Chaos Rising: Chaotic Evolutions

Author: Katreal

Category: Digimon Seasons I and IV Crossover

Genre: General

Timeline: Frontier-AU after Lucemon's defeat. 02- AU after the Holy Stones Arc. Oikawa and the Dark Seeds never happened ;)

Notes: Mostly Kouji and Kouichi-centric

Disclaimer: Digimon is not mine in any way shape or form. I did however, come up with the designs for Akemon and Anyamon.

The pale moon floated lazily in the sky, its full face casting liquid silver moonbeams over the many grey buildings that make up the city. Little by little a large cloud passed over the pale, round face until most of the city was plunged into darkness. Yet still a few beams escaped the oppression of the nighttime clouds, falling into a small neighborhood on the fringes of the city. Soon even they were gone, save for the solitary beam that broke through the clouds. The small stream of light was focused on one house, passing through an upper story window before pooling on the floor, casting some light into the otherwise darkened room.

"It is coming…"

Minamoto Kouji tossed and turned in his sleep; a bead of sweat trickling down the side of his face only to be absorbed by the pillow. His fists continued to clench the blanket as he dreamed.

"The Chaos…will awaken…"

Kouji's breathing was labored, his chest heaving with the effort to pull the air into his lungs. In his unconscious state he was unaware of all this, unaware of the beads of perspiration that littered his face. And unaware of the voiceless words that seemed to reverberate within the room, even though there was no one awake to hear it.


Kouji's eyes flew open, his usually bright blue eyes dull and vacant, unseeing. Harsh breathing echoed, with each breath his fingers twitched and stirred. In one hand he clutched his blue-brown bandana, taken from its place on the bedside stand during his dreaming. Tucked into the bandana was a cell phone; on the screen a strange cross-like symbol shined brightly, casting a light-blue glow in the otherwise dim room. The blue glow slowly faded to a soft white.


On the other side of the city another returned to semi-consciousness, if not awareness. Kimura Kouichi, older brother to Kouji by mere minutes also awoke to the sight of the ceiling. The older twin's bluish-black hair splayed across the damp white pillow, a halo of dark strands against the white support. Kouichi also held onto a cell phone. How the small communication device came to be in his hand none can say, his family was too poor to afford a cell phone. The same cross symbol that shown on his twin's screen also appeared, though this one cast an eerie purple light in the room.

"You are both needed."

All around the city the lights flickered, computers went berserk due to the sudden, intense, yet brief influx of data passing through the city's network. No one was outside, so no passersby noticed the two faint streaks of light, one light blue and the other a dark purple, shoot up from two points on opposite ends of the city and disappear into the night sky.

The three celestial digimon were gathered in the forest terminal, the ornate crystal chamber was a large contrast with their moods. The faces of each were grave, as if they were being forced to confront something they did not want to. A silver winged angel digimon, HolyAngemon gazes out one of the castle windows, "I hate to involve those two again."

A six-winged female angel, Angewomon sighed and followed his gaze, one gloved hand supporting her helmeted head, the other playing absently with her pink shawl, "I know, but they are the only ones who can."

"Light and Darkness…they have already done so much for us." whispered the Ultimate form of Cherubimon; Antiramon. The long-armed rabbit-like digimon stood away from the other two, preferring to be alone rather then in company.

HolyAngemon nods, "I acknowledge that. However, when they merged with the protectors of our world...they became tied to it."

"Was this the only way though?" Angewomon wondered.

"Yes…" Whispered Antiramon, "Only Digimon know of the existence of the other world, and so only Digimon can pass through. Them possessing the spirits just made it easier."

Angewomon sighed, "I wish we could have at least told them what is needed…"

HolyAngemon places a comforting hand on Angewomon's shoulder, "As do I…but you heard Qinglongmon. Things are urgent, and there was no time to explain."

Angewomon's wings droop as she turns away, "I know…I know…I just wish…"

Antiramon gazes out one of the windows as the two other Celestial digimon take their leave, watching the rising sun. Before following HolyAngemon and Angewomon he whispers "Good luck you two."

The next morning dawned bright and sunny. Kouji's step-mother, Minamoto Satomi was humming as she collected the laundry from various rooms. She paused in front of her step-son's room and knocked on the door, "Kouji! Can I come in?"

There was no answer.

Satomi frowned worriedly; Kouji hadn't ignored her for a few years now. After his disappearance he had actually tried to be nice to her even though Satomi knew she would never replace Kimura Tomoko, his real mother, in his heart. Kouji never spoke of what had caused his change of heart, and Satomi didn't pressure him. Whatever happened had, and still did, mean a great deal to the thirteen year old, and Satomi knew the value such experiences held for those who live through them.

The dark-haired woman placed her free hand on the doorknob. With what seemed like agonizing slowness she pushed opened the door. She surveyed the contents of the room intently, her expression falling as she confirmed that her stepson was no where to be found. The room was empty. Satomi's gaze swept the room, noting everything in the room.

Kouji's bedroom was tidy and neat, not one article of clothing lay on the dark royal blue carpet. The oak desk in the corner was also neat, all the school books stacked orderly, the homework due Monday was laid carefully out to ensure that it wouldn't be forgotten. Leaning against the wall was Kouji's instrument, a guitar, although it seemed it hadn't been used in a while. The only thing out of place was the bed. The deep royal blue covers were crumpled and not made neatly like they usually were every morning. Memories began to well up, memories of the day Kouji left. Satomi shook her head, trying to banish the image of Kouji angrily stalking out of the house; his room had looked exactly like this then; even right down to the picture on his nightstand, once again it showed Kimura Tomoko's face.

Satomi tried to push the memories to the back of her mind and consider the situation. Kouji didn't usually leave without telling anyone. Looking at all the outcomes she decided that Kouji could've already left, maybe her husband knew? "Kousei ,did Kouji leave this morning?"

"No." Minamoto Kousei replied from downstairs, "I haven't seen him all morning. Isn't he still sleeping?"

Satomi was about to reply when she heard the ring of the phone. She hurried into the master bedroom and to the phone that was there, "I've got it."

She balanced the basket on her hip and held the phone to her ear, "Hello?"

"Minamoto-san?" A woman's voice asked nervously.

"Yes this is Minamoto Satomi."

"This is Kimura Tomoko…Is Kouichi over there?"

Satomi shook her head, though she knew the other woman would not be able to see it, "No. Why?"

Tomoko's voice cracked on the other end of the line, "He's gone…He's been missing all morning. Last I remember seeing Kouichi was when he went to bed last night."

Satomi's brow furrowed, "Did you check his friend's houses? Maybe he went to visit Takuya-kun…or the Orimoto girl."

"I-…I…I checked already. He...just…vanished. I thought maybe he went to visit Kouji."

"No. He didn't." 'Kouji is missing as well.' She added silently. A hint of panic began to grow in Satomi's voice, though she tried to suppress it. Memories surfaced. Memories that took place three years ago, memories of the weeksthat her step-son had been missing were still fresh in her mind.

Tomoko was silent for a moment before, "Oh, thank you…for your time…"

The phone clicked, showing that Tomoko had hung up. Satomi held the phone in her hand loosely, ignoring the dial tone. Suddenly she dropped the laundry basket, causing a large crash that sent Kousei running to see if she was alright. When her husband reached the room he was greeted with the sight of his wife collapsed on the floor. He rushed over and took her in his arms, "Shh… koishii what is wrong?"

Satomi latched onto Kousei's shirt, all pretense of strength gone as she clung to her husband. She sobbed into his chest, "They…They're both…gone..."

Kousei began to grow worried, "Who is?"

Sobs wracked Satomi's thin form as she choked out the words; "Kouichi" Sob "And Kouji..." sniff "They're gone again…"

Kousei tried to calm Satomi down, "Shh…I'm sure they'll be back later…"

"I…I hope you are right."

The edge of the sun peeked over the hill, golden waves of light spread across the ground, slowly revealing a sea of green grass. The long strands moved like ripples in a pond as the morning breeze threaded through the moving blades. The dark royal blue of night receded as even more of the sun rose higher. Near invisible clouds lit up with vibrant pinks, oranges, and yellows, making the entire scene look like a painted masterpiece.

A lone grey stone stood tall and erect in the fields, its grey peak towering above the tall grasses like an island in a green sea. The rising sun caused the formation to cast a dark shadow next to it, allowing its two occupants to continue to sleep.

A disturbance in the rhythm of flowing strands was the only indication of the intruder that had stumbled upon the field. Small golden scales, packed so close that it almost looked like hide could be seen through the grasses. The thing continued at a leisurely pace toward the sentinel stone, though it stopped short and stared. Large reptilian green eyes blinked slowly as it surveyed the two sleeping figures. A three clawed hand moved to scratch a dinosaur like head in confusion, its jaws opened as it spoke, a row of wicked white teeth sparked in the light, "I'd better tell Taichi and the others about this…"

With a flick of his golden tail the dinosaur was gone, leaving the object of his confusion behind. Laying in the shade cast by the stone was two creatures. They both were canines, but the larger one was a little sleeker, like a feline. The larger one was about the size of a full gorwn wolf, the other was considerably smaller. They were almost identical to each other, the most obvious difference being the coloring and size. The smaller one had dazzling pure white fur, fading to metallic-like silver near the tips of the tail, ears, and paws. Tied around the pup's neck was a blue and brown bandana; tucked into the bandana was a blue and black object.

He sniffed in his sleep and rolled over, revealing a royal blue design on the canine's haunches. It looked similar to the symbol that could be found on Wolfmon's shoulder guards, the symbol for the warrior of light.

Huddled far away from the steadily advancing sunlight was the slightly larger pup. This one had fur as dark as the coldest reaches of oblivion, the color so deep that one felt as if they were looking into a hole in space. Only one other color could be found on this little one; dark violet streaks were on his cheeks, one below each eye. A matching shade of purple was also present at the tip of his ears, tail, and paws.

As the shadows shrank the lighter pup stirred, cracking open one bright blue eye in irritation at whatever had decided to wake him up. He raised his head, blinking sleepily. The glazed over look vanished as he got a good look at his surroundings. He stared suspiciously at the field of grass and the sky over head, as if he hadn't expected to wake up outdoors.

The pup tried to stand up, tripped clumsily, and fell over. His first reaction was confusion, which was soon replaced with understanding. A look of concentration crossed his face before a strand of blue-white code wound around him.

Less then a second later the code dispersed, tiny particles flying outwards like thousands of shooting stars. They traveled no more then a few feet before fading out of existence. In what used to be the center of the cocoon of code was a teenaged boy. He groaned and sat up, shaking his head dizzily. Blue-black hair was pulled back into a low ponytail, leaving two small locks to frame his face. A few stray strands had escaped from their bindings, falling in front of wary blue eyes.

After allowing him a few minutes to ordinate himself, the boy's hands went straight for his neck, deftly untying the blue and brown bandana that was tied around it. He removed it, moving his free hand automatically to catch the blue and black object that had tumbled from its former position.

As soon as the boy's hand came in contact with the object the screen erupted into light, a prerecorded message began to play.


The boy, now recognized as Minamoto Kouji, remained silent, taking a few moments to recognize the voice. The pitch and tone may be different, but Kouji could hear the resemblance to Ophanimon and Salamon; he guessed that it was one of Ophanimon's other forms.

"By now you must have devolved and realized your condition. We, the three Celestial Digimon, regret not informing you beforehand…but the situation is dire. The world you are in is indeed the digital world, although it is one parallel to our own. We received news from the guardian of that world; he informed us of a growing problem. Of course there have been problems before but they were all within the capabilities of the world's chosen, also called the digidestined. It seems that the scale of this problem is beyond that point. The guardian requested that we send aid, and thus you find yourself in your position. By now you are probably wondering why we sent you and your brother instead of Takuya, correct?"

At the mention of his brother Kouji glanced around, his gaze falling on the sleeping form of the black pup. A slight smile tugged at Kouji's lips, although his attention was brought back to the message as it continued.

"For one thing, this is an undercover mission. The chosen children of this world do not have spirits, instead they have partner digimon. As you well know Takuya would evolve automatically at the first sign of danger without thinking of the consequences, thus giving away the secret. I am hoping that both you and Kouichi can be more discrete then that."

Kouji raised an eyebrow slightly, since when did Ophanimon go into such detail? The last time the chosen got called into the digital world (which was coincidently also the first time) she had just given them vague instructions, leaving them to figure out what to do for themselves. Was the problem so severe that the Celestial Digimon could not risk mistakes due to lack of understanding?

"Now, as for your new condition. Only rookie level or lower digimon can travel between one world and the other so we took the liberty of awakening the rookie forms that go along with your spirits. Ironically…you two are twins as both digimon and humans…Your rookie form, Kouji, is Akemon. Kouichi's is Anyamon. However, since we were forced to awaken both forms, for as long as you are there you must revert to digimon at some point in order to ensure that you can pass back through to our world. Because of that, we have programmed your digivices to 'swap' human and digimon if you pass through the digital gate. Understand?" Kouji shook his head, he did not understand at all. But then again, Ophanimon was hard to understand even if you asked her to clarify herself. Oh well.

"Luckily you and Kouichi look a lot alike no matter which form you are in. Anyway, this 'condition' has its good points. You two can pretend to be a human-digimon pair, and the one who plays the role of the digimon can evolve without drawing attention to themselves. I just must ask that you do not evolve when you are human…your spirit evolution should not be revealed to anyone. At least when you evolve as a digimon it will seem to be part of the natural evolution lines. Now I think that is all…Remember…don't tell anyone exactly who you are. Find this world's digidestined and help them identify and fix the problem. I wish you luck…"

All of a sudden another, fainter voice was played from the message, "That's the longest explanation I've heard you give Angewoman…"

Kouji recognized this voice; the resemblance to both Seraphimon and Patamon was unmistakable…So Angewomon is Ophanimon's current form? Kouji's musings were cut off when Angewomon spoke again, though it was faint like Seraphimon's, as if Kouji was overhearing it, "Oh shut up HolyAngemon."

Then the light on the digivice died, ending the recording. Kouji sighed and tucked the digivice into his jacket pocket. He was slightly surprised to discover that he was wearing the exact same clothes he had worn to the digital world before. He couldn't understand how; he had outgrown the blue jacket, yellow shirt, and grey pants three years ago, shortly after returning to the real world. Yet, here they were fitting perfectly.

Shrugging Kouji swiftly tied the bandana around his head, constricting the few strands of hair that had escaped the confines of his pony-tail. The warrior of light then glanced to where his brother lay; his gaze was met with almost identical blue eyes. Kouji took a breath, "How much did you hear?"

The Warrior of Darkness sighed, "Almost all of it. So I guess I'm stuck like this?"

Kouji shrugged, "For now."

Kouichi closed his eyes in acceptance, laying his head on his paws "At least life won't be boring for a while."

The Warrior of Light had to smile at that.

Yagami Taichi, the holder of the Crest of Courage, was currently sitting on the jungle gym in the park. Now why was a high school student sitting on a jungle gym? It is because said high school student wanted to think, and the park was the best place for doing just that. If you asked anyone who knew Taichi they would have told that Taichi was not a thinker and more of a reckless-let's-do-it type person. Most of the time this was true; however, sometimes even the most reckless of us need to sit down and just think. It wasn't as if Taichi was pondering the mysteries of the universe this early in the morning on a weekend, and yet he wasn't wondering absently where his socks had disappeared to. Indeed what was on the digidestined's mind was neither groundbreaking, nor trivial.

The thing that occupied the original 'goggle-head's thoughts was a miniaturized orange dinosaur named Agumon. Taichi was beginning to worry about his partner. He had not received any word from the little dino digimon recently.

Taichi sighed and lay down on top of the jungle gym, placing his hands behind his head the Child of Courage gazed up into the morning sky. He was so caught up in his thoughts that he barely heard the tell-tale beep that heralded the arrival of an email. Taichi reached into his jacket pocket and withdraws a small silvery-grey object. He lifted the screen for his D-Terminal and checked his email. It was from Izumi Koushiro, though he preferred to be called "Izzy". Izzy was undeniably the 'brains' of the original digidestined as well as their voice of logic and reason.

Taichi frowned, what would Izzy want on a Sunday morning? He swung himself into a seating position, somehow keeping his balance on the thin metal frame of the jungle gym, and opened the email.


I just received word from Agumon. He just reported new type of digimon in Sector A-207 and has gone back to confirm it. Will you go check it out?


Taichi smiled, finally something to do! Plus it involved the Digital World; Taichi hadn't visited it since the Black Wargreymon incident. Besides, why shouldn't he be happy to see his partner digimon?

After a moment his smile faded, being replaced by a look of concentration. How could he get to the digital world? He knew just as well as everyone else that only the new digidestined's digivices, the D-3s, could open a portal to the digital world. Taichi sighed; all of the new digidestined, Hikari, Takeru, Daisuke, Miyako, and Iori were currently on a trip somewhere and weren't supposed to be back until much later.

After pondering this problem for a few moments something clicked. It was as if a little light bulb had turned on and Taichi realized that not all the digidestined were out. He turns back to his D-Terminal and begins to write an email.


I'm in kinda a situation here. Could you help me out?


With a confident grin he hits the send button. Moments passed when a new message arrives.


Sure. What do you need?


(1) I just saw the last episode of Frontier…I don't like the fact that their adventures don't take any time in the real world…So in this story the chosen were missing for a few weeks before returning n.n

(2) I know that they are not really the rookie forms...but...meh :P

(3) I'm not certain whether the older digidestined have D-Terminals...but they will for this fic n.n

A/N: o.o thats a cliffhanger right? Anyways...here is my new project. I am so proud :D I'll post the next chapter in a few days…maybe sooner if I get reviews. Also let me say this, I am used to watching Frontier in Japanese so I really prefer the Japanese names of the digimon (and people). I am trying to keep the Japanese names for all of the digidestined and digimon as well…but I am used to seasons 1 and 2 in English so please overlook it if I accidentally type the dub names n.n;

8/14/08 – Edited slightly. There were no major changes, though.