This is the full story of Michael Myers. Behind the Mask: The True Killer. The reason Myers is so mad is because he has to share his name with the queer, Michael Jackson. Who wouldn't be mad? It is very shameful. That's why he is on a killing spree, and besides the fact that he keeps eating spicy,and moldy burritos. Poor dude, he never gets to use the restroom, well I've never seen him. He never takes off the stupid mask either, can he breath? I've worn the mask before, and it gets very hot and it's hard to breath. Many people actually get him and Mike Myers mixed. He's not Shrek, he's Michael Myers. Do you know why he was after Laurie Strode, his sister? Well it is a very funny story. She had a piece of toliet paper stuck to her shoe. He was just trying to help a sister in need. She had to take it all personal and had to stab him a numerous of times. So through all the movies with Laurie, she just had a piece of paper on her shoe. When Myers was a little boy, he stabbed his older sister on Halloween. He did it because that stupid bitch got all the attention in the family. He was jealous. His sister was always out with her friends, Jason and Freddy. She had a stupid doll named Chucky too. He was mad, so he stabbed the bitch. I would too, shit. Then he goes after his niece, Jamie. Dawm he can't get the little bitch. Myers only wanted to be a good uncle, and give his only niece a couple of dollars like any other uncle. No, the stupid bitch had to take it seriously and fight back. No one can take down Myers, why? They have tried bullets, fire, and electricity, but can't take him down. Maybe it's because he has a stunt double. Never thought about that huh. And to make him more pissed off, he auditioned for a role in Freddy vs. Jason, but didn't make the cut. Then he tried to get a role in Predator vs. Alien, but hr still couldn't get in. He was pissed, and then made a movie himself. It was called Myers vs. Jackson. It was a movie made by Universal Studios in Mexico. It stared Myers, Michael Jackson, and Elton John.

To the critics it was called battle of evil vs. the two queers. We all know who one. Elton John kept playing his piano and Michael Jackson kept dancing and grabbing his balls and going "OW" Besides that, he kept checking out Elton John and tried to malest the children who were in the movie also. Many people still see Myers from time to time. Someone up in New York said that they saw him in the drug store picking up some condoms. ? People said that they also saw him with George Bush ALONE in the White House. He has a message for all of us, ... Remember, Myers can't talk.