This is my first One Tree Hill fanfic. It's an AU and set in the future. Lucas plays for the Dallas Mavericks and Brooke has been hired as his new nanny. Yes it sounds cheesy but we'll see how things go. Reviews are always welcome. Also I need a beta if I choose to continue this story so if anyone is willing just drop me a line and let me know.

Disclaimer: I don't own One Tree Hill or the Dallas Mavericks. Sorry.

"So I got a new job today," Brooke Davis told her best friend Haley James as they talked on the phone.

"Oh really, so what's this one?"

"Well apparently it's for some high profile family and the agency thought I'd be good for it because I know how to be discreet." Brooke switched the phone to her other ear so she could paint the toe nails on her other foot. "I'm not allowed to tell anyone."

"It's a good thing I'm someone." Haley replied laughing.

"True, true. Well it's for some basketball player, Scott or something. I just met the grandma today. Apparently the wife ran off a few weeks ago after she had their second baby. Scandalous. Anyways, I'll be moving in next week. Should be thrilling. There's two kids, shouldn't be anything I can't handle. I wonder if he'll buy me a new car, not that I don't love mine and everything but if he plays basketball he's got to have money and could afford a nice new car for me. One with all leather interiors and a sweet sound system, possibly with TV's so the kids can watch DVD's while driving. It'll be awesome."

"Brooke you haven't changed a bit. Anyways, I got to go. I have to finish my thesis and such. But good luck with your first day and everything. Love you."

"Love you too whore."



"Later." Brooke hung up the phone and walked down the hall to her kitchen glad to have someone like Haley on her side. They had met in high school when Haley was assigned as Brooke's tutor. At first they couldn't stand each other but then one day Haley came in crying. Seems one of the more popular guys had humiliated her in class. That was not something Brooke would stand for so she took the guy down a few notches. Since that day she and Haley had been inseparable.

They had even gone to college together, but a week into it Brooke decided it wasn't for her and dropped out. She took her tuition money and started traveling around the United States. She'd stop when she found someplace she liked and would settle down and get a job. She did have a trust fund but because of the stunt she pulled her parents made it so she couldn't get her hands on it until she was 28.

Currently she resided in Dallas, Texas. The first time she had driven into Dallas she knew it was where she wanted to stop. There was just something about it that pulled her in. She loved the fact that it was a big city but had a small town feeling to it.

Brooke hummed to herself as she looked in her closet for something to wear. Her boyfriend Jesse was going to take her out as a celebration on her getting a new job. Plus, it would probably be one of the last times she got to go out in awhile. This new job was different than any other nanny job she had. This time she would be a live-in and the fact that there was only one parent and he was going to be gone A LOT meant she would be in charge of the household for much of the time. It was exciting and scary at the same time.

The next Monday morning Brooked pulled up to the Scott estate and waited at the gate to be let in. As the gate opened she began the drive up to the house. She had been around wealth and luxury her entire life, but never of this magnitude. Over the weekend she had done some research on her future employer and had found out he was one of the most popular players in the NBA. He was from North Carolina and had been drafted by the Dallas Mavericks right out of college. He had been on the team for the past four years and last year they had gone to the playoffs but not the NBA finals.

Brooke nervously stepped out of her truck and climbed the steps to the front door. She rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer. A minute later Karen Roe opened the door. "Oh Brooke, it's so good to see you, how was the drive?"

"Not bad, but you know Dallas traffic."

"Yes, Lucas has made some not too friendly comments about it. Come in, come in." Brooke stepped into the house and noticed the normalcy about it. For being rich and famous the house was not as decorated as ornately as one would expect. "So Luke took Jason to Kindergarten and then went to practice. Francis is asleep so it'll just be you and me for a while. I'll show you around the house and we can start going over some of the basic household procedures. Feel free to ask me any questions as we go through."

The two women began the tour of the house and Karen was very informative. Brooke wondered how long she had been running the house. The house was nothing special and had the feel of any large house. "This is the nanny suite. It connects to Francis' nursery and is close to Jason's room." Karen opened the room and led Brooke inside. It was a large bedroom with it's own bathroom and sitting area. The entire room was bigger than Brooke's current apartment. "So what do you think?" Karen asked beaming.

A smile spread across Brooke's room, "Wow, it's amazing. I love it. I think it'll be more than adequate."

"Well good. I know it's kind of bare but we wanted to wait until we hired someone to decorate. We can go out sometime later in the week and get you some things."

"Thanks Karen. It really means a lot to me." Just that moment the faint sounds of crying came through the baby monitor Karen was carrying around.

"Well it looks like Francis is up, right on time. How about we go inside and meet her?" Brooked agreed and they went through the adjoining door into the nursery. It was a sea of yellows once the entered and on the wall under a woodland mural a crib sat. Karen went over to the baby and quietly cooed to her as she picked her up. She walked over to Brooke and held her out for her to see.

Brooke looked at the baby and could honestly say she was the prettiest baby she had ever seen. "She's gorgeous."

"She is, isn't she? Luke is going to have his hands full with this one when she's a teenager." Karen held her out for Brooke to take. Brooke eagerly accepted her. She had loved babies for as long as she could remember. She cradled the infant in her arms and made a mental promise to protect her as best as she could. "So this is her room," Karen waved her arm around. "That's her crib, her changing table, all the extra diapers and supplies are underneath in the cupboards. That dresser over there has her clothes,"

Brooke followed Karen around eager to remember where everything was. She held the baby and took mental notes. After they were done in there they headed down to the kitchen to feed Francis and eat some lunch themselves.