(Notes: Sorry for taking so long to write a new chapter. Just to let everyone know, I won't be writing anymore chapters for a while. I'm not quitting the story, but I need to visit Disney World myself before I can write about it. I haven't been there in two years and I need to expierence it again so my writing is good, so be patient, because I won't be writing anything until about mid- June. Well what do you know; that's about the same time that my story takes place! I hope you like chapter five!)

Chapter 5: Memories

(Hotel room, 8:13 A.M.)

Kim awoke to the sound of rain pouring outside of the hotel window. She slowly got out of bed and headed over to the sliding glass door that opened to the balcony and stared out as the hypnotising rain fell. Kim hated it when it rained. The rain made her remember the worst day of her life; the day she lost one of her best friends. Kim placed her hand on the glass as she felt the saddness of that day fill her heart. Still no one had ever found out what had happened many years ago, and she would never tell. Kim knew that people would think differently of her if they knew she had delt with the authorities as a criminal, but of course, at that time, she didn't know what she was doing was wrong. Now she knew, and she wished she hadn't done what she did. 'That poor little babe, I couldn't just leave him out there.' 'But if you had, none of this would've ever happned.' 'Yeah, but then he would've died.' 'How do you know he's not dead now?' 'Because...' Kim felt a hand on hers, which stopped the arguement she was having with herself.

"KP? Are you okay?" Ron looked worried.

Kim nodded, though her expression said otherwise.

"Are you sure? You look a little depressed."

"Ron, I'm fine." Kim replied.

"Okay...If you say so." Ron said.

Kim turned and went to pick out something to wear from her suitcase. She decided on a pair of blue-jean shorts and a pale yellow top, and went into the bathroom to take a shower and change.

(Car, 9:00 A.M.)

Kim looked a lot better after breakfast. She seemed happy, and since the rain had stopped shortly, she was. Forgotten were all memories of the horrible past, and brought anew were the thoughts of reaching Florida and Disney World. Excitement filled her as they entered South Carolina. She remembered how her family had gone to Myrtle Beach as a child, just after the tweebs had turned two. Ron was sick then, or he might have come too.

Kim turned her attention from the scenery to her sleeping friend. 'He sleeps a lot on car trips.' Kim smiled at him and thought back to the first day they met, and how scared she had been until she befriended Ron.

It was the first day of pre-k and Kim didn't want to leave her family. Her mother, pregnant for Jim and Tim, and father told her how much fun it would be and explained that they would be there when school. Kim finally agreed and walked into the room. Ron walked up to her and introduced himself and Rufus, his imaginary friend. When she asked him why he had an imaginary friend, Ron responded by saying, "No one else will be my friend, so I made my own." Kim had promised that they would be friends forever.

"Well, that turned out to be true. I wonder if he even remembers Rufus." Kim whispered.

At the sound of his name, Rufus jumped out of Ron's pocket, waking him up. Ron yawned and stretched as he woke up.

"Hey KP." Ron said.

Kim smiled at him and shook her head.

"What?" he asked, confused.

"Nothing." she said stifling a laugh. "Nothing at all."