Title: The Redemption of George Hammond

Chapter 1

Author: Selmak

Introduction: The SG1 team is captured by Goa'uld when they exit the gate at the Beta Site. To their confusion, George Hammond greets them wearing the uniform of the First Prime of Selmak.

Rating: R – Non-Con Sex. Violence. Cursing. Not a Happy Piece o' Fiction.

Pairings: Yes Several M/F/S (Male FemaleSymbiote) – but not who'd you expect more than likely.

"Carter, Dial Home!" Colonel Jack O'Neill roared to be heard above the rolling thunder. "That last lightning bolt was a little too close!"

"She is! But the line's busy!" Daniel shot back.

"Then pick another site!" He ordered, wondering why he always had to remind the Super Geniuses of the Obvious Solution. Didn't they remember his motto, Keep it Simple, Stupid?

Samantha Carter entered the coordinates, and pressed the center button. The chevrons lit up, and the gate opened while the team ran through, hoping for dryer weather.

They tumbled through the gate, grateful that it wasn't raining. Instead it was a warm night, with the stars brightly shining overhead. Jack looked upwards, and he appeared startled, "Where are we? The stars don't look quite right."

"We're at the Beta Site, Sir," Samantha answered.

"Jack…." Daniel's voice sounded worried, and Jack sighed, because every time Daniel sounded like that, things went directly to hell, do not pass go, do not collect 200.00.

"SILENCE! You will put your weapons down!"

The team, after doing a quiet mental count of the number of armored Jaffa surrounding them and quickly deciding that they were far too outnumbered for any type of counterattack, agreed. There was the sound of staff weapons being charged, and O'Neill sighed, as he automatically put his hands up. Being at the wrong end of a staff weapon happened far too often for his taste.

One of the armored figured walked up to O'Neill, and struck him across the face.


"Do I owe you money?" quipped Jack, from the hard ground where he was inelegantly sprawled, as the amount of force used in the blow seemed to be rather excessive, which meant that he had probably pissed in this Jaffa's Wheaties at one time.

The armored figure mask opened to reveal a face that had changed significantly from the last time Jack had seen it only a few minutes or so ago. For starters, he had two bright blue eyes back then, while now he wore a patch over his left eye. His face was seamed with old scars, and he wore a rather fearsome scowl.

"GENERAL HAMMOND?" Jack gasped.

George Hammond blinked as though disbelieving the sight before him, and then he snarled. "O'Neill. My lord Selmak will be delighted to see you, and to discover where you have been these past few years. JAFFA KREE! Bring him and the other males to the holding cell. I will let you know when you are to bring them before milord Selmak. Samantha, you will come with me, as I know that your father will be quite delighted to see you."

"System Lord Selmak? Jake's not gonna be happy to see us? What is this crap?" Jack questioned loudly before protesting when one of the Selmak's Jaffa attempted to place a staff weapon up his rear, "Jake always liked me! Besides, none of you have those cool little fancy Jaffa symbols on your forehead. What's the matter? System Lord Selmak ran outta ink for the stamp?"

Hammond glared hatefully at Jack, before he began laughing bitterly, "I truly look forward to you meeting System Lord Selmak, and I hope that he will allow me to watch your interrogation. Come now, we will take you to New Earth!"

They gated a few times, Hammond making sure that no one saw the addresses, but finally he announced that they were on New Earth. The team, with the exception of Samantha, was pushed and prodded along by Selmak's Jaffa until they stood inside a building. Samantha was allowed to remain free while each of her male team members' hands were restrained with plastic ties.

"You might recognize this place, it used to belong to a system lord by the name of Yu," George dryly informed them.

"I like what Jake's done with the place," Jack inserted helpfully. "The drapes, the flaming braziers in every hallway, just make me feel like I'm home. Did Martha Stewart help him pick out everything?

Hammond swung one beefy arm easily, and he caught Jack in the gut, hard. Jack promptly collapsed in a pile, bending his knees as he tried to ease the pain, somehow.

"Oh my God," Jack mouthed. "I think just he broke my kidney."

Samantha Carter was stunned when George separated her from her team, but even more astonished when he insisted that she freshen up before meeting her father. The grim Hammond had even looked embarrassed when he had requested her permission to search her to confirm that she was weaponless. He never looked embarrassed! She had never EVER seen him even flustered.

His search had been perfunctory but efficient, finding her assorted knives and various devices that could be used as a weapon.

"General Hammond," she protested.

"George… call me George, as I no longer hold that archaic position," George instructed. "I am the First Prime to Lord Selmak-Jacob. I am not a General anymore."

"George… I don't understand…" Samantha protested. "Everything's changed. My father's a System Lord?"

"System Lord Selmak has brought peace to a significant part of the galaxy," George informed her.

"The Tok'Ra didn't have anything to say about this? You're a First Prime and Selmak's using JAFFA?" Samantha questioned, her voice rising. "What about the Joint Chiefs of Staff?"

"Samantha, you have been away for a very long time, and you do not realize that milord Selmak does not like others questioning his decisions. But the Tok'Ra are no more. Neither are the Joint Chiefs," George informed her. "Now, go change, as your father will be quite delighted to realize that you are here. He has sorrowed greatly since he has last seen you."

A haunted Jacob Carter, Destroyer of Earth, Killer of Children and Grandchildren, sat on a throne that had once belonged to a System Lord named Yu, and he began counting his dead. Before Earth had been destroyed, when he had gotten depressed, Selmak had usually threatened to throttle him, sternly warning him that she would provide Symbiote Shock Therapy to him, but now Selmak was too busy maintaining her own Book of the Dead to notice what Jake did most of the time.

"Sam, Mark and his family, Jack, Daniel, Teal'c…." He began counting even as Selmak began sounding off her own Book of the Dead.

While he hadn't been responsible for the deaths of SG1, he still added them to his count. Maybe if he had searched harder, he would have at least found their bodies and brought them home for a proper burial.

"Tess… Kayla…" he counted, as both Selmak and he counted George's dead family among their kills.

Enough of that, it was time to start counting. It was his morning ritual. Every morning, he woke, changed and began naming his dead.

He grasped the heavily embroidered arms of the throne, and he squeezed hard. Sometimes, he could make it through the list on the first try, sometimes he had to start over as he had forgotten a name. Sometimes he made it through the entire list and realized that he had forgotten a name midway through. Fortunately, today he had forgotten someone in the early part of the list, so it wasn't that bad.

Who was it? Selmak gave him a gentle reminder and he sighed his heartfelt appreciation.


The Jaffa that had spoken to him so very long ago and had informed him that he didn't speak like the rest of the Tok'Ra.

Well not anymore, as he was the only Tok'Ra left as far as he knew.

Time to start again… "Sam, Mark, Jack, Daniel,…."

He was obsessive and compulsive about the list, as he had to finish the list. He had to remember who had died, because if he couldn't remember who he had killed, then how could anyone else?

Janet Frasier, Queen to Selmak and mate to Jacob Carter, was sitting in his lap, feeding him grapes. She did that sometimes when he needed a laugh. When the bitter darkness of old memories came upon him, and he turned his focus inward to face his demons head on, she tried to cheer and distract him. Sitting in his lap, her legs wrapped around his throne, while pretending to be a nubile Greek goddess feeding her hero peeled grapes usually made him laugh.

Not today.

"Am I getting too heavy for you?" She asked her lover in concern.

He looked at her, the fake grin plastered on his face, his supposed glee failing to mirror in his dark eyes, "No. You're not, and you never will be."

"Even when I'm out to here," Janet questioned, making a gesture that encompassed the entire universe. "And I ache, and I'm cranky."

"Never," Jake answered. "I'll let you sit in my lap even then, and feed me grapes."

Her mate rested his hand on her belly and he kissed her.

"Thank you for this," he said. "For the second chance I never thought that I'd have or that I deserved."

"Jacob, you'll be a wonderful father," Janet informed him, before kissing him. "What do you say, you and I go some place private, and I acquire some fresh Code of Life from you and Selmak for our next little batch of symbiotes."

"Your queen is ready again?" Jake questioned with a leer on his face.

"Well, you know she doesn't talk to me, thanks to the restraining collar which ensures that I'm in control all the time, but I'm thinking about sex again," Janet informed him in a very coquettish voice. "All the time, which usually means she's ready."

"You normally think about sex all the time, Janet," Jacob reminded his mate. "Not that I'm complaining, but you are very single-minded at times."

"But more so now," Janet pouted.

The two of them began kissing again, when someone interrupted them.

"Milord Selmak-Jacob, Milady Janet, your First Prime desires an audience with you," said the unlucky soul.

"Send him in," Jake growled.

"George… Again?" Janet pouted even as Jacob continued kissing her neck. "I swear he does this on purpose just because he hasn't gotten lucky in years… decades… centuries… You need to marry George off, so we can have some privacy, Jake."

Jake laughed and shook his head after he finish nibbling on her dainty neck.

"Let's see what George wants, and then you can acquire some fresh Code for your latest batch," Jake teased.

"Promise?" Janet questioned in her best little girl voice.

"I promise, as Selmak wants this to be the last batch until you have our baby."

The two of them began kissing again, their hands exploring all too willing flesh and they continued for some time until someone gasped.


Jacob stopped kissing Janet, and he turned puzzled eyes onto his daughter. He picked up Janet, thanks to a boost in strength from Selmak, and he placed his pregnant queen on her throne. Then he walked down the steps, and he looked at George and then at his daughter. Jacob looked disbelieving at his daughter as though he was seeing a ghost, and then he shook his head.


He held out his arms, as though afraid to hug her.

"SAMMY? You're ALIVE? Oh my God! You're ALIVE!"

"Yes," Samantha assured him.

To her surprise, her father hugged her tightly, even as he cried.

After Jacob regained his composure, Selmak took the forefront and quickly ordered a dinner for four to be prepared.

"Samantha Carter, it is a delight to see you again. Your father has missed you terribly, and he has much to update you on, including taking Janet as his mate."

Then Selmak let her father take over, and Jake shook his head in disgust.

"Blabber mouth Selmak just had to spill the beans on that little tidbit about Janet and me, but come, let's get comfortable," her father pulled her and Janet toward a secluded area, even as he ordered George to follow them.

Her father sat down, then much to Samantha's surprise, Janet curled up into her father's lap, and Jake smiled at her.

"Well, Janet and I came to an understanding, and she's having our baby," Jake explained.

"Oh…" Sam said, completely flabbergasted and rather sickened by that news.


"After you and your team disappeared, I was devastated as we all thought you were dead. We couldn't find your bodies or anything. Then everything went to hell, and Janet consoled me," Jake informed his daughter.

"Repeatedly," Janet purred. "We're having a little boy in six or so months. Then we hope to have a few more."

"Wait a second… SG-1 disappeared? I seem to be missing part of the story," Sam protested vainly, wondering if she had fallen through the looking glass into some sort of alternative reality. While her subconscious refused to even wrap itself around that idea as it was still screaming, "IIIILLLLLLL!" about her father's relationship with Janet, her conscious mind was busy sprouting various arcane mathematical formulas that could explain what happened.

EMC…ILLLLL… I'm gonna be sick…..Friction U Times n. The coefficient of the Time over Distance…. Oh my GOD, She's PREGNANT! My God! At his age! Having SEX! The amount of energy in a stable wormhole is directly proportional to the distance between Point A and Point B – possibly requiring a Point C would cause the Amount of energy to be expended to cube?… I'm gonna have a brother!...

"Milord Jacob," George began.

"George…how many times do I need to tell you to stop calling me that? Do I have to order you to call me Jacob? Good God man, you used to call me far worse than that," Jake teased George.

"Jacob, I did not inform her of what has occurred during the time she was gone," George explained. "I thought you'd like to explain it to her. I took the liberty of putting the rest of the team into solitary confinement so you can question them later without fear of their story being contaminated. It will be a lot less confusing for them if they get the truth from us. Don't worry, Samantha, I put them in very nice quarters."

"Yes, please. I'm confused. General Hammond is your First Prime; you're impersonating a System Lord? The Tok'Ra are gone? Please… somebody explain it to me," Samantha babbled.

"Well, it's pretty simple. Your team disappeared a few years ago, and since then everything's gone to hell. The Tok'Ra were annihilated as was Earth, so Selmak picked up the scattered pieces of the Resistance and began fighting like a Goa'uld, rather than a Tok'Ra. George is my First Prime as he's a tactical genius."

"You honor me excessively," George protested softly, as he nodded his head once.

"Bullshit, George. The only reason why Selmak has been as successful as he has is because of your tactics. Sammy, now that you're here, you'll help us, right?" Her father questioned her eagerly.

"Earth's annihilated?" Samantha questioned, her voice weak from surprise. "What?"

What was happening? My father looked utterly spent, as though only sheer force of personality was keeping him upright. His eyes were dead, as though shell-shocked by unspeakable horrors. He was far too thin, sitting in that damn throne. If I wasn't so scared for him, I'd laugh, as he's wearing BDUs. I've never seen a Goa'uld wear BDUs!

What happened to my father? What happened to General Hammond?

"I don't like talking about that, as the fight for Earth …" Jake paused, before continuing. "Required an unexpected sacrifice."

"God rest their souls," George mumbled softly.

"Yes, God rest their souls," Jake agreed.

"And Cassandra…didn't make it…" Janet explained softly.

"Cassandra's dead?" Sam gasped.

Janet's eyes were full of tears and she nodded. Jake rubbed her shoulder in a reassuring manner, and then Jake continued questioning his daughter.

"So, you'll help Selmak and me won't you? Help us fight the remains of the Goa'uld? I can have a lab set up for you in a few hours, and you can help us design weapons, for defense naturally."

Her father looked at her eagerly, his dark eyes suddenly alive with an unexpectedly intensity. She found herself agreeing to his request, and her father was delighted.

"What about the rest of SG1?" Sam questioned.

"I'll talk to them shortly, and find out if they're willing to help me, but for now, this is an auspicious moment. With you as my Director of Research and Development, George as my Tactical Guru and Janet as Selmak's Queen, producing batches of Symbiotes for Selmak's Super Jaffa, we're going to beat the Goa'uld once and for all!"

Jake laughed in delight, and Janet smiled at Samantha, who unexpectedly felt cold.

Janet was Selmak's queen, which meant that Sam's baby brother, would be a Harcesis!

Janet kissed Jake and then whispered something in Jacob's ear, which caused her father to smile broadly. It was an almost ghoulish smile, and Sam felt a chill run up and down her back.

"That's an excellent idea, Janet," he assured her. "I'm going to make a general announcement, that my daughter has returned to us, and that her marriage to George has taken place! Congratulations, Sammy, George."

"WHAT?" Sam shrieked, even as George looked at her.

For the first time ever, she saw George Hammond at a complete loss for words. At another time and place, Samantha probably would have been highly insulted as his complete lack of enthusiasm for the idea of marrying her. But now, she was glad that the level of his distaste matched her own.

"Sammy, it's for your own good," her father informed her. "I want you to be happy, and marrying George will be a good step in that direction."

"Dad," Sam protested. "I don't want to marry him."

"Sam," Janet purred from where she was sitting in Jacob's lap, her belly slightly distended with the unholy results of a mating of Goa'uld Pharaoh and his queen. "Your father and I want you to be happy; Jake and I know that George will treat you very well."

George Hammond remained mute and stone faced, wearing the uniform that denoted him as Lord Selmak's First Prime. He could have been a statue made of granite, for all the expression he showed.

"Sammy, you have lousy taste in men. Who do you want to marry? O'Neill? Please. He's so far beneath you it's laughable that you'd even be interested in him. Jackson? He's in love with his books and his Sha'ure. Teal'c has his eyes focused on his battle with the Goa'uld. While…George… George will treat you like a princess."

Her father reached for her, and she leapt backwards in a vain attempt to escape his touch. As expected, she found her way blocked by several Jaffa, for there was no way to wake from this unbelievable nightmare.

"Bring her here," her father continued, before ordering his Jaffa in Goa'uld. "Put her on the table, but gently. Sammy, you'll thank me later, I know you will."

Janet got off Jake's lap, and she walked toward Sam, "Sammy, we're going to be a family now. You, me, your father and George. Our babies will grow up together. Isn't that wonderful?"

"You're having a monster. A Harcesis," Sam spat.

"Don't be jealous of your baby brother, Sam. He's not a Harcesis," Janet insisted, as she stroked her belly possessively. "I conceived him before I became Jacob's Queen, and I made sure that I can have more of Jacob's babies later on without worrying about that little problem. I always wanted children of my own, and your father was quite delighted to oblige."

Sam was placed supine on a stone table, and she was quickly secured in a spread eagle fashion. Janet smiled down at her, and then she unbuttoned Sam's shirt partially and unzipped her pants.

"George, don't look. You'll have to wait for your wedding night, you bad boy, you." Janet cooed, as she opened her shirt before lying on top of Samantha.

There was a burning sensation, and Sam tried to escape from the pain that seemed to want to tear her in two. While Samantha shrieked in pain, she looked for allies desperately and she found herself staring into George's blue eye. There was the slightest twitch in his scarred cheek and he swallowed reflexively.

Oh My God. General Hammond's in there. The Real General Hammond's there.

Then it was over, and her father walked over to her, holding a wiggling, squiggling symbiote that one of his Jaffa had given him. Carefully, he helped Janet off the table, and he smiled down at his daughter.

"You'll thank me for this later. Everything I ever did for you was for your own good, kid. When this symbiote is matured, you'll be given a Queen Symbiote, and George will be your Pharaoh. But it won't be for a few years, so you and George can enjoy married life. Maybe you can have a few kids. I'd like to have grandkids," Jake admitted, as he carefully separated the lips of her womb and placed the symbiote inside of her.

The symbiote wiggled its way inside of her, and she tried not to cry, but she knew that she failed when she tasted salt.

"George, she's overwhelmed with happiness. I knew she'd be delighted after she got over the surprise. Sammy, I figured I'd give you one of Selmak's symbiotes right away, to make sure that you're in perfect health. But for now, I'll let you two talk for a bit, and then later tonight, we'll plan the wedding. I love you, Sammy, and I'm glad that George will make you happy, like you deserve to be."

Sam watched as her father… and her stepmother… walked away from her. The two of them appeared eager and willing to consummate their relationship in front of her, and she closed her eyes. The ropes were untied from her arms and her legs, someone was helping to her to sit up, and George was then carefully wrapping her in his soft cape. Not wanting to be comforted by her father's First Prime, she still found herself leaning on him for physical support.

"Go – I wish to be alone with my intended," he rumbled to his guards. "Attend the other prisoners and ensure that they do not escape."

Prisoners? I thought they were honored guests!

"The pain will ease shortly," George whispered in her ear. "The first few minutes are the worst, and then, it's not that bad."

"Not so bad," she said, trying hard not to scream. "Not so bad… I have one of those… things… inside of me… and in a few years… I'm going to be the host for a queen…."

"You'll still be you, I promise you. Janet has free will, as does your father. Lord Selmak is not as harsh as other Goa'uld. He has brought peace to the universe," George informed her.

"The peace of a zat," Sam protested.

George escorted her to another room where she and the rest were to have a nice, family dinner. Her father was sitting at the head of the table, and Sam faced down the system lord that wore her father's face. She clutched her belly, still terrified by the monster that she carried.

"I will not marry him," she swore. "You can kill me, and I will not marry him."

"George, I'm sorry, Sammy's being so overly dramatic. She probably wants a nice, romantic proposal from you, and you didn't do it," Jacob informed his First Prime. "Children."

George Hammond wore an unreadable mask on his face, and he nodded his head once.

"I have an idea, Jacob," Janet giggled, as she whispered her idea into Jake's ear.

"That's a wonderful idea," Jake laughed. "George, get ready to go down on your knees, and propose to my daughter. But first. JAFFA! KREE!"

Jake spit out several nasty sounding words and the guards ran off to do his bidding. They quickly returned with Teal'c, O'Neill and Daniel. O'Neill was being dragged by two guards, while Daniel staggered gracelessly into the room. The three of them where quickly surrounded by Jaffa and the sound of staff weapons being powered up filled the silence in the room.

"If you don't stop embarrassing me in front of George, Sammy, I'm going to have them killed," her father informed her in his "I'm doing this for your own good, Samantha Margaret Carter" voice. "Now, George, go ahead."

George nodded once, and then he got down on one knee and took Samantha's limp hand into his large hands. He looked up at her; the eye piece that covered his left eye giving him an alien cast to his familiar face.

"Samantha Carter, will you marry me? I can offer you nothing but my sincerest promise to treat you as you deserve," he informed her in his typical no-nonsense Texas style.

"Yes," she whispered, fearing what would happen to her team if she refused.

"What?" O'Neill and Daniel shrieked. "She's getting married to HAMMOND?"

The universe was spinning on its axis, she couldn't think, didn't know what to do, so she did something that would have normally filled her with absolute disgust.

She fainted dead away.